TopVuz: August 4, 2017

Guess what day it is!?! It’s Friday! And that means… it’s time for the TopVūz of the week! This week’s beautiful, calming, worldwide-featured-user-aerial-views are (drumroll please! 🥁):

Second Flight – Mugii Murum-Ban – Aerial Film 29 on Dji Phantom 4 Pro – Gary P Hayes
THE ISLAND OF LIGHT AND SILENCE – a Trip to Lanzarote – fs_kunst
Everyday’s motion – Thailand 4K – Mikezwijgers
This Is My Journey – A Travel Video in 4K – Merr Watson
Feel Sintra – eminorcks

Make sure to check out the featured full length drone videos! So happy to be able to feature such an amazing variety of aerial views from all over the world. Keep sharing the beauty! One love.

Thanks for helping make our community so diverse and full of world views! We truly are #UnitedByDrone.

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YourVūz: 🌞Summer is here! And so is the next contest topic!

It’s summer! (Well, at least for us!  If you’re in the southern hemisphere, then well, you’re in winter...)

For this episode, Rusty and Allie spend the day on Minnesota’s Prior Lake, because summer for Minnesotans usually means trips to the lake 😉.

This show features water fun, summer travel destinations and many other views of your summer.  Rusty humors us in his usual unique way, and Allie keeps us hip with her fashionable swimsuit and almost gets eaten by a snapping turtle. Ok well, maybe not almost but what a moment that was! 😆  And last but not least, we gave away $500!

(Oh, and feel free to comment on Rusty’s hat. Is it sexy? Did you upload? Did you use the yourvuz keyword? If so, great! You might be featured in this summer fun episode! If you didn’t, well, there is always next time! That’s right, next time! Next month’s topic is… parties! Show us how you celebrate!

Summertime In The Philippines – christer_isulat
Beach day…Itacoatiara – Digital Peace
Amazing waters of Miramar Beach – Birds-iview
Summer in Naples! – Drone_America
Salem Sue – megmichaels3
IZE – Study Abroad in Belize (Tropical Island and Rainforest) – DuarteDellarole
Summer Mornings – FlyLife
Seljalandsfoss, Iceland – Phantom 4 Pro 4K – PilotViking
Catanduanes Island Bicol Trip 2017 [Aerial] – gobautista
My Best Switzerland – AirDroner
Summerdays at the coastline – hopenorway
Summer – OnFocus
Dawn to Dusk at Topsail Beach, NC with the DJI Mavic Pro – Jeff Walrich – TK-421
A Short Flight – Mauro Pagliai
Mokolii Island (Chinaman’s Hat) and Jurassic Park – 81sForLife
HAPL 2017 – Immekenzy
Maccagno Climbing wall HD by Ph3 Pro – teotoner
Max Patch – AshevilleAerial
Come to party and run at the Montreux Trail Festival! – Ultraprod
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DRL Winners: Congrats to Jet, GAB707, and Wild Willy FPV (Team AirVūz)!

Cheers to another great season of the Drone Racing League!

It’s been real.  And it’s been real fast.  The 2017 DRL Season was exhilaration-packed and flew by like a rocket, but not without crowning the top three pilots first!

Congratulations to Jet, GAB707, and our own Wild Willy FPV on their respective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place wins!

We all know now that racing drones is a legit sport (BTW – does it get any more real than ESPN?), and these talented pilots who’ve conquered the drone racing scene have plenty of street (or maybe “air?”) cred gilded into their FPV goggles!

Flying the extreme courses in New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Munich, and  London, these pilots turned their stick time into prime time entertainment for the television viewing masses.  (You can still find the replays on ESPN, ESPN2, and their affiliates!).

AirVuz sends out major kudos to all of the 2017 DRL pilots on the entertaining and cutting edge season, including a special shout out to our AirVūz community members of Nurk, Gab707, FPV Provo, Falcon X, 32BitsofGil, and A_Nub, as well as our Team AirVuz pilots FlyingBearFPV and yes, 3rd place winner Wild Willy FPV (woot woot!).

