Congrats to DVOW Episode 12 Winner, TANYA SHKONDINA!

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Unforgettable Baikal


Prepare to be blown away by this collage of winter aerial views of Russia's Lake Baikal, compliments of contributor Tanya Shkondina.  The video opens with an epic shot of some giant rock formations of this natural wonder in Siberia, the world's largest freshwater lake by water volume.  From there, you'll be taken over the frozen lake and its shore line to see, among other things, some epic "drifting" action as well as an ice hovercraft (starting at about :50!).  This video won DVOW in May 2019.

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Drone Video of the Week - Ep 12. Winner - TANYA SHKONDINA

Drone Video Contests

The voters have spoken! Every week, we tally the votes on the nominees from our Drone Video of the Week contest and announce the winner who’ll receive $250 USD, the distinction of having won DVOW, and the promotion of their beautiful videos across our broad reach here on and all of our social platforms.  Winners of DVOW are also automatically nominated for Drone Video of the Month. AirVuz loves to celebrate beautiful drone videos from our community of talented pilots!

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Drone Video of the Week - Ep. 12 Nominees

Drone Video Contests

Did you know that every video uploaded to AirVūz is eligible to be nominated for Drone Video of the Week?  Our team at AirVūz headquarters reviews all of the latest videos and selects the very best as nominees for our Drone Video of the Week contest.  Then, we let our enthusiastic community join in on the fanfare by voting for a favorite. Winners are announced shortly thereafter and enjoy prize winnings and promotion across our AirVuz site and social channels.


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Come to Mongolia

  • BaBi
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  • 5 months ago
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My Mountains | 4K Aerial Video

  • Signo11
    • 1.4k VŪZ
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  • 5 months ago