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Aerial Tour of Costa Rica


Aerial Costa Rica


Contributor Leopariasphoto flies over the Central American country Costa Rica, giving us a bird's eye view of this tropical paradise.  The video features spectacular views of some of the country's beaches and waterfalls, and even a top-down view of a manta ray! You will see why Costa Rica, sometimes called the Switzerland of Central America, has become a go to spot for tourists and drone pilots alike.  Among other attractions, it offers amazing beaches on both coasts and a stunningly biodiverse interior.

Costa Rica Trip Video


Costa Rica Aerial Nature Film - The Rich Coast 4K


The traveling duo known as the DigitalTravelCouple is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community.  In this amazing video, they highlight the beauty of Costa Rica, the small Central American country which has become one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations.  The video opens with shots of the country's coastline, followed by a transition to its mountainous interior.  Shot with both drone and ground camera footage, the video will take you over rushing waterfalls, thick rainforests, and more.

Costa Rica by Drone


Costa Rica Elevated


Contributor and pilot Lostnfree takes us on an unforgettable tour of his home country Costa Rica, a small nation in the heart of Central America.  Highlights of this reel include aerial footage of Volcan Poas, Volcan Arenal, Volcan Rincón de la Vieja, Quebrada Barroso, Chindama Waterfall, Rio Desague, Quebrada Gata, Playa Bajamar, Playa Avellana, Laguna de hule, Vara Blanca, Guanacaste, Puente de la Amistad, Manuel Antonio, Playa Junquillal, and Territorio de Zaguates, and more.

DVOW Nominee from Costa Rica



Marco G.Le...

Edited in his custom, narrative format, this incredible piece by Drone Video Award finalist and drone pilot Marco G.Lerin is one to remember. Shot in the rainforests of the Central American nation of Costa Rica, he takes a unique spin on real estate shooting. You almost don’t realize that is what you’re watching because the shots are so cinematic, the narration so compelling, and the locations so varied. This 4K film was selected as a Drone Video of the Week nominee in April of 2019.

Costa Rica Tour


EXPLORING COSTA RICA - From Endless Rainforests to Active Volcanoes

Rein Marte...

Enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica in this marvelous travel video by top AirVuz content creator Rein Martens.  The video incorporates footage from a DJI Air 2 drone, a Ronin S drone, first person view (FPV) drones, and a ground camera.  Featured locations include the national capital of San Jose, the district of Monteverde in Puntarenas, the town of La Fortuna and the Arenal volcano, the town area of Bajos del Toro in the Central Highlands, Drake Bay, the towns of Uvita and Dominical on the Whale Coast, and Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rica by Mavic Pro 2


Costa Rica From Above 4K

Gabika Tra...

Take in these stunning aerial views of Costa Rica, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Gabika Travel.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video will take you over this beautiful Central American country, which has long coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and a mountainous interior which is an eco-tourism paradise.  You'll soar over waterfalls, rainforests, idyllic tropical beaches, and other spots which have made this small country one of the fastest growing Latin American tourist destinations.  

Phantom 4 Tour of Costa Rica


Pura Vida // Costa Rica


For an aerial overview of Costa Rica, it's hard to beat this epic drone reel by top contributor and pilot Wyld and Alive.  Their video gives you a feel for the diverse landscapes of this Central American country, which has become a major tourism hot spot in recent years.  Fly along with them for epic bird's eye views of the country's volcanoes, waterfalls, secluded saloons, amazing beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean, and amazing wild life.  The video's aerial footage was captured with a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Costa Rica by FPV


COSTA RICA - The Sound of Nature - FPV Cinematic

siam fpv...

Exploe the beauty of Costa Rica in this outstanding travel video by AirVuz contributor siam fpv, which was created using first person view (FPV) drone footage supplemented with extensive ground camera shots.  In one of the video's opening shots, you'll dive down one of the Central American country's famous waterfalls, and at :30 you'll fly around a tiny island somewhere off the Costa Rican coastline.  Other highlights include shots flying through one of the country's rainforests.  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list.  

Bajos del Toro, Arenal, and Manuel Antonio


Exploring Pura Vidadise - The Journey through Costa Rica


Msember is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community, with multiple Drone Video of the Week wins to his name.   In this outstanding drone video, you'll explore three distinct regions of the Central American country of Costa Rica.  The first is Bajos del Toro, an area of waterfalls in the north central province of Alajuela.  Then it's on to the Arenal Volcano, also in the Alajuela Province.  From there you'll head to the Manuel Antonio, a Pacific beach area in the coastal province of Puntarenas, due south of San Jose.

