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Southern Turkey Highlight Reel


Ufak Kacamaklar drone footage in 4K


Check out these brilliant 4k aerial views of southern Turkey, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot dronesantana007.  The video features footage from across several provinces of the country's Mediterranean region, including the Antalya, Isparta, and Burdur Provinces.  Specific featured locations include Kleopatra Beach, Tazı Canyon, Köprülü Canyon, the beach town of Kalkan, the Kas Peninsula, Lavanta Kokulu Köy, Lake Salda, and more.  

Turkey's Mediterranean Region: Mountains and Coast


Nature of Turkey 4K


Turkey's Mediterranean Region is a bit of a misnomer; while it covers the country's long Mediterranean coastline it also extends well inland (ie, to the north).  Its natural boundary with the Central Anatolia region is the Taurus Mountains, which run in a line roughly parallel to the coastline, all the way east into Iraq and Iran.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor sololola, you'll get a nice view of the contrasts between the region's mountainous north and the more familiar southern coastline.  

Antalya Province by Drone


ANTALYA - Best of Epic Places in ANTALYA / TURKEY


Antalya is one of the most important (and largest) provinces which make up Turkey's Mediterranean (southern) region.  In this spectacular drone video by iskenderfilm, you'll get an aerial tour of some of the provinces most beautiful spots, outside of the provincial capital city Antalya.  The video features footage of the following locations: Termessos, Eurymedon Bridge, Köprülü Canyon, Çıralı Village, Güver Valley, Tazı Canyon, and the Lighthouse of Gelidonya.

The Famed Turquoise Coast


Turkey's Turquoise Coast


This drone video by Agrippa907th shows us the glistening blue waters of Turkey’s famed Turquoise Coast in the southern part of the country. Also known as the Turkish Riviera, this stretch along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas features ancient ruins, a wide range of resorts, and beautiful beaches.  The heart of the Torquoise Coast is in the provinces of  Antalya and Muğla, towards the western end of the Mediterranean coastline. The video includes footage of Selimiye, Akyaka, Dalyan, Fethiye, and Kabak.

Adana: Turkey's Fifth Largest City


Adana Havadan Cekim


Adana is the fifth largest city in Turkey. It sits in the southern part of the country, a bit in from the Mediterranean coast.  It's a very old city, dating to the second millennium BC.  The town made an appearance in the 2012 movie Skyfall , the 25th movie in the James Bond series.  In the film, the town "stands in" for Istanbul in certain shots.  In this drone video by Ucari.Tarsis, you'll get a bird's eye view of this ancient city, which is built on the Seyhan River and is the core of the Adana-Mersin metropolitan area.

Southern Turkey's Taurus Mountains


Awesome Turkey


Check out this stunning drone video from the mountains of southern Turkey, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot prodronemovie.  It was filmed in the Taurus Mountains, which serve the natural boundary between the Mediterranean coastal plain and the Central Anatolian Plateau.  The mountains run in a curve shape extending from the lakes region of Antalya in the west to the Euphrates river in the northeast.  The highest peaks of the range are about 3.75k meters above sea level or around 12.3k ft.  

Ancient Perga


Turkey's Ancient City Perga from Above

Turkey Hom...

The ancient city of Perga lies in the Anatolia region of southern Turkey, just northeast of the regional capital Antalya.  The city was one of the most important in a region known as Pamphylia during the Antiquity.  It was visited twice by St. Paul, whose travels here are described in the Acts of the Apostles.  Contributor Turkey Home created an amazing drone video of this ancient Turkish city, which is strategically situated between two rivers and is one of the most popular destinations in southern Turkey. 

Antalya: Largest City of Southern Turkey


Antalya, Turkey

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Antalya (Anatolia) is the capital of the Turkish province of the same name.  It is the largeone of the largest cities on Turkey's Mediterranean Sea coastline, and the eighth most populous city in the country as a whole.  Antalya is the center of an ancient region, one which featured prominently in the Antiquity and is frequently mentioned in the Bible.  Contributor Pascha used a drone to create a marvelous aerial look at this amazing city, which is believed to have been inhabited in the second or third century BC.

Kalkan: Beautiful Mediterranean Town


Kalkan Turkey 2017


Tim Nevell, an award winning and published aerial photographer based in West Sussex, UK, captured the charm of Kalkan, Turkey. Once a fishing village, this harbor town on the Mediterranean coast is famous for beautiful beaches and white-washed houses which can both be seen in this drone video.  Situated roughly halfway between Marmaris and Antalya, Kalkan has one of the few safe harbors on this stretch of coastline. Originally a fishing town, it's become one of the most popular beach destinations in southern Turkey.

