#QuadGoals: nikofilmz

We head to the mountains of Colorado for this week’s #QuadGoals featured pilot, who hasn’t been flying for long but has already produced some pretty impressive videos. Hear more from nikofilmz about his favorite quad.

“I started FPV 3 months ago and this is the second edition of the first quad I’ve ever flown, which @carterfilmz and I call Snowy (it’s survived multiple crashes in the snow despite not being waterproofed). Snowy 2.0 is my go-to cinema quad because of the easily adjustable camera angle, excellent vibration dampening TPU mount, and airtime. 6″ quads are great for long range, especially at the higher elevations of my home state of Colorado. I often get asked if I need to correct for the side FPV camera placement but it’s never been an issue. The advantage is you can adjust the FPV camera and the GoPro angle simultaneously. Huge shoutout to my boy @carterfilmz for making this epic quad possible with his master drone building skills!”

Drone pilot: nikofilmz

Video filmed with this quad: FPVing Epic BMX riders in Boulder, Colorado


#QuadGoals: Dragon FPV

We head to Germany for this week’s #QuadGoals pilot, Dragon FPV, who uses his quad for awesome videos like diving the tallest building in Munich. He shares his insight about his quad build — and about why he enjoys flying FPV.
“I’m flying this quad from the very beginning, just with some ‘minor’ changes during the 2.5 years … e.g. from 4S to 6S. I was always satisfied with it, so I’m flying three of them. I never have to stop a session early due to a crash. If I’m not able to repair it instantly I just take the next one!
Why I’m flying:
Flying, freedom, almost limitless possibilities … captured for eternity. No matter what the purpose. As a beautiful memory, to dream away, fascination, to move boundaries … and of course also to commercially illuminate your idea from unique perspectives.
This is what multicopters offer me, flown with specially developed glasses from the first person view. The high speeds (well over 100 km/h), the enormous range (under special conditions) and the unprecedented agility offer completely new perspectives on almost everything in our world. But the high precision also allows breathtaking feats – individually or in combination – to be stylishly embedded in the surroundings. There are no limits to creativity. With even more practice, even the smallest places can be opened up, just like buildings from the outside and, with the right equipment, also from the inside.
Let yourself be enchanted by these moments, enjoy the insights and views of worlds you have never been to before, or which you would like to remember back … only now from a completely new perspective.
For me, this topic has arisen from the need not being able any more to practice my old hobbies of skateboarding and snowboarding to the full extent because of my knee and ankle. I was looking for something new. Something that does justice to both of these hobbies.
The lifestyle, always looking for new possibilities, perspectives, moves, combos, lines, places that offer unforgettable views or are perfect for freestyle.
The mindset, always wanting to develop further, challenges, discovering and exploring new things … To recognize limits, approach and then overcome them. Always open for everyone and everything.
And nothing less, the fascination for movement, style, creativity and our world!
I have not only found something that does justice to this … it has inspired me far beyond that. And so it became my passion.”
Drone pilot: Dragon FPV

#QuadGoals: FaroùkFPV

We head to the mountains of France for this week’s #QuadGoals feature: FaroùkFPV.  He’s got his quad perfectly tuned for lots of epic flights through the peaks of the nearby mountains.

“I am FaroùkFPV. I’m a French pilot and I live in the south of France. I’ve been flying for 1.5 years now. My setup: 5” for me is the best for midrange. My frame, the Xbee 230, is a very solid frame. The quality of the carbon is really premium and it’s very important for a good video; a bad frame can make oscillation. My motors have a perfect ratio of smoothness, power and weight. It’s a really butter quad with a perfect PID tune. For the comfort I fly with DJI HD for best midrange experience and ride all the alp mountains on perfect conditions.”

Drone pilot: FaroùkFPV
Video filmed with this quad: Drone FPV Mid Range with Dji HD (Alpes)

Quad build:

Xbee 230 V3 5″ frame

Hobbywing 2207 1750kv

Hobbywing G3 stack and Hobbywing 60 amp ESC

TBS Crossfire Nano RX

T-motor 5143s props

DJI FPV Air Unit system and DJI goggles

2 Foxeer Lollipop antennas (10 cm on the quad and 2xtrue rc on the goggles)

GoPro Hero 7