#QuadGoals: Daviz FPV

We head to Italy for this week’s #QuadGoals feature, where we meet Davide Marica, known by his call sign Daviz FPV.
“Hello!  I am Davide from Sardinia, Italy. I started in August 2017 looking purely at an internet FPV video.  From there my curiosity began and a month and a half later I had assembled my first quad.  My favorite is the Martians.  Initially it had to be a spare build, but it was flying so well that I decided to put it on the pedestal.  I especially like it because I almost always fly over the sea and if something goes wrong, the damage would be minimal.  I like proximity and low pass flights but I especially like flying in places of unique beauty!”

Drone pilot: Daviz Fpv

Video filmed with this quad: Evening light | Fpv Freestyle

Quad Setup:
Frame – Martians
FPV Cam – Foxeer Arrow Mini
VTX – Tramp Hv
RX – R9 mini
Antenna – Foxeer Lollipop 2

HD Cam – GoPro Session 5

Module – Frsky R9M
Antennas – Prodrone

#QuadGoals: megmichaels3

Our pilot in this week’s #QuadGoals feature has a name for her favorite quad. The quad’s name? Trixie. The pilot’s name? Meg Michaels. She shares a bit about why she enjoys flying Trixie, which has served as a trusty quad for almost two years.

“Trixie has been around since November of 2017!!! This is my tribute to a drone who still has almost all of her original working components!!! (Switched to TBS Crossfire Nano RX) She was lost in a desert for four months, but when recovered, she worked perfectly! Aside from two broken props and a lost GoPro & battery, and some oil on the motors…SHE STILL WORKS!!”

Drone pilot: megmichaels3

Video filmed with this quad: My Trixie Tribute

Components used in this build:

Armattan Chameleon 5″ frame

FrSky x4rsb receiver

Matek VTX 25-500mw

Rotor Riot Hypetrain 2306 2450kv freestyle motors

PyroDrone HS117 cam

BMC3D Chameleon set

Stikit skin

Spedix Es25a ESCs


HQ Prop 5×4.3×3 V1S