Taurus Mountains: Termessos


Ancient city of Termessos in Antalya


Check out this amazing drone video taken descending through the clouds above Termessos, an ancient city in southern Turkey.  The city is located in the Taurus Mountains, a chain which separates Turkey's Mediterranean coastline from the Anatolian Plain which dominates the middle part of the country.  Termessos was one of the few cities in the area not captured by Alexander the Great, who conquered much of the Middle East in the 4th century BC.  It's located a half-hour drive northwest of the provincial capital city of Antalya.

Side: Ancient Town of Antalya


Side Antique City

Altan 35.5...

Contributor Atlan 35.5 created this beautiful drone video of one of the best-preserved ancient ruins sites in southern Turkey.  It's the ancient city of Side, a coastal town which sits on the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Antalya.  It's believed that the city was originally settled by Greeks in the 7th century BC.  It later fell under the control of Alexander the Great, followed by the Ptolemaic dynastic and later the Seleucid Empire.  Still later, it became an important regional city in the Roman Empire.  

Tazi Canyon


One Of The Best Canyon of Turkey


Content creator iskenderfilms created a beautiful aerial view of a canyon in southern Turkey.  Tazi Canyon is situated in the province of Antalya, which is part of Turkey's official Mediterranean region.  It's near (and on the same river) as the somewhat better known Köprülü Canyon, which you will also see at the outset of the video.  This part of Turkey is home to some of its most spectacular natural scenery; it's an area where the Anatolian Plateau transitions to the coastal zones.  

Mersin and its Outskirts


Inside and Outside of City


Mersin is Turkey's tenth-largest city by population and its largest on the Mediterranean coast.  With the nearby (and somewhat larger) city of Adana, it's the core of a metropolitan area that is the country's fourth-largest after Istanbul, Ankara, and Ismir.  In this drone video by ssolunoglu, you'll get some great aerial view of this ancient city, as well as some of its surroundings such as a stretch of the State Road D.400 by which it connects to Adana (a half hour drive to the east) and the rest of the country to the west.  

Antalya's Düden Waterfalls


Duden Waterfall Antalya


Check out this fantastic drone video of Turkeyu's Düden Şelalesi waterfall, compliment of AirVuz contributor and pilot barklinakgul.  Situated in the southern province of Antalya, the falls are actually not of natural origin; they are actually created by a water recycling station.  The Düden Şelalesi is actually a system of two separate falls, the last of which discharges into the Mediterranean Sea.  They are located a short drive from Antalya's namesake capital city, the largest on the famed Turkish Riviera.

Lake Salda: Crater Lake in Burdur


The most beautiful lake in Turkey - SALDA LAKE

Drone Adam...

Lake Salda is one of the natural wonders of Turkey.  It's a saline crater lake in Burdur, one of the provinces of the country's official Mediterranean region.  The lake covers an area of about 44 square km or around 17 square mi.  With a maximum depth of just under 200 meters (around 650 ft.), it's one of the country's deepest lakes.  Lake Salda is generally regarded as being part of Turkish Lakes Region, although its volcanic origin differs from that of the other lakes in the region.  Check it out from above in this drone video by Drone Adam.  

Köprülü Canyon, Antalya Province


Köprülü Kanyon drone footage in 4K [ TURKEY ] 2018


Contributor and pilot dronesantana007 created this beautiful drone video of a well known canyon in southern Turkey.  It's called Köprülü Canyon, and it was created by a river of the same name in the Antalya Province.  The canyon runs for nearly 15 km (around 9 mi.), and is up to 400 meters (around 1.3k ft.) deep.  Since 1973, the canyon and its surroundings have been part of a Turkish national park.  It's located about 90 km (around 55 mi.) from the provincial capital Antalya (city).  

Isparta: Turkey's City of Roses


Short Introduction to Isparta, Turkey


Isparta is a mid-sized city in Turkey's (southern) Mediterranean region.  Known as the "City of Roses", it's the capital of the province of the same name.  It is thought that the city is the modern day version of the ancient city of Baris.  One of the issues with the city's history is that the area is prone to earthquakes and it's likely that multiple cities were built on the site.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot Impalos, you can check out this ancient city from a bird's eye view.  

Four Spots on the Turkish Riviera


Adrasan - Fethiye - Kaş - Korsan Koyu in 4K


Check out this drone video of some of the hottest spots on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, compliments of contributor and pilot dronesantana007.  The video covers four spots: Adrasan, Fethiye, Kas, and Korsan Koryu.  All but Fethiye lie on a peninsula in the province of Antalya, just west of the provincial capital city.  This is the heart of an area known as the Turkish Riviera, which covers the western portion of Turkey's Mediterranean coastline as well as the southern part of the Aegean coastline.  