Waterfalls of Costa Rica, by Drone


Chasing Costa Rica Waterfalls


Costa Rica's numerous volcanoes and extensive rainforests combined to create a third natural phenomenon - beautiful gushing waterfalls.  The western half of this Central American  country, inland from its Pacific Ocean coast, is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.    Impressively, top contributor and former DVOW winner Msmember was able to visit eight of these marvels in a 24 hour period, drone in hand.  As you'll see from his video, the bird's eye views are spectacular.    

Irazú Volcano


Irazu Volcano


Costa Rican drone pilot Flystudio CR gives us an amazing drone video of the active Irazú Volcano, situated in the middle of the country.  Using his drone, he gives us an amazing bird's eye view of the series of craters which sit atop the volcano, the highest in Costa Rica, which is situated in a national park.  On rare clear days, it is possible to see both the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east from the summit!   The volcano has a peak elevation of just over 3.2k meters (about 11.2k ft.).

Isla Tortuga


Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica

Enrico Pes...

Not to be confused with an island of the same name in Baja California (Mexico), or the island off the northwestern coast of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea, THIS Isla Tortuga sits off of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean side of the Central American nation.  It's a place of stunning white sand beaches and deep blue waters.  This bit of island paradise is captured from an aerial perspective in this absolutely stunning drone video from top content creator and pilot Enrico Pescantini.  

The Nature of Alajuela Province


WILD COSTA RICA - Exploring The Alajuela Providence


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot msember brings us this fantastic drone video from the Central American country of Costa Rica.  The video was shot over Alajuela, one of Costa Rica's seven provinces, which covers the north-central part of the country.  Largely covered by rainforest mountains, Alajuela is (like much of the country) blessed with staggering bio-diversity.  The video's opening shot features an idyllic spot called Jurassic Park, whose copious waterfalls appear to be right out of a movie set.  

Poás Volcano


Poas Volcano Costa Rica


Poas is a very active volcano in the center of the Central American nation of Costa Rica.  This mountain, which has a peak elevation of about 2.7k meters above sea level (roughly 8.8k feet), has been erupting with great frequency, most recently in April 2017.  Contributor and pilot FlyStudioCR flew a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone about and over Poas, which was closed to tourists during most of 2017 and 2018 due to safety concerns.  The volcano has erupted about 40 times in the past two hundred years.  

Guanacaste Province


What is Guanacaste? Guanacaste is ... Part 1.


Take in these beautiful drone views from western Costa Rica, compliments of Dariocs5800.  The video was filmed over Guanacaste, the northwesternmost of the Central American country's seven provinces.  Guanacaste's territory includes a long coastline on the Pacific Ocean and a northern border with Nicaragua, and extends well into Costa Rica's interior.  The most sparsely populated province, Guanacaste has seen significant increases in tourist arrivals, especially since the expansion of Liberia International Airport in the 1990's.  

San Jose: Costa Rica's Capital


This is my City


Costa Rica's capital city San Jose is located near the geographic center of this Central American country.  Contributor FlystudioCR treats us to an aerial tour of his home town, one of the youngest of the Central American capitals.  San Jose was founded in a mountain valley by a Spanish explorer named Cabildo de Leon in the 18th century, two centuries after most of the other capital cities of the region.  As you'll see in the video, San Jose features a mix of modern and centuries-old architecture.

Around the Arenal Volcano


Costa Rica Amazing Mountains


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor josemova90 brings us this excellent drone video of the mountains of Costa Rica.  While this Central American country first became a popular tourist spot because of its beaches, the country's volcano-dotted interior has also become a popular destination.  The video was filmed around Mt. Arenal, which is located in the north-central part of the country.  Believed to be less than 8,000 years old, the volcano erupted almost continuously between 1968-2010 before falling dormant again.  

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca,



Marco G.Le...

Costa Rica's eastern (Caribbean Sea) coastline is full of amazing tropical beaches, many of which compare well with the best of the Caribbean island beaches.  One of CR's best is around Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a town near the southern end of the country's Caribbean (eastern) coastline.  In this drone video, contributor Marco G. Lerin provides a great bird's eye view of the Cariblue Resort, a great luxury lodging option for travelers seeking a relaxing stay in this beautiful seaside town.    

DVA Nominee from Costa Rica


Rio Celeste, Costa Rica Dronie

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  • over 5 years ago

Female pilot wrenee is known for her epic dronie locations - hence her nickname, "Queen of the Dronie". This video by the powerhouse pilot takes the cake with her smooth flying above the trees while she lies below on a thin bridge. Shot above the Tenorio Volcano National Park in the Central American nation of Costa Rica, this video is a wonderful example of how to take the perfect top-down dronie. "Rio Celeste, Costa Rica Dronie" was nominated as a Finalist in the Dronie category for the second annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards. 

