#QuadGoals: ilya_fpv

For this week’s edition of #QuadGoals, we’re featuring two quads from the same pilot: ilya_fpv. Like a lot of pilots these days, Ilya makes both freestyle and cinematic FPV videos. He shares the quads he uses for both types of flights:

“I started flying FPV back in 2016. Back then I was watching a lot of OG RotorRiot and it hooked me on to FPV. I was like, ‘How is it even possible to fly like that? I want to do it!’ Now FPV is a big part of my life. I fly pretty much every day either for fun or for work. I’m super happy that this hobby became much more than just a hobby. I found something that I love doing and meet many good people along the way and it’s just the beginning of my FPV journey!”

Drone pilot: ilya_fpv

Video filmed with these quads: Cinematic vs Freestyle FPV

Frame: WaspyRC
HD Cam: GoPro Hero 8 or 6

#QuadGoals: Skylens

We head to Romania for this week’s #QuadGoals feature, where we hear about the cinewhoop setup from Skylens. Plus, take a flight through the winter trees in one of their latest videos.

“We really enjoy flying this cinewhoop because it’s a mix between slow-flying through objects like trees, buildings and shots that are more dynamic like chasing snowboarders and skiers, cars and bikers. The stability of the quad helps us deliver smoother shots out of the camera.
The Tmotor F1507 3800kv motors help us do this mix together with a full Kiss setup (Kiss 4in1 and Kiss V2 fc), good FPV video feed (Foxeer Nano V4 , Tbs Unify Evo and Tbs Triumph Pro) and good RC link using TBS Crossfire.”
Drone pilot: Skylens
Video filmed with this quad: Winter forest drone cruise

Quad build:

Iflight Megabee

Kiss FC V2

Kiss Esc 4in1

T-motor F1507 3800kv 

TBS Crossfire Nano

TBS Immortal T antenna

TBS Unify Evo

TBS Triumph Pro Antenna

Foxeer Nano V4 FPV camera

GoPro Hero 6 Black

#QuadGoals: ChileVuela

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another edition of #QuadGoals. Today’s featured pilot has been sharing his content on AirVuz for the past four years. And as you can tell by his handle, Matt Bardeen takes us on a journey through Chile with his videos. Here’s more from ChileVuela:

“My name’s Matt and I’m currently enjoying life in Talca, Chile. I’ve been flying FPV for around 6 years now, ever since I first saw FPV videos on YouTube while building a quadcopter for my job at a local university. I’ve always wanted to fly like a bird and this has been the closest (and safest) way I’ve found to achieve that. I enjoy freestyle, mountain diving, and long range work, but I really enjoy just getting out and flowing over the awesome landscapes that the Andes offer.

This is my current workhorse quad and it’s a really flexible setup. It’s got a Runcam Split 2 on board so I can remove the GoPro and mount for really long range missions, or keep it on for some beautiful cinematic videos. It’s not the fastest quad, but it’s light (313g with no GoPro or battery) and efficient, so I can get a good 12 minutes of flight out of it on medium size batteries. For longer range missions I can use bigger batteries and fly for over 20 minutes.”
Drone pilot: ChileVuela
Video filmed with this quad: One Battery: Nothing Else

#QuadGoals: NonexistentJay

This week’s #QuadGoals featured pilot hasn’t been flying FPV for very long, but he’s already producing some pretty eye-catching content. Meet NonexistentJay, whose FPV videos very much exist.
“Hey, my name is Jay Nadtochiy (aka @nonexistentjay). I’ve enjoyed flying drones ever since I purchased my first Mavic Pro in 2017. About 6 months ago, I saw an amazing video by Johnny FPV and knew I had to get in the game. There was a huge learning curve to start, but with help from pros like Joshua Bardwell I’ve been able to gain the skills I need to enjoy flying everyday!”
Drone pilot: NonexistentJay
Video filmed with this quad: Big Sur


Quad build:

iFlight Titan DC5 6s quad

SucceX-D F7 flight controller

SucceX BLHeli32 50A 4 in 1 ESC

XING 2207 1800KV motors

TBS Crossfire Nano receiver

HQ props

DJI Air Unit

DJI goggles

TBS Tango 2 transmitter

GoPro Hero 8

Camera Butter ND filters


#QuadGoals: eVolvE FPV

Flying in Norway is many drone pilot’s dream. FPV pilot Daniel, aka eVolvE FPV, gets to live that dream every day. Based in Norway’s capital of Oslo, he’s captured some stunning footage throughout the country. Learn about his favorite cinematic quad he’s currently flying.

