#QuadGoals: MGFPV

This week we feature another talented female FPV pilot: MGfpv. She shares with us her favorite quad build and gives us a little bit of insight into her life as an FPV pilot.

“My FPV journey started in September 2016. I remember everything. How hard it was in the beginning and how everything changed. My flying, my style. Slow cruises along the cliffs or flying above the water are my favorite places to fly.  I had a few quads but this one is my No. 1! It flies perfect for me! Also funny fact. I’m super scared of heights but when I’m flying high I’m not scared at all. I feel free, like a bird. Love this feeling. I’m so thankful to my boyfriend for showing me this amazing hobby and I can’t imagine my life without it! “

Drone pilot: MGfpv

Video filmed with this quad: The Jurassic Coast – Chapman’s Pool

My Setup: 

Frame: TBS Source One

FC and Esc’s: HobbyWing XRotor 4in1 40A & FC 

Motors: T-Motor F40Pro 2400kv

Props: T-Motor T5143s

FPV camera: Foxeer Predator Mini 

VTX: ImmersionRC Tramp

RX: FlySky 

Antennas: TBS Triumph

Battery: CNHL 1500mah 4s

HD Camera: GoPro Session 5

#QuadGoals: Flash FPV

This week, we feature not one but TWO quads from the same pilot: Flash FPV. Many quad pilots have a fleet of drones they use for different purposes, so Flash FPV tells us a bit about two different quads he flies: one for cinematic footage, and another for racing.

“Proton is the perfect frame for those who like have little space to build , don’t need to put all components in a tight way, rx go at the bottom in between bottom and main plate giving you an extra space. Carbon fiber improved and now it is better than ever. Join the bests pilots with fpvflight club like Vanover and other super top pilots! Also the race setup have a special LEDs for Iberian drone league. That make it visible even in daylight.

The Diatone r349 is the perfect plug-and-play quad . Put your rx and go fly! This tiny drone can carry a GoPro hero 7 in 3s and 4s without problems. Super smooth and easy.”

Drone pilot: Flash FPV

Videos filmed with these quads: Raluy Circus HD Whoop and IXAAQUI anniversary meeting race

Racing drone build:
Stack : Hobbywing FC + esc 45 a
Cinematic drone build:

#QuadGoals: Flylife

You probably know Martin Novak (Flylife) from his awesome skills as an FPV pilot. You might also know him from his Flylife Podcast, which interviews pilots to talk about all things FPV. This week, Martin is sharing some info on his latest quad build for our #QuadGoals feature:

“This quad is special to me because I built it over a year ago and its been used for 99% of my edits since. Its been crashed, wet, muddy, and dusty, but it still keeps flying. In that year its been through 3 new motors, 1 arm and 1 top plate. Which, I think is pretty good for 600+ plus flights.”

Drone pilot: Flylifeco

Video filmed with this quad: FPV for FPV people

Quad build:

Antennas: TBS Triumph