Go Ahead. Rock the boat (video)!

A sure fire way to stir up some FOMO? Killer drone footage of boats is a good place to start.

Of course riding on a boat is the best way to enjoy the water.  But let’s not underestimate just how stunning the view from above is!  Taking the sights of a gorgeous sailing regatta, a luxury yacht, or a string of tied up boats replete with friends and fun conjures up the best of water and warm weather memories.

Hardworking and historic boats make for great footage as well!  Have you ever seen a cruise ship bust through the dicey waters of the Antarctic?  Or the historic Mayflower II passing through the gorgeous Cape Cod canal?  Maybe you’ve seen ocean liners like the QE2, but you’ve never seen them like this! We’re betting you probably haven’t had the birds eye view of moving cargo ship either (yep – that one took some nerves!) but you can find it on AirVuz!

…and there are of course plenty of cool videos of boats that have unfortunately seen better days. Abandoned ships and half sunken boats also are interesting subjects to capture!

We’ve found all of these (and more!) in our recent uploads, so naturally, we had to anchor them into a beautiful group for everyone to enjoy.

So make waves and set your course for this fascinating collection of boats…and then when you’re back in safe harbor, share your boating goodies with us too!

Happy Flying!

Team AirVuz   |    #United by Drone


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