#QuadGoals: SassySander

The pilot featured in this week’s #QuadGoals certainly knows his way around the drone industry and the FPV world. Sander Sassen shares his quad, which includes several parts from the company he co-founded: ImmersionRC.

“I guess most people that have been in the FPV hobby long enough know
this about me, but I’m the founder, chief engineer and previous owner of
ImmersionRC, one of the first companies to design products especially
for the FPV market. The quad I fly is a slightly modified version of the
ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo, a race/freestyle quad we introduced in late
2017. Because we designed this ourselves I’m obviously intimately
familiar with how it works and how to tune it to perfection, which is
one of the secrets behind my velvety smooth piloting.

Ever since I sold my shares in ImmersionRC I’ve been working as a
freelance professional drone pilot, using the same Vortex 230 Mojo. I
have a couple registered with the local aviation authority and that’s
what I fly on professional movie shoots for the most part.”

Drone pilot: SassySander

Video filmed with this quad: Muiden Castle – As the crow flies

Quad specs:
Frame: ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo with Sassy mods
Motors: stock Brother Hobby Returner R3 2206/2300kV
ESCs: Gemfan Maverick 30A to allow up to 6S batteries
Batts: Dinogy Graphene 2.0 Ultra 4S/1500 or 5S/1300
Vtx: Built in ImmersionRC Tramp HV 600mW
RC: FrSky QX7 with TBS Crossfire at 500mW
Goggles: Fatshark HDO with ImmersionRC RapidFIRE Rx module
Antennas: ImmersionRC SpiroNET omnis and SpiroNET 8dB patch
Camera: Foxeer Predator 3 Mini
HD Camera: GoPro Hero 6 or Hero 8 with ND filter

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