AirVĆ«z 101: 5 Tricks đŸŽ© to Make your Drone Video Stand Out!

With so many enthusiastic pilots and their amazing videos rolling on into AirVuz every day, you’ve probably wondered how to get your video more exposure…

We totally get it!  You work pretty hard to make these phenomenal drone videos…and it’s pretty fun to see people respond to it with their Likes, Comments, and Follows.  But how can you actually get those views?

We love the saying “activity breeds activity;”  basically by taking a few simple steps to get the ball rolling, you’ll help your aerial video bubble up to the top for others.  And then, the real compounding benefit appears: others see the high view counts, and then they want to watch it too!  (and then they want to follow your work, share it with their friends, maybe hire you for a gig, bring over your favorite dessert…you get the idea!)

So – wondering what those steps are?  Good news!  We’re happy to share them. 😏  Even better news?  They’re super easy!

Our own Kendall Mark talks us through these important tips for making a great drone video (we like to call it AirVuz 101), and we recapped below too: 

Tip #1 – Make sure your video has aerial footage right off the bat!   Viewers are eager to see the action at first click! And while sponsors and self-promotion are important, numbers have shown that videos that start with motion and aerial images are watched longer and more often!  True story!

Tip #2 – Be different! Be unique! Be creative!  Of course we all love the scenic mountain shots, the crystal clear ocean footage, or a great skyline. But guess how many of those we all see on the site per day? Tons! Take your shot to the next level
maybe you feature someone in a yoga pose on a beach by drone? Or, throw in a cool filter on there to make it stand out!  (Need some inspiration? Look no further than your favorite pilot’s profiles!)

Tip #3 – Your thumbnail image is crucial!  Why? Well think of it this way: your thumbnail is the first impression; it sets the tone of your video even before reading the title. Oftentimes, videos get passed over simply because the thumbnail image is too generic or the text is overbearing.  But, an eye-catching, quality image draws people in immediately…who doesn’t want that, right?!

Tip #4 – Your title, description and keywords
Yes they matter!  Using your location and some other attention grabber almost guarantee people will be able to find it during a search, and they’ll watch it when they discover it!  It’s ok to keep it simple, too!   If your video is footage of winter scenes in Iceland, then name your video “Winter in Iceland!”  It’s that easy – we promise.  But, what if you like your video’s fancy or fun name?  Keep it, just be sure to load up the keywords and the description with the specific location, type of drone you’re using, and anything unique about your piece in the keywords and description.

Tip #5 – Promote and share your work with your community! The more it’s out there, the more it’s seen!  Right after you upload it, share your video to Facebook and Twitter and use the #AirVuz!.  And here’s the best pro tip – find a forum – any forum – that has people posing questions that your video could answer!  (e.g. guess how many people ask about the beaches in Hawaii?  Wouldn’t that video of yours be a perfect way to show them what their looking for?!  Give them your video and watch those views roll in!)

Bonus Tip – Get involved with AirVĆ«z community! Take some time to let other people know what you think of their work!  Ask questions, support them in their risk taking and creativity, and provide tips to your fellow content creators to help us promote your amazing work!  After all, we are all #UnitedByDrone.

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz  |   #United by Drone

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