Get to know IG superstar @dirka!

If you’re a drone pilot, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Dirk Dallas.

Perhaps you don’t know his name or his face, but you might know Dallas for the hashtag he created: #FromWhereIDrone.  Dallas, a long-time photographer and a drone pilot for the past several years, came up with the now-popular hashtag when posting his own aerial work to Instagram.

As one of the first-ever users of Instagram — he downloaded it on the day it launched — Dallas has made a name for himself on the platform. He routinely posts drone images and videos to both his personal account (@dirka) and his drone account (@fromwhereidrone).

Dallas discussed all of that and more on The Drone Dish on  The California-based Dallas also talks about how he first got into drones, what his inspiration is for his photographs, what types of drones he flies and more.  And he explained the idea behind launching his website,

Be sure to check out Dirk’s profile on AirVuz. And catch more episodes of The Drone Dish featuring some of the world’s best and most influential drone pilots.

Happy Flying!

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