“I’m Daniel and I live in Oslo, Norway. I remember the first day I tried flying FPV. It was terrifying but at the same time the most intense and coolest thing I have ever done. Since then I’m all in for this awesome sport. I was aiming to become a good freestyle pilot at first but broadened my horizons when the so-called ‘hypercine’ or cinematic FPV started to become a thing. And now I’m crazy for both of those styles.

My favorite drone? It’s gotta be my ‘miracle quad.’ This little fella has been through a lot. I also managed to lose it in the woods, then it miraculously appeared on my doorstep 3 months later, and it flew! I have crashed it countless times but it still works and flies so good. Now it’s ‘retired’ from freestyle and only captures Cinematic footage.”

Drone pilot: eVolvE FPV

Quad Build:

#QuadGoals: Lougedo

We were captivated by one of the recent uploads from this week’s featured pilot, so we wanted to know: what type of quad did he use for the flight? Hear from David Lougedo about his video flying through a skateboarder’s leg, and what quad he used for the job.
“Hi, my name is David Lougedo, that’s why I am @lougedo around the internet. I’m from A Coruña, Spain. I’ve been flying RC since 2009 and FPV since 2011, so almost 10 years, and for that reason I have a lot of experience and know what problems can appear in a build, or in a location, where to place myself to get better reception, etc. I always loved small stuff, and always have been playing with all of kinds of quads, disassembling GoPros and saving weight. This shot was made with a Shendrones Squirt, a 3-inch ducted drone, small enough to pass under this skateboarder’s legs. It is the most robust and the one I can always trust to fly at whatever spot. When I go out to skate, I usually try to bring it with me, to film my friends In a new crazy way that only this toy can do. Thanks to everyone that helped me to get here.”
Drone pilot: Lougedo
Video filmed with this quad: Skateboarding through

Foxeer Lollipop antenna UFL straight to the VTx
Hellgate Buzzer (it is smaller than the Vifly that I use in the rest of my builds)
GoPro Hero 6 Black 2.7k 4:3 60fps
Stabilized with ReelSteady 
Gopro Mount from 3drone.es
Total weight is 480g. I’ve tried to reduce the weight as much as I can, with the components I like.

#QuadGoals: ThatFlyinRyan

This week’s featured #QuadGoals pilot, Ryan Stager, loved flying drones so much that he decided to turn it into a business. Here, he shares with us a bit about his FPV background and the specs of his cinewhoop quad.

“I started flying FPV drones in December of 2015. Before that I flew 3D collective pitch helicopters for a few years. While having a trade & many degrees in HVACR, I found flying drones and making videos for people — along with traveling to meet new friends all over the country for FPV drone events — is what really made me happy. And they say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life, right? Fast forward to summer of 2019, I came up with the idea to help brands & business with the FPV drones locally. No I’m not the first to think of this, but the first for my market, as this would bring great opportunity to me. So I decided to follow my dreams, established a team & founded AboveGroundProductions LLC!”

