DRL Winners: Congrats to Jet, GAB707, and Wild Willy FPV (Team AirVūz)!

Cheers to another great season of the Drone Racing League!

It’s been real.  And it’s been real fast.  The 2017 DRL Season was exhilaration-packed and flew by like a rocket, but not without crowning the top three pilots first!

Congratulations to Jet, GAB707, and our own Wild Willy FPV on their respective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place wins!

We all know now that racing drones is a legit sport (BTW – does it get any more real than ESPN?), and these talented pilots who’ve conquered the drone racing scene have plenty of street (or maybe “air?”) cred gilded into their FPV goggles!

Flying the extreme courses in New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Munich, and  London, these pilots turned their stick time into prime time entertainment for the television viewing masses.  (You can still find the replays on ESPN, ESPN2, and their affiliates!).

AirVuz sends out major kudos to all of the 2017 DRL pilots on the entertaining and cutting edge season, including a special shout out to our AirVūz community members of Nurk, Gab707, FPV Provo, Falcon X, 32BitsofGil, and A_Nub, as well as our Team AirVuz pilots FlyingBearFPV and yes, 3rd place winner Wild Willy FPV (woot woot!).

Team AirVuz   |   #UnitedbyDrone


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