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The coolest uploads from last week- on TopVūz!

It’s time for the TopVūz of the week! This weeks unique, surreal, worldwide featured user aerial view uploads are:

My Year – 2017 – Seagullaerial
Abandoned Minneapolis – DroneDoll
Iceland By Drone 4K – TravelModeOn_
Troms – timoksanen
Rio de Janeiro – victoraroundtheworld

Make sure to check out the featured full length drone videos! So happy to be able to feature such an amazing variety of aerial views from all over the world. Keep sharing the beauty! One love.

Thanks for helping make our community so diverse and full of world views! We truly are UnitedByDrone.

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The FASTEST 🔥 Drone Pilot in California = Colby Curtola from Team AirVuz FPV!

It’s official!  The California Drone Speed Challenge has a winner…and now congrats are in order for Colby Curtola (SFPV), if  you can catch him!
The Aerial Sports League (ASL) partnered with Comcast to pull off this exciting series of drone drag races last weekend, all in the spirit of showing that drone racing promotes both ‘drones for good’ and STEM education.

Colby took home a $10,000 prize and will also have a donation made on his behalf to Girls in Tech (GiT).  How great is that (especially for those of us who love racing drones)?

AirVūz is beyond proud of Colby and this incredible feather in his FPV goggles!   Woot woot!

Nice work to all of the drone pilots who competed at this great event including several from Team AirVuz FPV: Zoe Stumbaugh (ZoeFPV), Shane Traweek (Humboldt710), and the winner himself, Colby Curtola! (SFPV)!

AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone

You can either purposely jump off that cliff

…or you can watch these drone videos from the comfort of your comfiest chair!

(Unless, of course, you’re one of these super cool souls born with extra adrenaline…in this case, just find a licensed drone pilot to capture the moments in which you (quickly) free fall, towards the beautiful terrain below,  which still looks pretty hard…Ok, we can barely even write about this without freaking out –  just a little – on the inside.😱)

For most of us, it’s way more fun to watch the videos about Base Jumping and Cliff Jumping than even think of doing it ourselves!  This extreme sport is considered to be even more dangerous than skydiving (who knew?) due to the lower altitude of their jumps; in many places, its even outlawed.

Clearly, this sort of flying naturally makes for dramatic and adrenaline-spiking footage, so to make it easy for you to (safely) take it all in, we created a collection of the best cliff Jumping and BASE jumping drone videos.

Once again the aerial perspective takes the cake.  How else – other than by drone footage – could one really capture the gorgeous natural environs, sheer force, and human risk presented by these dives?  After seeing these great feats captured like this, we think you’ll agree that drone cameras are boss!

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California Drone Speed Challenge

The California Drone Speed Challenge starts tomorrow!

The Aerial Sports League (ASL) has joined forces with Comcast to organize California’s top drone pilots together for an adrenaline packed series of drone drag races.  Why, you might ask? To establish the fastest drone pilot in the Golden State, of course!

​A cool pile of $10,000 (as well as the elite title) are at stake for the 16 pilots competing at the “Twisted 1⁄4 Mile” at the ASL dSports World Arena, located within the historic Palace of Fine Arts, in San Francisco.

​It gets better.  Comcast will then make a donation, on behalf of the winning pilot, to Girls in Tech (GIT), a global non-profit focused on engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology.

This exciting drone racing event promotes both the efforts around STEM education, as well as the notion of drones for good, so of course, we’re all in!

We wish the best of luck to those competing, including three of our own Team AirVūz FPV Pilots: SFPV, Humboldt710, and ZoeFPVWe can’t wait to see the footage!

AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone

AirVūz Contest: Find Your Flow! (by Shelby Voll)

Hey Drone Pilots – Get Your Flow ON! (and win some prizes!)

