#QuadGoals: KeleFPV

In our latest edition of #QuadGoals, we feature a pilot who flies both Tiny Whoops and miniquads. Today, Kele Stanley (aka KeleFPV) shows us his latest Tiny Whoop build, which features the new brushless motors.

“This thing rips. The hotel that I was in was absolutely fire for flying the Tiny Whoop — especially at 1 o’clock in the morning when this video was shot. This is by far my favorite Tiny Whoop build right now.”

Pilot: KeleFPV

Video featuring this Tiny Whoop: Not Your Normal Hotel

Specs on the build:
65mm V3 BL Frame
CAM05 Camera

#QuadGoals: JAB1a

QuadGoals is back with a brand new feature. This week we check in with James Bowles, an FPV pilot based in the UK. We’ll let James take it from here:
“Hello, Im James aka ‘JAB1a‘ in FPV circles. Been flying FPV since the start of 2012 when I designed and built my first FPV quad. Since then its been a roller-coaster of fun and adventures in this amazing sport and hobby. Started FPV racing in 2014 and have travelled to many countries to compete for various teams including Gemfan, XBlades, Droneislife and BreakOut FPV. My biggest title was being the first ever British National FPV Drone Racing Champion 2015 (which was also the first ‘National’ champion of any country around the world for FPV)
Here is my favourite ‘goto’ quad for any FPV adventure…

ImpulseRC Reverb 5″ freestyle frame
GemfanHobby Windancer 5043 durable/efficient props
Runcam Swift 2 camera with 2.1mm lens
GoPro Session 5 1080p 60fps SV/PT
Iftron Clearview Race Edition VRx
Fatshark HD V2 FPV Googles
I have been flying this exact quad for over a year now, its been around the world with me on some awesome adventures. Its dived Power station cooling towers, chased Cars, Bikes, go-karts, boats and planes, been on long range trips to the top of snowy mountains and into some of the most amazing bando’s. The frame has proved itself to be predictable and stable in all weather conditions and with the current setup of components its been absolutely bullet proof. Having a quad like this lets you forget about the reliability of your setup and lets you concentrate more on the experience and having fun on your flights whatever or where ever they might be.”
Video created with this quad: Long Range Adventure

AirVūz Announces Winners of 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards

The votes have been tallied and the best drone videos of 2018 have been chosen!

Eighteen aerial content creators were voted on as the winners of the 2nd Annual AirVūz Drone Video Awards. Kingdom of the Wild – Wildlife in Namibia Africa by California drone pilot Mike Bishop was chosen as the Drone Video of the Year, while Johnny Schaer — aka JohnnyFPV — won the FPV (First-Person View) Video of the Year for Saudi Arabia. Both pilots took home a grand prize of $3,000 USD each for their winning videos.

Based in Los Angeles, Bishop recently started an aerial cinematography company called Motion Craft Aerials. Bishop’s film “Awaken Iceland” was a category winner in the first annual Drone Video Awards last year. His aerial films have been selected for a number of film festivals around the world.

Schaer is a professional drone racing pilot who has competed in the Drone Racing League on ESPN. The Illinois native now travels the world with his racing drones, showcasing the innovative cinematography capabilities of the small quadcopters. He’s flown drones with the likes of Will Smith and Sam Kolder, among other influencers. Schaer won the drone racing category in the inaugural Drone Video Awards with his videoDRONE RACING UNDERGROUND.”

Finalists in each category were selected by the staff at AirVūz and sponsors from drone-related companies such as Horizon Hobby, Polar Pro, GetFPV, Rotor Riot, Tiny Whoop, The Drone Girl, DroneLife, Women and Drones, and Women Who Drone. Out of over 30,000 videos uploaded, finalists were selected based on the quality, level of difficulty and creativity of a drone video or photograph uploaded to AirVuz.com in 2018.

The winners were announced on AirVūz Live on Facebook on Feb. 18. Over $10,000 USD was awarded to winners in 18 categories, an increase from 11 categories in the inaugural competition. Each category winner will receive $500 USD, a plaque, and prizes.

AirVūz, an online community and media hosting site for drone pilots and aerial enthusiasts, launched this contest last year to celebrate the very best in drone cinematography. All videos uploaded to AirVuz.com between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 were eligible to be chosen as finalists. The contest was open to anyone in the world who uploaded an originally-shot drone video or photo to AirVuz.com.

A total of seven FPV (first-person view) categories were included in this year’s contest: Freestyle Cinematic, Freestyle Technical, Freestyle Flow, Micro Drone Acro Mode, Micro Drone Angle Mode, Tiny Whoop Acro Mode and Tiny Whoop Angle Mode. Camera drone categories include: Nature & Landscape, Countries & Regions, Cities & Urban, People & Lifestyle, Dronie, Extreme Sports, Originality, Still Photography, Game of Drones (filming locations from “Game of Thrones”), Drones for Good, and Reels.