Costa Rica's Waterfalls


Costa Rica Waterfalls in 24 hours


Top contributor msember had a mission: to not only visit eight of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls in 24 hours, but to take drone footage of them as well. As you’ll see in this video, he accomplished his mission and put together a pretty great drone video in the process.  With its mountainous interior, much of which is covered by rainforests, this small Central American country is home to some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls, in addition to its equally famous volcanoes.  

Las Catalinas, Guanacaste Province


Las Catalinas, Costa Rica - Cinematic Video


AirVuz contributor Dariocs5800 brings us this excellent drone video from a seaside town in Costa Rica.  The town of Las Catalinas is located on the Pacific Ocean in the province of Guanacaste, which covers much of the northwestern part of the country.  The town was developed relatively recently, in 2005, part of a multi-faceted effort by the Costa Rican government to develop its northern Pacific Ocean coastline for beach tourism.  Las Catalinas is easily accessible from the nearby Guanacaste Airport. 

Costa Rica's Western Provinces


Pura Vida - Costa Rica, the happiest country in the world


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor and pilot Dariocs5800 brings us this stunning drone video from Costa Rica.  The title of the video refers to a traditional greeting reply which translates roughly to "very well" - fitting for a country which has been nicknamed the Switzerland of Central America.  The video was filmed in the country's two western (Pacific Ocean) provinces -  Guanacaste, which covers the northwestern corner of the country, and Puntarenas, which covers the rest of the Pacific coastline.  

Costa Rico by Autel EVO


Costa Rica: Shot on EVO

Autel Robo...

Shot on the Autel Robotics' compact and portable EVO drone, this 4K, 60 fps aerial film follows the western (Pacific Ocean) coastline and inland forests of Costa Rica, the semi-tropical Central American country.  However beautiful, the oceans and trees are upstaged by the true "stars" of the video: hundreds upon hundreds of sea turtles nesting!  On average, sea turtles will lay 110 eggs in a nest.  If only the crew could have hung out long enough to see some of the baby turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean!

Baldi Hot Springs, La Fortuna


Baldi Hot Springs Edit


One of the more amazing areas of Costa Rica is around the Arenal Volcano, which is situated well into the interior of this Central American country.  The volcano is surrounded by a number of unusual geophysical phenomena.  One of these is the Baldi Hot Springs.  Located near the main town of La Fortuna, the hot springs are set in a gorgeous setting in the shadow of what is probably the most famous volcano in Central America.  Check out the Baldi Hot Springs from above in this video by top contributor WyldandAlive.

The Cocos Islands


Cocos Island - Costa Rica

  • JoeriDP
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  • over 2 years ago

Check out this drone video of Costa Rica's remote Cocos Island, compliments of AirVuz contributor JoerDP.  The island is located far into the Pacific Ocean, about 500 km (around 300 mi.) southwest of the Costa Rican mainland.  Rectangular-shaped, the island covers about 24 square km (around 9 square mi.) and is considered the southernmost point of the North American continent.  With no permanent inhabitants and part of a national park, the Cocos is a popular eco-tourism destination and is sometimes compared to the Galápagos Islands.  

Puntarenas: Town on the Gulf of Nicoya


Puntarenas - Costa Rica

  • JoeriDP
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  • over 2 years ago

AirVuz contributor JoeriDP brings us this excellent drone video from the town of Puntarenas in Costa Rica.  Puntarenas is located near the mouth of the Gulf of Nicoya, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, due west from San Jose.  The city lies along a narrow strip, which gives rise to the name of the town ("sand point") in Spanish.  It's home to one of the oldest ports in Costa Rica, which has largely been supplanted by a newer port to the south of the city.  Today, Puntarenas is a popular beach destination in this Central American country.  

La Paz Waterfalls, Alajuela Province


Cataratas La Paz - Beautiful waterfall in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

Drone Dime...

The Cataratas La Paz is a well-known waterfall in Costa Rica, a Central American country which is famous in part for its waterfalls.  It's located approximately 31 km or about 18 mi. northwest of Alajuela, capital of the province of the same name in the north-central part of the country.  The Falls are formed by the La Paz River.   The area saw significant damage from a 6.1 Richter Scale earthquake which hit Costa Rica in January, 2009.  The waterfall can be accessed from the road which runs to/from Alajuela.

Arenal Volcano by FPV


VOLCÁN ARENAL – Cinematic FPV – 4K


Check out this first person view (FPV) drone mountain surfing video from one of the most well-known volcanoes in Central America, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot noahmalin.  The Arenal Volcano is located in northwestern Costa Rica, in the Alajuela Province.  Dormant for centuries, Arenal erupted in 1968 and maintained a more-or-less continuously eruptive state for an incredible 42 years before going domant again in 2010.  The volcano has a peak elevation of about 5.350k ft. above sea level ora bit over 1.6k m.  

