#QuadGoals: Dronotron

Cinewhoop drones continue to increase in popularity as FPV pilots look for ways to film cinematic footage. So for this week’s #QuadGoals we head to Peru to feature Israel Bonilla, aka Dronotron, a pilot who tells us more about the custom cinewhoop he’s currently flying.

“I’m Israel, I’m from Perú. I’ve flown drones since 2014 and FPV drones since 2018.  I just got amazed of the capabilities and possibilities with FPV drones for filming subjects and locations, and fell in love with cinewhoops.  My first cinewhoop build was a Shendrones Nutmeg. I love how it flies and it was a challenge to make it fly the way it does today, but this is not the quad I’m gonna talk about now.
My “favorite quad” was my third cinewhoop build and its called the ZF_WHOOP. It’s a three-inch whoop designed by my local carbon fiber 3D prints supplier and friend ZFTECH (@zftech on IG).
This cinewhoop is slim but uses thick carbon parts that makes it super tough, and the TPU ducts are perfectly designed to provide protection and additional lift for its heavy payload, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor flights.”
Drone pilot: Dronotron
Video filmed with this quadHuaca Mateo Salado

Quad build:

Zftech ZF_WHOOP frame and 3D printing
Helio Spring IMU-F V1 Running Emuflight V0.2.0
Racerstar 35A Anniversary edition 4 in 1 ESC flashed with JESC with 48khz pwm version firmware
Caddx Turbo EOS2 fpv camera (pal version)
T- motor 5143 propellers (trimmed by hand)
– All bolts are titanium
– Aluminum standoffs

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