Turquoise Coast: Kaş


Drone Footage - Kas-Kekova/Turkey


Historically a fishing area, Kaş is a small seaside town on Turkey's Mediterranean coastline.  It's in the province of Antalya, roughly 170 km (around 100 mi.) west of the provincial capital Antalya.  It lies near the southern tip of a peninsula, at the base of which sit the city of Antalya (to the east) and Fethiye (to the west).  One of the southernmost spots in Turkey, it's become a popular tourist destination on the country's Torquoise Coast.  You can check it out from above in this drone video by IlkerCagatayAsik.  

Antalya's Lara District


Antalya, Lara / Turkey Drone Footage


Antalya is one of the main cities on Turkey's southern Mediterranean coastline, and the largest on its western half.  In this drone video by IlkerCagatayAsik, you'll get a great aerial view of the city's Lara District.  It's the home of some of the most famous (and expensive) resorts in the eastern Mediterranean, many of which are named after well-known resorts in other cities.  The area is considered to be near the eastern end of the famed Turkish Riviera stretch of Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines. 

Ancient Termessos, Taurus Mountains


Termessos Ancient City


Contributor and drone pilot iskenderfilms created this beautiful aerial video of an important ancient ruins site in southern Turkey called Termessos.  The city, which was part of the historical region of Pisidia, sits in the Taurus Mountains, in the northern part of the province of Antalya.  Termessos was famously one of the very few cities which Alexander tried to conquer (in 333 BC) but could not.  Abandoned when an earthquake destroyed its aqueduct, it's one of Turkey's best-preserved ruins sites.

Turquoise Coast: Kas Peninsula


Drone Footage: Kalkan to Antalya (4K)


Contributor and drone pilot Dronesantana007 created this stunning video of a stretch of coastline in southern Turkey known as the Torqoiuse Coast or the Turkish Riviera.  It was shot between the towns of Kalkan and Antalya, both of which lie in the country's Mediterranean Region.  Kalkan is a small seaside village near the end of the Kas Peninsula, which protrudes into the Mediterranean.  Antalya is one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean coastline.  It lies at the eastern base of the same peninsula.  

Alanya: Provincial Capital under Quarantine


LockDown in my city WATCH NOW


Alanya is an important city in southern Turkey, along the Mediterranean Sea.  Capital of its namesake province, it lies about a two hour drive east of the somewhat larger coastal city of Antalya.  Located just south of the Taurus Mountains, Alanya has evolved into a major tourist center.  Alas, in the Spring of 2020, the historic city was under quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic, along with the rest of Turkey.  Check out the eerily empty city in this drone video by prodronemovie.   

Burdur's Ancient Kibrya




Contributor voyagerdoc used a Hubsan Zeno drone to aerially film an important ancient ruins site in Turkey.  It's the ruins of the city of Kibyra, and it's located near the town of Gölhisar in the Burdur Province, which is part of Turkey's Mediterranean region.  In the second century BC, the city, along with three others nearby, joined to form an entity known as the Tetrapolis.  It was disbanded by the Romans late in the first century AD.  It's believed that the people of Kibrya were descendants of the once-powerful Lydians.  

Lake Eğirdir: Turkey's #4 Lake


Isparta, Lake Of Egirdir - Free Flight


Check out this drone video of one of Turkey's largest lakes, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot IlkerCagatayAsik.  Located in the Isparta Province about 190 km (around 120 mi.) north of the city of Antalya, it's part of a region sometimes called the Turkish Lakes District.  Covering an area of 482 square km (around 186 square mi.), it's the country's fourth-largest lake.  The lake is distinguished by a long, narrow peninsula which extends from the lake's namesake town on its southern shore.  

Mersin Waterfront


Seaside Tours


Turkey's Mediterranean (southern) region is home to two major cities: Antalya in the west and the Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Area in the east.  The latter is the larger of the two urban areas; with a metropolitan area of about 3 million, it's the fourth largest metro area in the country (after Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir).  Mersin is somewhat smaller than Adana but is on the sea whereas Adana lies a bit inland.  In this drone video by contributor ssolunoglu, you'll get a magnificent aerial view of the Mersin waterfront.   

Turquoise Coast: Çıralı


Çıralı - Olympos Drone Footage in 4K


Dronesantana007 took this stunning drone video of the area around Cirali, Turkey.   Cirali is located on the western section of the country's long Mediterranean Sea coastline, in the province of Antalya.  Watching the video, you will appreciate why this area is called the Torquoise Coast - the blue green waters are like nowhere else in the world.  These beach towns, which are situated on the southern Aegean and western Mediterranean coastlines,  have become some of the most popular vacation destinations in the Mediterranean.

Antalya Province: Aspendos


Aspendos, the Ancient City in Antalya


Content creator and pilot Flyinghighaerial brings us this awesome drone video of a well-known ancient city in southern Turkey.  Aspendos is situated in the province of Antalya, a few km/mi. inland and about 40 km (25 mi.) east of the provincial capital Antalya.  In the antiquity, Aspendos was an important city in the region known as Pamphlia, which covered much of what is now the Mediterranean Region of Turkey.  It is the home of numerous archaelogical sites, some of which you will see in the video.  

