Drone Video Awards analysis: Perspective by Jay Worsley

We continue to look at the winning videos from the recent Drone Video Awards. First, we examined what made “Moscow Aerial 5K,” the winner of the Drone Video of the Year, so successful. We also talked about the FPV Video of the Year, “NURK’s Flight of the Year.”

With the two big winners already wrapped up, let’s move on to each of the category winners. Starting things off is the winning submission in the “Landscape” category. The winner there was “Perspective” by filmmaker and drone pilot Jay Worlsey.  Jay’s film beat out four others in the category that included footage of lots of amazing landscapes from all over the world.

So what made “Perspective” stand out as the winner? For starters, the subject matter was epic. Jay found tons of great locations that included plenty of textures and patterns that made for eye-catching footage. Of course, the footage itself was also high-quality video; as a filmmaker, Worsley uses top-of-the-line equipment, including his drone.

Additionally, the music in “Perspective” ties the whole film together nicely. It’s a serene song that matches up with the footage the viewer is seeing. On top of that, Jay edits the video cuts to line up with the music. That’s a simple but often overlooked skill that any pilot/video editor can do to enhance his or her drone video.

Perhaps more than anything, though, “Perspective” transports the viewer to a far-away location. You feel like you’re soaring through the mountains or over the forests as you watch the footage.

The Drone Video Awards isn’t the only acclaim this video has received. It was also nominated for the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival. Worsley was also featured on the AirVūz original program “The Drone Dish,” where he talks more about the making of his film “Perspective.”

To see more of Jay Worlsey’s videos, follow him on his AirVūz profile or on Instagram.

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