#QuadGoals: elcuyfpv

This week’s featured #QuadGoals pilot is Juan Carpio, aka elcuyfpv. An airline pilot by day, Juan flies quads as a hobby and is excited to share about his go-to quad:

“I wanted to display my ‘A’ quad for what it is and looks like today. Most quads only look new from the moment you finishing building it until the maiden flight. After that it never looks the same again; I feel we should embrace that. The scars of war when you fly and crash; of pushing your limits on a daily basis to get better and better, hopefully one day achieving the illusive one whole lipo run. My quad and I have been through it all and back.  Sometimes injured or even with broken parts but we always made it back out and get the job done.

I would like to introduce ‘Pace Ur Self,’ my A quad. Although it wasn’t always ‘Pace Ur Self,’ this quad travelled back and forth from China with me for a long time. Together we’ve chased cars and dove buildings. We’ve ridden roller coasters and done inverted yaws spins through gaps in trees. I  have always been an ImpulseRC guy; at first it was the Alien but as soon as the Apex came out the time read Apex o’clock. I’ve been flying for almost three years and trust Flyduino 100%. That is why the Kiss v2 and 32a ESC’s have been installed on every build since June 2019. One of the reasons behind the name Pace is because Tmotor Pacers 2207.5 1750kv power it. The other is because my brothers in flight used to say I was always too fast and needed to slow down to get better. I’ve learned to control that, at least I think I have.”
Drone pilot: elcuyfpv

Quad build:
Remote: TBS Tango 2
Goggles: DJI FPV