For more information about the contest, click here.

A list of the 2nd Annual AirVūz Drone Video Awards winners can be found below:

DRONE VIDEO OF THE YEAR — Kingdom of the Wild – Wildlife in Namibia Africa by MikeBishop.tv

FPV VIDEO OF THE YEAR — Saudi Arabia by JohnnyFPV

CITIES & URBAN — St. Petersburg – The City of White Nights by Timelab.pro

DRONIE — The Last Dronie by chrisxgxc


FPV FREESTYLE FLOW — The Cold Edge of the World by Gab707


TINY WHOOP ACRO — Surfin USA – Tiny Whoop LiPO FlOW by hoodblade

TINY WHOOP ANGLE — Lake Maria by BluJ

MICRO DRONE ACRO — Envelopment by nurkfpv

MICRO DRONE ANGLE — “Onnanocos” x Micro Drone by KatsuFPV

PEOPLE & LIFESTYLE — Land of the Maya – Guatemala and Mexico by videobros

GAME OF DRONES — The Ice Cave – Drone Flying Inside an Ice Cave in Iceland by snorrithor

COUNTRIES & REGIONS — 4K Icelandic Drone Adventure by Brendon Dixon

DRONES FOR GOOD — Kingdom of the Wild – Wildlife in Namibia Africa by MikeBishop.tv


EXTREME SPORTS — A New Perspective (Audi Nines 2018) by JohnnyFPV

ORIGINALITY — 24 HRS by panvelvet

REEL — Showreel 2018 by aeroCircus

PHOTO — Girl and Ice by antoinejans

PEOPLE’S CHOICE — MAGIC ICELAND | Drone & Time-lapse 4K by davidaguilar

#QuadGoals: Blue Owl FPV

Our featured pilot this week is Blue Owl FPV, a nominee in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards in the “FPV Freestyle Flow” category. She shares with us some info on one of her favorite (and more unique) quad builds:

“For me FPV is all about challenges. The first challenge I faced was learning how to fly and build quads from scratch. The most recent one was switching to a high tilt style (65 degrees camera uptilt), building a dedicated quad suitable for high speed backwards flying and rewiring my brain to get a hang of a completely new stick control. This build has proven to be extraordinary strong, which gives me a lot of confidence in both my abilities and the gear. It’s the first build in which I used a full KISS v2 setup and I love it so far! Even though it is only a beginning, I’m excited to see what this new adventure is going to bring. “
Drone pilot: Blue Owl FPV
Video created with this quad: Go high tilt or go home | FPV upside down

Quad parts:

Foxeer Predator with 65 degrees uptilt
GoPro Hero Session 5 with 65 degrees uptilt

#QuadGoals: vasiliz

FPV pilot Vasili Zhurman, aka vasiliz, is our latest #QuadGoals feature. His video “Further // Winter Wonderland” is a nominee in the FPV Freestyle Flow category for the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards. He shares with us a bit about his quad build that has become his personal favorite:
“I’ve been flying this quad for more than a year, it’s a solid setup and I fully trust it sending it miles away, going proximity between trees or facing snow and under zero temperatures.
I love to fly in the mountains and alpine landscapes. Almost all of my videos are recorded in the Vall de Boí, it’s an incredible valley in the heart of Catalonian Pyrenees and it’s my personal FPV paradise.
“Further” is one of those videos, is the result of incredible scenery, perfect weather and stunning sunsets. I enjoy the nature and hiking as much as I enjoy flying, so for me, being able to combine both hobbies is a huge privilege.
I would never expect a nomination of this video for the 2nd Annual AirVūz Drone Video Awards so I feel really grateful and excited. This encourages me to keep pushing and improving my skills. Thanks to all the AirVüz crew and everyone for the support!”
Drone pilot: vasiliz
Video created with this quad: Further // Winter Wonderland


Tattu 1500mAh 5s 75c Batteries

#QuadGoals: Yubeta.Blv FPV

When it comes to chase footage of FPV quads and vehicles, Jake Yubeta (aka Yubeta.Blv FPV) is one of the best. He checks in with us for this week’s #QuadGoals feature to talk about his latest build that he’s been chasing some awesome trucks with.

“This is one of a couple Gordo builds that I’ve been cycling through for the end of 2018. It works great for the task of chasing motorsports, carrying lots of speed and minimizing drag surfaces with its centralized mass. Higher battery voltage has really helped get the speed, consistency and flight times a little better, though battery is still the limiting factor for most projects.  When it comes to straight up freestyle flight characteristics I tend to prefer top mount batteries but I find that the point and shoot nature/flight dynamic afforded by this style frame makes getting reliable and repeatable footage a snap. The durability provided by the thick arms and comprehensive 3d print package make it one of my favorite grab and go video quads!”

