#QuadGoals: Robert Kovacs

This week’s #QuadGoals feature is Robert Kovacs, a Hungarian pilot who’s spent plenty of time trying new things with his quad — including a 360 camera.
“I’m Robert from Budapest, Hungary. I first met with drones at my work. My task was to design human carrying drones like LIFT Aircraft. I was also interested in the engineer side so I had learned how to build quads. That’s how I ended up in FPV about 4 years ago.
At the beginning I always tried different parts, built different size of quads and even designed my own 2” frame with torn-down HD camera, way before cinewhoops even existed. But in the past year I decided to focus more on flying and less on building.  My favorite drone has become the one I had built from old leftover parts. At the moment it flies smoother and more reliable than my newer one. Now I’m focusing more on filming, exploring locations, trying new technics and look for cooperations mostly in extreme sports.”
Drone pilot: Robert Kovacs
Video filmed with this quad: Quadcross
Quad build:

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