#QuadGoals: maiafpv

Let’s head to Brazil for our #QuadGoals feature this week. Brazilian pilot Bruno Maia — aka maiafpv — tells us about one of his quads that he flies for special occasions.

“The KISSFC flight is wonderful, with very few adjustments to the PIDs the quad is already flying well. It took me a while to build this drone, I gradually bought the parts, but it is the quad with the best components I have ever built. This is not my everyday drone. I leave it to fly with it on special days, when I just want to have fun.”

Drone pilot: maiafpv

Video filmed with the quad: KISS FC, Always a pleasant flight!

Quad build:

Armattan Marmotte Frame
Impulse RC Wolf V3 PDB
T-Motor F60 Pro III 1750 KV Motors
Ethix S5 Propellers
Foxeer Predator V4 Mini Camera
Rush Tank 800mW Mini VTX
Lumenier AXII LHCP Antenna
TBS Crossfire Nano RX
TBS Immortal-T Antenna
Panasonic 1000uf 35v Capacitor
– Self Designed 3D Printed GoPro Mount

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