#QuadGoals: eVolvE FPV

Flying in Norway is many drone pilot’s dream. FPV pilot Daniel, aka eVolvE FPV, gets to live that dream every day. Based in Norway’s capital of Oslo, he’s captured some stunning footage throughout the country. Learn about his favorite cinematic quad he’s currently flying.

“I’m Daniel and I live in Oslo, Norway. I remember the first day I tried flying FPV. It was terrifying but at the same time the most intense and coolest thing I have ever done. Since then I’m all in for this awesome sport. I was aiming to become a good freestyle pilot at first but broadened my horizons when the so-called ‘hypercine’ or cinematic FPV started to become a thing. And now I’m crazy for both of those styles.

My favorite drone? It’s gotta be my ‘miracle quad.’ This little fella has been through a lot. I also managed to lose it in the woods, then it miraculously appeared on my doorstep 3 months later, and it flew! I have crashed it countless times but it still works and flies so good. Now it’s ‘retired’ from freestyle and only captures Cinematic footage.”

Drone pilot: eVolvE FPV

Quad Build:

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