The FASTEST 🔥 Drone Pilot in California = Colby Curtola from Team AirVuz FPV!

It’s official!  The California Drone Speed Challenge has a winner…and now congrats are in order for Colby Curtola (SFPV), if  you can catch him!
The Aerial Sports League (ASL) partnered with Comcast to pull off this exciting series of drone drag races last weekend, all in the spirit of showing that drone racing promotes both ‘drones for good’ and STEM education.

Colby took home a $10,000 prize and will also have a donation made on his behalf to Girls in Tech (GiT).  How great is that (especially for those of us who love racing drones)?

AirVūz is beyond proud of Colby and this incredible feather in his FPV goggles!   Woot woot!

Nice work to all of the drone pilots who competed at this great event including several from Team AirVuz FPV: Zoe Stumbaugh (ZoeFPV), Shane Traweek (Humboldt710), and the winner himself, Colby Curtola! (SFPV)!

AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone

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