Drone Racing: Coming in hot 🔥 and its legit.

By now, you’ve heard about it, right?  Drone racing is the coolest, fastest, most adrenaline packed sport…and thanks to those FPV (First Person View) goggles, it comes action-packed with the best seat in the house.

Its the freedom of the happiest bird, crossed with the acrobatics of the flying circus, amped up with the competitive zippiness of Formula 1.  And oh yeah, did we mention they make great videos too? (of course the drone videos are our favorite part!!)  And unlike other racing sports on 2 or 4 wheels, the drone crashes – although spectacularly frustrating – don’t cause injury!!

…and it’s pretty serious business!! Drone racing is enthusiastically taking on the sports scene one set of props at a time, and it’s not holding back either. Racing leagues like DRL, DR1, and MultiGP keep a full roster of events just waiting for the drone enthusiasts, and even ESPN is getting in on the sport.  Everyone seems to be loving the fun of competition.

So, set down that FPV headset, because we’ve pulled together some of the juiciest drone racing nuggets on AirVuz, to show you what it’s all about.

Enjoy, and Happy Flying!

Team AirVūz  |  United by Drone

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