#QuadGoals: Lougedo

We were captivated by one of the recent uploads from this week’s featured pilot, so we wanted to know: what type of quad did he use for the flight? Hear from David Lougedo about his video flying through a skateboarder’s leg, and what quad he used for the job.
“Hi, my name is David Lougedo, that’s why I am @lougedo around the internet. I’m from A Coruña, Spain. I’ve been flying RC since 2009 and FPV since 2011, so almost 10 years, and for that reason I have a lot of experience and know what problems can appear in a build, or in a location, where to place myself to get better reception, etc. I always loved small stuff, and always have been playing with all of kinds of quads, disassembling GoPros and saving weight. This shot was made with a Shendrones Squirt, a 3-inch ducted drone, small enough to pass under this skateboarder’s legs. It is the most robust and the one I can always trust to fly at whatever spot. When I go out to skate, I usually try to bring it with me, to film my friends In a new crazy way that only this toy can do. Thanks to everyone that helped me to get here.”
Drone pilot: Lougedo
Video filmed with this quad: Skateboarding through

Foxeer Lollipop antenna UFL straight to the VTx
Hellgate Buzzer (it is smaller than the Vifly that I use in the rest of my builds)
GoPro Hero 6 Black 2.7k 4:3 60fps
Stabilized with ReelSteady 
Gopro Mount from 3drone.es
Total weight is 480g. I’ve tried to reduce the weight as much as I can, with the components I like.

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