Gandoca Manzanillo National Park


BEAUTIFUL WHITE SANDS at Cahuita - Costa Rica by Drone (4K)

Drone Dime...

Contributor and drone pilot Kristian Allin brings us this beautiful 4k aerial video from Costa Rica's Gandoca Manzanillo National Park.  It's located near the town of Cahuita in Limón, the province which covers almost all of the eastern part of this Central American country.  Located just a few km/mi north of the border with Panama, the park was created to protect the unique flora and fauna of the region.  It's easily accessible from Cahuite, a town which maintains a strong Caribbean flavor.  

Wind Farm in Costa Rica


Wind Energy - Costa Rica

  • jeank55
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  • about 3 years ago

The Central American country of Costa Rica derives nearly all of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources - an astounding 99+%, according to the most recently available data.  While the majority of this was from its hydroelectric plants, the country has also substantially grown its wind turbine fleet.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor jeank55, you'll get an aerial view of what has to be one of the world's most beautiful wind farms atop a ridge somewhere in the country's interior mountains. 

Playa Uvita, Bahía Ballena


Playa Uvita & Santa Teresa by Drone in 4K (Costa Rica) | DJI Mavic 2 Pro

  • HendrikW
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  • about 2 months ago

AirVuz contributor HendrikW brings us this excellent drone video from a stunning beach area in the Central American country of Costa Rica.  The video was filmed around Uvita Beach (Playa Uvita), which is located on a peninsula which is shaped like a whale's tail and which is located about two-thirds of the way down the country's western (Pacific Ocean) coastline in the Bahía Ballena District of the province of Puntarenas.  Playa Uvita and its neighbor beaches are part of the Marino Ballena National Park.     

Costa Rica Trip Reel



Sky Candy ...

If your looking for inspiration to take a trip to Costa Rica, check out this spectacular trip reel from top contributor Sky Candy Studios.   It features footage from across this Central American paradise, including the surfing scene on the country's western (Pacific Ocean) coastline, the great volcano of Arenal, the nearby natural wonder Lake Arenal, one of the country's famous lagoon waterfalls, the calmer waters on the country's eastern (Caribbean Sea) side, and more from across this magical country.

Costa Rican Water Flows


Costa Rica River "veins of life"


Costa Rica's natural landscape is dominated by the fact that it has a mountainous interior which receives copious amounts of rainfall.  This results in large amounts of freshwater flowing from the center of the country to its coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  The water forms into hundreds of rivers and streams, many of which are punctuated by waterfalls which spectacularly disrupt this massive flow.  In this drone video by azmercer, you'll get a bird's eye view of this vast movement.  

Guanacaste Province


Entre las nubes - Costa Rica


Take in these beautiful drone views from western Costa Rica, compliments of Dariocs5800.  The video was filmed over Guanacaste, the northwesternmost of the Central American country's seven provinces.  Guanacaste's territory includes a long coastline on the Pacific Ocean and a northern border with Nicaragua, and extends well into Costa Rica's interior.  The most sparsely populated province, Guanacaste has seen significant increases in tourist arrivals, especially since the expansion of Liberia International Airport in the 1990's.  

Costa Rica FPV Trip


Costa Rica - Cinematic Video FPV drone | Yukix Films

  • Yukix
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  • 6 months ago

Explore the beauty of Costa Rica by drone in this excellent video by AirVuz contributor Yukix, which was primarily filmed with a first person view (FPV) drone.  Beautifully edited, the video will take you over and around this stunningly beautiful Central American country, which has become a huge draw for eco-tourists from around the world.  Ride along as he dives waterfalls, skims over beaches, and cruises through interior rainforests.  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in December of 2022.

More Sights of Guanacaste Province


What is Guanacaste? Guanacaste is ... Part 2.


AirVuz contributor Dariocs5800 brings us this second installment of a series of drone videos from Costa Rica's northwestern province of Guanacaste.  Featured locations include Playa Conchal, on Brasilito Bay; Playa Avellanas, on the open Pacific Ocean to the south; Playa Carillo, on the Nicoya Peninsula; Playa Dantita, near the town of Las Catalinas; Playa Calzon de Pobre, on the Gulf of Papagayo; Playa Buena Vista, near Nicoya; the Tempisque River, on the Nicoya Peninsula; the hamlet of Juan Diaz, near the city of Nicoya; and more. 



Mansion ruins - Costa Rica

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Aerial Asp...

Drone reel - Xtreme Video CR


Just Costa Rica!

Jorge Aray...

Costa Rica 2017 // Travel Video

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Costa Rica from the sky


Magic at the Caribbean