#QuadGoals: ilya_fpv

For this week’s edition of #QuadGoals, we’re featuring two quads from the same pilot: ilya_fpv. Like a lot of pilots these days, Ilya makes both freestyle and cinematic FPV videos. He shares the quads he uses for both types of flights:

“I started flying FPV back in 2016. Back then I was watching a lot of OG RotorRiot and it hooked me on to FPV. I was like, ‘How is it even possible to fly like that? I want to do it!’ Now FPV is a big part of my life. I fly pretty much every day either for fun or for work. I’m super happy that this hobby became much more than just a hobby. I found something that I love doing and meet many good people along the way and it’s just the beginning of my FPV journey!”

Drone pilot: ilya_fpv

Video filmed with these quads: Cinematic vs Freestyle FPV

Frame: WaspyRC
HD Cam: GoPro Hero 8 or 6

#QuadGoals: Skylens

We head to Romania for this week’s #QuadGoals feature, where we hear about the cinewhoop setup from Skylens. Plus, take a flight through the winter trees in one of their latest videos.

“We really enjoy flying this cinewhoop because it’s a mix between slow-flying through objects like trees, buildings and shots that are more dynamic like chasing snowboarders and skiers, cars and bikers. The stability of the quad helps us deliver smoother shots out of the camera.
The Tmotor F1507 3800kv motors help us do this mix together with a full Kiss setup (Kiss 4in1 and Kiss V2 fc), good FPV video feed (Foxeer Nano V4 , Tbs Unify Evo and Tbs Triumph Pro) and good RC link using TBS Crossfire.”
Drone pilot: Skylens
Video filmed with this quad: Winter forest drone cruise

Quad build:

Iflight Megabee

Kiss FC V2

Kiss Esc 4in1

T-motor F1507 3800kv 

TBS Crossfire Nano

TBS Immortal T antenna

TBS Unify Evo

TBS Triumph Pro Antenna

Foxeer Nano V4 FPV camera

GoPro Hero 6 Black

#QuadGoals: ChileVuela

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another edition of #QuadGoals. Today’s featured pilot has been sharing his content on AirVuz for the past four years. And as you can tell by his handle, Matt Bardeen takes us on a journey through Chile with his videos. Here’s more from ChileVuela:

“My name’s Matt and I’m currently enjoying life in Talca, Chile. I’ve been flying FPV for around 6 years now, ever since I first saw FPV videos on YouTube while building a quadcopter for my job at a local university. I’ve always wanted to fly like a bird and this has been the closest (and safest) way I’ve found to achieve that. I enjoy freestyle, mountain diving, and long range work, but I really enjoy just getting out and flowing over the awesome landscapes that the Andes offer.

This is my current workhorse quad and it’s a really flexible setup. It’s got a Runcam Split 2 on board so I can remove the GoPro and mount for really long range missions, or keep it on for some beautiful cinematic videos. It’s not the fastest quad, but it’s light (313g with no GoPro or battery) and efficient, so I can get a good 12 minutes of flight out of it on medium size batteries. For longer range missions I can use bigger batteries and fly for over 20 minutes.”
Drone pilot: ChileVuela
Video filmed with this quad: One Battery: Nothing Else