#QuadGoals: Washbuilt

We have a New York-based pilot for this week’s feature: Washbuilt. As you’ll see, he’s a big fan of supporting local businesses — something that can be tough to do in the FPV world. Learn more about his favorite quad, with many of the parts locally sourced.

“The best thing about flying a MIB 5 is knowing when you go out to fly you have a strong clean frame to get you back home, can take a some crashing and protect the gear inside. In New York City when I started my group Stayfly Multirotors, most the guys would order from eBay/China. Now we have a good New York company. It’s a blessing . Supporting a company that changed FPV in New York City — I love that.”

Drone pilot: Washbuilt

Video created with this quad: FOLLOW A FRIEND

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