The YourVūz: Party episode has posted!

We asked to see YourVūz showing off your parties (party drone footage, to be precise), and you certainly delivered!  We must admit, we had a lot of fun celebrating the episode, but for those of you who missed it, don’t worry, here it is!

To properly celebrate the episode and talk about the (as usual) fantastic footage that was submitted for this month’s contest, we spent the evening at 56 Brewing a newly opened Tap Room in Northeast Minneapolis. We had a great time and of course, enjoyed many flavors of their locally made beer! (In case you haven’t been, 56 Brewing even has pinball and plenty of merchandise for purchase. If you’ve yet to try it,  you need to stop by! After all, their motto is “we make beer we like to drink” and we sure liked to drink it!)

So, in this episode, Rusty gets a chance to talk with Nick Chute (brew master) about the types of beer they make and the “Nose Hair Bender” sparks his curiosity. He also inquires if you need a beard to make beer. Allie checks out the merch and talks about her “gallontine’s day” bachelor themed murder mystery party. She continues to wonder why she doesn’t get invited to many parties.

And of course, we noticed Queen of the Drone and some of her friends showing off some great AirVūz gear! We move on to the 4 finals and then announce our $500 winner! So… congrats to Sandrine Hecq for your party win! Oh… and don’t mind Allie’s awful accent. That’s why she’s loved.

Below you will find links to the full versions of the 12 featured videos. What a great variety of parties from all over the world! Did you upload? Did you use the yourvuz keyword? If so, great! You might be featured in this episode! If you didn’t, well, there is always next time.

Bluff Jumping | Nashville, TN – garci1jd
Party Time in Rarotonga – NZ PILOT
Water Sports Fest #3 – OGB – Omer Gokcen
Australia Day 2017- Rottnest Island- Boat Party – Sandrine Hecq
Waiting for the 2017 Eclipse – AshevilleAerial
Wedding and Honeymoon – Najmi_AerialWork
Highline Gravatation 2017 Brazil Festival – rg drones
LIT Festival in Bogotá, Colombia – la.drones
Bikers Day 2017 – Julio Neto
Happy Birthday United States Coast Guard! – PO3SMITH
Drone Queens Party in Paradise – Queen of the Drone
FPV Drone|European Beach Fives Rugby Championship 2017 – deadloop

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