Drone pilot: ThatFlyinRyan

Video filmed with this quad: BRIC : Boca raton Innovation Center

Build List : 

Akion 45 Amp AIO Esc 20×20

#QuadGoals: Robert Kovacs

This week’s #QuadGoals feature is Robert Kovacs, a Hungarian pilot who’s spent plenty of time trying new things with his quad — including a 360 camera.
“I’m Robert from Budapest, Hungary. I first met with drones at my work. My task was to design human carrying drones like LIFT Aircraft. I was also interested in the engineer side so I had learned how to build quads. That’s how I ended up in FPV about 4 years ago.
At the beginning I always tried different parts, built different size of quads and even designed my own 2” frame with torn-down HD camera, way before cinewhoops even existed. But in the past year I decided to focus more on flying and less on building.  My favorite drone has become the one I had built from old leftover parts. At the moment it flies smoother and more reliable than my newer one. Now I’m focusing more on filming, exploring locations, trying new technics and look for cooperations mostly in extreme sports.”
Drone pilot: Robert Kovacs
Video filmed with this quad: Quadcross
Quad build:

#QuadGoals: Dronotron

Cinewhoop drones continue to increase in popularity as FPV pilots look for ways to film cinematic footage. So for this week’s #QuadGoals we head to Peru to feature Israel Bonilla, aka Dronotron, a pilot who tells us more about the custom cinewhoop he’s currently flying.

“I’m Israel, I’m from Perú. I’ve flown drones since 2014 and FPV drones since 2018.  I just got amazed of the capabilities and possibilities with FPV drones for filming subjects and locations, and fell in love with cinewhoops.  My first cinewhoop build was a Shendrones Nutmeg. I love how it flies and it was a challenge to make it fly the way it does today, but this is not the quad I’m gonna talk about now.
My “favorite quad” was my third cinewhoop build and its called the ZF_WHOOP. It’s a three-inch whoop designed by my local carbon fiber 3D prints supplier and friend ZFTECH (@zftech on IG).
This cinewhoop is slim but uses thick carbon parts that makes it super tough, and the TPU ducts are perfectly designed to provide protection and additional lift for its heavy payload, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor flights.”
Drone pilot: Dronotron
Video filmed with this quadHuaca Mateo Salado

Quad build:

Zftech ZF_WHOOP frame and 3D printing
Helio Spring IMU-F V1 Running Emuflight V0.2.0
Racerstar 35A Anniversary edition 4 in 1 ESC flashed with JESC with 48khz pwm version firmware
Caddx Turbo EOS2 fpv camera (pal version)
T- motor 5143 propellers (trimmed by hand)
– All bolts are titanium
– Aluminum standoffs

Top 10 Most Droned Countries of 2019

As drones become more portable, travelers have taken their flying cameras around the world to capture our stunning planet from an aerial perspective. 

But which countries were the most popular for drone pilots in 2019?

AirVūz —an online community and media hosting site for drone pilots and aerial enthusiasts — compiled a list of the top-ranked countries for drone videos. The ranking is based on the location of all videos uploaded to drone media site AirVuz.com from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019. 

The United States was the most-droned country in the world for all of 2019. This included videos from all over the lower 48 states, plus plenty of footage from the mountains of Alaska and the beaches of Hawaii. Videos from the U.S. included both traditional stabilized camera footage using drones such as the popular DJI Mavic 2 Pro, as well as first-person view videos from drone racing pilots around the country.

Turkey, the United Kingdom, Italy and France rounded out the top five most-droned countries. 

Many of the videos from Turkey featured its historic capital city of Istanbul. Another popular location of Turkey showcased by drone pilots was Cappadocia, famous for its hot air balloons and unique landscapes.

Pilots made their way all across the United Kingdom in 2019, with videos spanning from Northern Ireland to Wales to Scotland to many regions of England. Italy and France — popular destinations for tourists of all types — not surprisingly made the list. Whether it was the historic architecture or vineyards of Italy or the stunning countryside of France, both countries were hotspots for drone enthusiasts in 2019.

Spain, Germany, Australia and Indonesia followed up as the next four countries on the list, while Greece was the No. 10 most droned country in 2019. 

Here’s the top 10:

  1. United States
  2. Turkey
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Italy
  5. France
  6. Spain
  7. Germany
  8. Australia
  9. Indonesia
  10. Greece

For those looking to bring a drone while traveling in 2020, be sure to check with the local drone regulations and laws to ensure you fly safely and legally.