Drone pilot: Yubeta.Blv FPV

Video created with this quad: Race Truck Chase Footage – Cabot Bigham – Glen Helen


#QuadGoals: JonhyO Tapadas

This week, we feature JonhyO Tapadas, who tells us about his quad that he used to chase the awesome cars in the video below:

“The combination of the smoothness of the Ethix ltd Mr Steele with 1700kv and the quality of the stack of Hobbywing F4 G2, make this my favorite setup for cinematography captured with a mini drone. With the autonomy of 6s greatly increases flight time, providing more opportunities to capture better moments. The ImpulseRc Reverb has always been a frame that brought me a lot of comfort on the flight and has helped a lot in bringing big shots home. When I ‘sit on the pilot’s seat’ the world around me becomes a real amusement park, looking for the craziest spots and the most spectacular moments. Looking forward to develop more my flight and to bring more cool stories to the community.”

Drone pilot: JonhyO Tapadas

Video created with this quad: CMS – Almada Extreme Sprint – Drone Chase Rally Cars- #FPVRallyCarChase

Part List:

#QuadGoals: airblastr

Jonny Durst, known in the drone world as airblastr, is this week’s #QuadGoals featured pilot. Previously seen on “Behind the Goggles,” Jonny takes us behind the scenes on one of his latest epic videos, as well as the quad he used to film it:

“VASTR is the result of an amazing opportunity I had to work with the guys at GoPro to create stunning images of the landscape in British Columbia. We flew around in helicopters for two days exploring remote areas, stopping to take in the sights and sounds. Flying my quadcopter in areas like this was a dream come true.  I kept the flying simple in order to allow the viewer to really take in the views. My favorite moment was flying through the glacier field and the narrow crevasse. It’s moments like that you really have to know and trust your equipment and I had full confidence in my gear.  In the end it was an epic adventure and one I will never forget! Thank you all for the support!” – Jonny “Airblastr” Durst

Drone pilot: airblastr

Video created with this quad: VASTR – Exploring the Landscape of British Columbia



XHOVER Stingy V1 5 inch

XHOVER Cinematic 2207 2500KV Motors

XHOVER 2206 – 2420KV Motors

TBS Crossfire Nano RX

TBS Immortal T Antennas

TBS Unify Pro 5.8 VTX

TBS Triumph Antennas

TBS Graphene 1300mah 4s 75c Batteries.

DYS F4 V2 Flight Controller (Betaflight)

DYS 4-in-1 ESC 30a

Runcam Swift 2 RR Edition

Avan Flow 5×4 3×3/Lumenier Gatebreaker 5×5 3×3 Props

Hellgate Buzzer/Dronekeeper Mini buzzer


GoPro Hero 6/7 Black stabilized with Reelsteady

POLAR PRO – Cinema Series ND Filters (8, 16, 32)

GoPro Fusion

Kwad3D Printed Mounts

Foam wedges

#QuadGoals: VerJan FPV

This week’s #QuadGoals pilot debuted a new video just for this special occasion. VerJan FPV flew around BASE jumpers with his quad, and the footage he captured is unreal. We’ll let him explain more about the video and about the quad he used to film it:
“I have always been drawn to flight. I have and still fly fixed wing, 3d heli (albeit poorly) and a lot of the toys however, FPV has become my new addiction.
I started flying the MB Epic 262 frame several months ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Most of my flights are between 1 and 2 miles away and can be a couple thousand feet above or below my starting elevation while still maintaining a low altitude relative to the ground. I have just rounded my first year in FPV and my favorite part is long range flight. The newly concocted/released MB Epic Cinematic 7 is now my go to for distance and smooth HD video.
A few months ago I was contacted by a guy (Mike Zurek) with a different hobby, B.A.S.E. jumping! B.A.S.E.(Building Antennae Span Earth) jumping is something that I knew about but had never been around. Mike contacted me because he had seen some of the videos that I had put out in the past and some of them were in places that he had jumped before. It took us a couple months of waiting and planning but we finally met up. Over the span of two weeks I recorded around 400 gigabytes of video and over 100 B.A.S.E jumps. This will be the first of many videos I am releasing to showcase this extreme sport and the wonderful, wild people I have met
along the way. Thanks all! Do Good!”

Drone pilot: VerJan FPV

Video created with this quad: BASE FPV 1

Quad build:
GoPro Hero 7 (No Stabilization)

#QuadGoals: Washbuilt

We have a New York-based pilot for this week’s feature: Washbuilt. As you’ll see, he’s a big fan of supporting local businesses — something that can be tough to do in the FPV world. Learn more about his favorite quad, with many of the parts locally sourced.

“The best thing about flying a MIB 5 is knowing when you go out to fly you have a strong clean frame to get you back home, can take a some crashing and protect the gear inside. In New York City when I started my group Stayfly Multirotors, most the guys would order from eBay/China. Now we have a good New York company. It’s a blessing . Supporting a company that changed FPV in New York City — I love that.”

Drone pilot: Washbuilt

Video created with this quad: FOLLOW A FRIEND