How To Make Money Flying Your Drone

By Tyler Mason

More and more drone pilots are making money by flying their drones, and now you can too on AirVūz!

A few simple additions to your AirVūz profile can help increase your visibility as a commercial drone pilot. Make sure, though, that you have the proper certification in your country to be able to operate a drone for commercial purposes.

AirVūz offers a few different ways for drone pilots to make money. The first is the “Donate” button. The second is a “Hire Me” button. Both can be added by editing your profile page. To do so, click on the top right corner of the home page and click on “profile.” 

From there, click edit to make changes to your profile. 

You’ll see two boxes you can check to activate both the “Donate” and “Hire Me” buttons on your profile. Add a PayPal address to the donate section. Your email will be used for the “hire me” function. 

That’s it. You’re all set up. If someone sees your work and is interested in donating to a project you’re working on or wants to hire you for a project of their own, you’ll be ready.

Both ThisIsTilt and LA Drones are prime examples of drone operations and creative content creators that have turned their love of flying into full time careers.

Check out the Tilt Demo Showeel

The DroneDish interview of LA Drones gives insight into their process and style –

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