#QuadGoals: JZFPV

We’re joined for this week’s #QuadGoals by Jamie Alexander, also known by his call sign JZFPV. This XHOVER team pilot shares some details of his favorite quad, which he’s used to produce some pretty unreal footage.
“This is the most solid flying frame I’ve ever flown. It’s an Xhover Stingy Frame with 30mm standoffs to help get the props out of the shot. I’ve been flying it for about a year now and love it. The quality of the carbon is unreal!!!”

Drone pilot: JZFPV

Video created with this quad: Canon Beach | Oregon

My Setup:
Stingy 5” (30mm Standoffs)
Hobbywing FC (BF3.5)
Hobbywing 40a 4in1
Unify Pro HV (800mw)
Crossfire Micro
Mad Mushroom
TBS Patch
Final Cut Pro X 10.4
After Effects 2017

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