#QuadGoals: Nick Lang

This week’s featured pilot has introduced the art of the Tiny Whoop to some skateboarding legends (more on that in a minute). Nick Lang flies drones of all shapes and sizes, including camera drones and FPV qudads, but today we take a look at his latest addition — the Tiny Whoop Nano.

“The Tiny Whoop Nano is by far my favorite drone to fly at the moment.  I started flying the Nano QX in 2015 and I immediately saw the potential that these micro drones could have on the film industry.  Now that I own a Shendrones Squirt V2, I am using this Tiny Whoop Nano to find my line during a Cinewhoop shoot.  This is also the perfect drone to introduce new people to the hobby.  I have had the opportunity to show the tiny whoop to some of the world’s top skaters like Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist and Tony Alva. Each of them were blown away by how cool the experience was and I will cherish those memories forever! I love the control that I have with the nano and you can tell that Tiny Whoop and Team BlackSheep put a lot of time into the tune because it is the most precise micro drone I have ever flown. It is also now the only drone I recommend to people who are just starting out in this hobby because of the amount of joy it has brought me. Thank you AirVuz for the feature this week and for all you do for this amazing hobby!”

Drone pilot: Nick Lang

Video filmed with this quad: Sunset Chase – Tiny Whoop Nano

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