#QuadGoals: ilya_fpv

For this week’s edition of #QuadGoals, we’re featuring two quads from the same pilot: ilya_fpv. Like a lot of pilots these days, Ilya makes both freestyle and cinematic FPV videos. He shares the quads he uses for both types of flights:

“I started flying FPV back in 2016. Back then I was watching a lot of OG RotorRiot and it hooked me on to FPV. I was like, ‘How is it even possible to fly like that? I want to do it!’ Now FPV is a big part of my life. I fly pretty much every day either for fun or for work. I’m super happy that this hobby became much more than just a hobby. I found something that I love doing and meet many good people along the way and it’s just the beginning of my FPV journey!”

Drone pilot: ilya_fpv

Video filmed with these quads: Cinematic vs Freestyle FPV

Frame: WaspyRC
HD Cam: GoPro Hero 8 or 6

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