#QuadGoals: mrhappefpv

We go tiny with this week’s #QuadGoals feature — as in Tiny Whoop. Pilot mrhappefpv shares not one but two of his favorite Tiny Whoop builds that he flies for different purposes. And with the winter season approaching for many pilots, it’s a good opportunity to start thinking about flying those Whoops again.

“I fly mostly Tiny Whoop builds and honestly I have a lot of favorite whoops depending on the circumstance. But I have two worth mentioning go-tos.

The 2SR9 Whoop is my go to LR cruiser and it’s flown some incredible areas of Japan while I was traveling there back in spring. This build hasn’t let me down when flying in places that a typical whoop wouldn’t be able to do.

The second, the BeeClopsHD, a Tiny Whoop sized 2s cinewhoop, outfitted with a @Runcam Split Nano 3. While it’s able to record in 1080p, it is safe to fly above and even in a crowd of party-goers at a recent Halloween party I attended.

Because of its Tiny Whoop size, I have no issues carrying them around with me all the time with my Fat Shark/Rapidfire and X-lite transmitter in a shoulder sling.”

Drone pilot: mrhappefpv

Video filmed with 2S Whoop: Tiny Whoop Miyajima Japan

Video filmed with BeeClopsHD: HD Tiny Whooping the GFW Halloween Party

2SR9 Whoop
NewBeeDrone Goober Canopy
BetaFPV v4 frame
Happymodel 0802 16000kv motors
Happymodel Crazybee F4 Pro V2.0 fc
Frsky R9mm
HGLRC GTX nano vtx
Wolfwhoop C5 micro cam
HQProp 31mm props
TBS 260 / 300 mah Graphene 1s lipos

Runcam Split Nano 3 (whoop version)
Happymodel 0802 16000kv motors
Happymodel Crazybee F4 Pro V2.0
HGLRC GTX nano vtx
NewBeeDrone Brushless whoop frame
NewBeeDrone BeeBrain V2 camera mount
Gemfan 31mm 3 bladed props
TrueRC Canada RHCP Singularity antenna
RDQ 300 / 350 mah 1s lipos

#QuadGoals: FRY_FPV

Most FPV pilots have several different quads for different occasions or flying styles. This week’s featured #QuadGoals pilot is no different. FRY_FPV shares with us the details about his go-to quad, as well as his main freestyle rig.

“When I travel, I bring with me my go-to quad. It is perfect for any situation I’ll fly into: long range, cinematic, bando, freestyle, proximity and even cinewhooping. It’s a very solid and reliable build, even after staying 2 hours in the water.

When I am back home, I fly my full-on freestyle quad. It’s lighter and very responsive, perfect for gaps that requires precision and is ideal for practicing the Juicy style flying.”

Drone pilot: FRY_FPV

Video filmed with the go-to quad: VIETNAM – cinematic FPV

Video filmed with the freestyle quad: BANDO HEAVEN