#QuadGoals: JU5TbyCHANCE

What’s up everybody, it’s me Jon Wood. You may also recognize me by JU5TBYCHANCE.  I am so unbelievably humbled by this community and opportunities that have presented themselves all through having fun and enjoying the art and freedom of FPV.

Let’s talk about setup!  My go-to setup is a Twin Quad Frames Skilzaw 5.5”, an unbelievably amazing freestyle and mid to long range cruiser.  It’s a super well thought out frame, extremely tough and versatile and has endured countless times of sure abuse.  Twin Quad Frames has supported me for some time now, supporting and encouraging me to push myself and the equipment and I wouldn’t be here without their support.

I have fallen in love with BrainFPV, honored to fly for them rocking their Radix FC and Radix PB.  These are the most amazing, progressive flight controllers offering things no others anywhere on the market can offer but in the end are simple, elegant, and PERFORM greater then anything I’ve flown in my year and a half in the hobby.  The company is customer and community focused, and are a unbelievable team of people and I wouldn’t fly anything else.

Gemfan, Oh Gemfan!!!!! The Flash 5149, and Windancer 5042’s are my go to props, only props that I run on 5” setups.  I also run 6 & 7” Twin Quad Frames with the flash series as well but my primary quads are freestyle skilzaws.  I love the durability both these lines of props have to offer as well as the efficiency and responsiveness that just seems to be a perfect match to my style.  And they are BEAUTIFUL props, sorry I love performance and looks.

Runcam swift mini 2.1mm is my go to FPV camera.  I have tried all that Runcam has to offer and still come back to this trusty camera.  The color works good for my eyes, the clarity is perfect and I have found that I can fly both day and night with this camera without being forced to change settings or quads do to insufficient camera visibility.

As far as motors, I’m all over the place. I recently left the team over at MAD Components motors, just freeing myself up for any opportunities that may be ahead or just the opportunity to fly whatever motor I want for a bit without hesitation.  So I’ve got T-Motors, some MADS left, Airbots, Hyperlites, and a set of AOKfly motors.  2306, 2400 range is my jam though for 4s.  I’m digging the 2207 2200 range for 5s.  I run NoHype lipos from FlyBy Academy.  Great range of batteries, I love the art again on them, they perform and so far have handled some pretty tortious flights.  CNHL minister series are also really good batteries. I have some in my arsenal as well.

TBS Crossfire all the way, every rig, no substitute for me.  Performance is perfect, confidence that it gives you is unparalleled and I wouldn’t trade it for any other system.  Not much other to say about Crossfire, other then truly amazing,  VTX’s I have some mach 2’s, some TBS Unify, and again just an assortment depending on what quad.  I would love to run TBS on everything so working towards that direction.  Lollipop antennas on almost all setups.  just small, fairly priced, tough as nails, and just haven’t let me down yet.

So that about sums up my setups, so all the electronics are the same on almost every rig because I really believe that consistency is key when it comes to improving and progressing.  I like to carry multiple rigs to the field because when one goes down and I’m in the zone I don’t want to grab the backup and have it feel completely different.  So all very very close, all running the BrainFPV BF 3.5.1 firmware, because some awesome filming implementations have been made to the Radix that enhances our capabilities within the goggles for capturing the shots in frame, awesome stuff.  You’ll have to check them out or hit up the FB group and learn all about it.  Love filming, love flying and all of you out there!  Keep ripping and sharing the love of flight.

Drone pilot: JU5TbyCHANCE

Video created with this quad: EVERMORE

The build:

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