If you’re a fixed wing FPV pilot, you should just stop reading this and instead follow the perfectly explained directions for Shelby Voll’s new contest.  If you aren’t a fixed wing pilot, well, then just give yourself a chuckle and watch the vid anyway, because – as usual – his video is just.that.good.

Some of the most fun FPV Freestyle come from fixed wing RC planes!  The aerial view is a bit different, and the flow is smooth as silk. So, strap on your wings and FPV goggles and share those videos to AirVuz!

…but don’t forget Shelby’s rules!
1) Fly any fixed wing freestyle.
2) Record it on HD Cam.
3) UPLOAD to  IMPORTANT – Title your vid “Find Your Flow Contest”

Mr. Shelby Voll himself will watch ALL the entries and declare a WINNER on August 11th at 9pm EST

Make sure to get your videos uploaded by 11:59PM EST on August 10th to be eligible for the grand prize!

Thanks to the following sponsors who provided such sweet prizes: RiteWing, SpektrumRCCobra, Tattu


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YourVūz: The Transportation contest has a Winner (and a boatload of great content 😉)

Hooray, our transportation episode of YourVūz has arrived!

YourVūz is an AirVūz Original Program dedicated to showcasing YOUR aerial views of the contest topic / category.  Videos submitted have a chance to be featured on the show, with one winner taking home the $500 grand prize.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to upload their ‘Transportation’ related videos, and Congrats to everyone featured in the episode! Check out their full videos below, as well as the rest of their profiles!

Yacht charter in Saint Tropez – AurelBaud
Cross the river – Pascal
Port of Brixham Trawler Race 2017 – ccaerialsolutions
Fisherman boat – Acixxan
Airtime at Destin East Pass Kiteboaring – Birds-iview
FPV on a Harley – megmichaels3
STI Left Overs – TheFlyLifeCompany
Transportation: I Hope I Win The Yourvuz Contest This Month – reggiesurfsax
Circle of cars – skybounddrones
From the peaks to the sea – SkySpirit
Kadirli Off-Road Races – MaceM
Motocross Nikoklia Paphos Cyprus – Iain Jordan
Drift Matsuri Moscow Drift Session – Plan FPV
FPV with horses – DRRC
3 years running! – highflyingrunner
Freeride – aronzblackz
Riding in the Lake – Christian Cuvelier
Mountain bike in French Alps – kaohb7
Best of windsurfing – RikDingo
‘PARADISE’ Is Just One Paddle Away – UncleDamn
Hokule’a Homecoming – Aerial_hi_way_productions
Surfguys 8th Annual SUP Challenge – CyberdeckFlights
Industry of Newcastle – thescienceoftravel
Alaska’s Turnagain Arm with Train footage – alaska42
KL Railway – kakikujalanjalan
Sleeping beast – JCB JS 150LC – Matt and Riley
Beach Construction – LeonardJames

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💥🌟 Boom.Pop.Ooohh.Ahh!! 🌟💥 Fireworks + fun from a 🐦birds eye view!

Whether it’s for the Fourth of July, or a going all out for a big event, fireworks💥 are the ultimate way to the punctuate the enthusiasm!

And as these beautiful starry displays get more and more elaborate, the view is most often from below…unless you come to AirVuz to take in our beautiful collection of drone videos of fireworks!

Once again, our drones fly through spaces and situations that give us a whole new perspective on these moments we enjoy most in life!  Drone pilots are dreaming up new ways to capture these night shots too; we now see FPV videos of fireworks, aerial videos of fireworks from high above, as well as the brave pilots whose drones fly straight into 😱 those dynamic displays.

So if you’re looking for Fourth of July drone videos, or drone videos of other explosive entertainment in the sky, you’ll find it all on AirVūz!   (And of course, this is the place to share those amazing fireworks videos you’ll be capturing at these dynamite festivities too!  You can bet we’ll keep an eye out for them so we can add them to this great collection!)

Wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend, and lots of fun flying!  And for our fellow Americans,  🇺🇸 🌟Happy Fourth of July! 🌟 🇺🇸

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone