#QuadGoals: FrankyMoiss

Wednesday means #QuadGoals time. This week’s pilot, FrankyMoiss, checks in with a quad that has been a workhorse for him in just about all scenarios he flies for.
“This quad, Armattan Badger DJI version, is my main quad. I use it a lot, from flying freestyle around my house, some bandos I find along the road, a few mid-range missions in the mountains, to professional cinematic shooting and chasing some action sports heroes and racing cars. I basically use only this quad except for cinewhoop shooting and long range. 
I really like how this quad flies even if it is a bit heavy — 780g with the GoPro hero8 and a 1050mah 6S battery. I usually fly it without the GoPro but with a 1300mah = 670g. Of course I could put a Caddx Vista -17g and remove the 3D prints part -40g but I prefer it to be solid, with those big arms bumpers that protect my motors really well and still fly smooth and precise. Solid is also why I chose Armattan quad. Lifetime parts guarantee is a good selling point. I’ve flown this Badger for 8 months now and I still think it was a good choice with its very cool geometry (compressed X), removable arms and a wide range of FPV cam tilt options. From 10 degrees to way too much, you can change it in 2 minutes to adapt it to your flying style and the type of terrain you’re flying.”
Drone pilot: FrankyMoiss

Quad build:

A few 3D prints
Stabilized with ReelSteady GO

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