GUEST BLOGGER: Freybott from Team AirVuz FPV! Racing Drones 120m below Ground!

Yes – you read that right.

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to race drones *below* ground.  Not just in a cool sports court /basement type room either.  I’m talking about something much cooler…the retired Salina Turda salt mine in Romania, which has been renovated into a world class entertainment and amusement center!

Organized by the Drone Champions League in Europe, this drone racing event pulled together the world’s best FPV pilots into the depths of these salt caves, making the most of it’s still air, expansive space, and 3D track.  It was a challenging and exhilarating course, and proves that the DCL’s choice of racing locations is pretty much unparalleled.

I’m proud to race with the DCL and look forward to future races too.   You can see my video of the event here on AirVuz, in which I show a bit of my arrival in Romania, a quick tour of the salt mine venue, and then the race itself.  It was a pretty unique and unbelievably cool set up…I’ll never forget it!

If you’re looking for more videos of DCL events, good news!  A great (and growing) collection of Drone Champions League races has just been created (including vids from the recent Paris event), and you can only find it here on AirVūz!

Let’s go fly!

Phil Freybott   |    Team AirVuz FPV

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