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$8.5M luxury estate drone real estate video by Douglas Thron

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By virtue of space constraints, building restrictions, and the ever-present allure of living in the Bay Area, San Francisco, California is perennially among the most expensive real estate markets in the United States.  With seemingly ever-rising home prices, the City by the Bay has become a magnet for the ultra-rich who are not put off by sky-high prices.  In this video, top contributor and pilot Douglas Thron used a drone to help create a promotional video for a high-end penthouse condominium in the heart of the city.  


General Area Shots for a Real Estate Video

8 Fifty Pr...

One of the benefits of using drones to market real estate is that it's easy to make "establishing shots" showing the relationship of the subject property to the surrounding area.  Contributor 8 Fifty Productions, which does a lot of aerial videography work related to Florida real estate, created this beautiful drone video showing the area around Panama City Beach on the Florida panhandle.


The Gallery Apartments// North Loop Chicago

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Drones are an ideal tool to help market high rise residential real estate.  An aerial video of a luxury apartment or condo complex can do much to show off a property, especially if the building is in a scenic location.  Sky Candy Studios used a DJI Phantom 4 drone and a gimbal-stabilized ground camera to create this impressive promotional video for the Gallery Apartments, a new development in Chicago's North Loop.


Oakwood Homes


A home doesn't have to be a hilltop or beachside mansion to benefit from a marketing video created by drone. Even less glamorouos suburban properties can benefit from the bird's eye views of the house and the surrounding neighborhood.  In this video by Cloudcutter Productions, you'll see what a drone video does to show off a suburban home listed for sale near Salt Lake City, Utah.    


Classy Home on the Lake

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Of the types of residential properties which can benefit from using marketing videos with drone footage, lakefront homes are near the top of the list.  Only with the aerial footage afforded by a drone can the property and its relationship to the lake be properly seen and appreciated.  Contributor Sky Candy Studios used a DJI Inspire 2 to create this beautiful promotional video of a house on a large lake near St. Paul, Minnesota.


Drone Video of $32MM Estate on Pebble Beach

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Without doubt, the most flattering view of a $32 million mansion on California's Pacific coast is an aerial one.  Contributor Douglas Thron put together this epic drone video of an extremely high end residential property located on Pebble Beach golf course in northern California.  It's on the southwest-facing side of the Monterey Peninsula, opposite the city of Moneterey.  The bird's eye views of this gem, tucked in close to one of the world's most famous golf courses, is simply spectacular. 


Heights Aerial Media X Distinctive Design

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Drone videos of homes can be used for more than just real estate listings.  Remodeling and landscape projects can be aerially filmed as a way to effectively market the services of the designers and contractors.  In this video for a landscaping company by professional drone piloting company Heights Aerial Media, a drone was used to provide aerial footage highlighting a job at a New Jersey home.  


East Pass Towers - Destin, Florida

8 Fifty Pr...

Drone video footage is becoming a must-have tool for marketing residential properties which have boat access.  The bird's eye footage afforded by drones are by far the best way to show use of the property for marine recreation.  Contributor 8 Fifty Productions created this beautiful promotional video of a harborside apartment complex in Destin, Florida, providing an aerial view of the boating lifestyle awaiting the new owner.  Destin lies on the western side of the Florida panhandle, on what's known as the Emerald Coast.  


Drone's Eye View of Luxurious House in No. 1 Serenity Path, Hong Kong

Drone's Ey...

Given the scale and sophistication of its real estate markets, it's no surprise that the United States has been the leader in using drones to market real estate.  That being said, the practice is spreading to other parts of the world.  In this video, you'll see how drone footage was used to market a high end home in Hong Kong, one of the world's most expensive real estate markets.  




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