You can either purposely jump off that cliff

…or you can watch these drone videos from the comfort of your comfiest chair!

(Unless, of course, you’re one of these super cool souls born with extra adrenaline…in this case, just find a licensed drone pilot to capture the moments in which you (quickly) free fall, towards the beautiful terrain below,  which still looks pretty hard…Ok, we can barely even write about this without freaking out –  just a little – on the inside.😱)

For most of us, it’s way more fun to watch the videos about Base Jumping and Cliff Jumping than even think of doing it ourselves!  This extreme sport is considered to be even more dangerous than skydiving (who knew?) due to the lower altitude of their jumps; in many places, its even outlawed.

Clearly, this sort of flying naturally makes for dramatic and adrenaline-spiking footage, so to make it easy for you to (safely) take it all in, we created a collection of the best cliff Jumping and BASE jumping drone videos.

Once again the aerial perspective takes the cake.  How else – other than by drone footage – could one really capture the gorgeous natural environs, sheer force, and human risk presented by these dives?  After seeing these great feats captured like this, we think you’ll agree that drone cameras are boss!

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