The Fires of Yanartaş


Eternal Flames of Chimera


Here's an aerial view of an amazing natural sight in the southern part of Turkey, compliments of contributor and drone pilot iskenderfilms.  It's an area called Yanartaş in Antalya, one of the provinces which make up the country's Mediterranean region.  Located primarily within one of Turkey's national parks, the area is distinguished by fires which emanate from small vents in the rocks of the mountains here.  This has been going on for thousands of years; beneath the fires is a temple fo the Greek god of fire, Hephaestus.

Mersin Province: Olba


Olba: Ancient City in Mersin, Turkey


Contributor and drone pilot Skaty created this epic aerial video of the ancient town of Olba, in southern Turkey.  Situated at the foot of the Taurus Mountains (a chain which runs across southern Turkey), Olba was an important city in the Roman province of Isauria.  It is located in the present day province of Mersin, one of the easternmost of the provinces in Turkey's Mediterranean (southern) region.  The ruins you see in the video are approximately 2,000 years old.  Olba is included in the Catholic Church's list of "dead diocese".  

Paragliding in Fethiye Babadağ


Fethiye Babadağ Paragliding Drone footage in 4K


Fethiye Babadağ is a beach town on Turkey's Mediterranean coastline.  With its steep cliffs, steady winds, and stunning scenery, it's no wonder that it's considered one of the world's best spots for paragliding, and has a special launching area just for that purpose.  In this video, contributor Dronesantana007 filmed a group of paragliders flying over the torquoise blue waters of the sea below.  The town gained some additional fame from its appearance in the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall, #25 in the series.

Mosques of Kahramanmaraş


Kahramanmaraş Mosques


Contributor Onurceyhan created this remarkable aerial video of the Kahramanmaraş Mosque in Turkey.  Formerly known as Maraş, Kahramanmaraş is situated in the province of the sasme name in the south-central part of the country.  During the Antiquity, the town was known as Germanicia Caesarea and played an important role in the centuries-long struggle between the Muslims and the Byzantine Empire, and was taken during the course of the First Crusade.  The Mosque was built in the 15th century.  

Burdur: Lake of Southwestern Turkey


Burdur Lake


Burdur is an important lake in Turkey.  It's located in the southwestern part of the country, in the Mediterranean Region.  Its surface area is about 250 square km, or about 100 square mi.  With a maximum depth of about 110 meters, (360 ft.), it's one of the deepest lakes in Turkey.  Like many of Turkey's lakes, Burdur is an important bird sanctuary.  It harbors many species of birds, notably the white-headed duck.    Seen from above in this drone video, the lake sits on the border between the Burdue and Isparta provinces.

Five Star Resort in Antalya




The stretch of Mediterranean coastline near the southern Turkish city of Antalya has become home to some of the most expensive resort properties in the world.  In this drone video by antalyaaerial, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort, one of the more well-known five star resorts in the area.  It's located in Serik, a bit under 40 km (around 28 mi.) east of the city (and  provincial capital) of Antalya.    It's considered one of the finest resort properties on the famed Turkish Riviera.

Drone Views of Antalya Province


Epic shots of Turkey with drone


Some of the most well-known spots in Turkey's fabled Antalya Province are on full aerial display in this glorious drone video by contributor and pilot smakozawr.  The video features footage from some of the most well-known spots in Antalya including the provincial capital city, the 13th century fortified town of Alanya, the ancient port city of Side,  the ruined cities of Laertes and Syedra, the modern resort town of Mahmutlar (just east of Antalya City), the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, and more.  

The Bays of Antalya


The most famous bays of Antalya (Turkey) - Drone Footage 4K


Antalya is one of the main provinces of Mediterranean (southern) Turkey.  Its territory roughly follows the large inlet known as the Bay of Antalya, with the province's namesake capital city roughly in the middle.  Its coastal section, which is part of the Turkish Riviera, is home to numerous bays and inlets, particularly on the Kas Peninsula (which forms the western side of the bay).   It's a world of stunning beaches, as you'll see in this beautiful drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot voyagerdoc.  

Wedding Video: Lake Salda and Lavender Fields


Amazing Drone Wedding Film Salda Turkey Crater Lake *MavicAir*@tahaaakin


Check out this amazing video of a Turkish wedding, compliments of AirVuz contributor Tieychen-Taha AKIN.   The video, which combines drone and ground camera footage, begins with footage from around Salda Lake in the province of Burdur.  Then the scene shifts to the famous lavender fields in nearby Isparta.  The lake and lavendar fields are two of the natural wonders for which southwestern Turkey has become known; the former covers an area of about 44 square km or aboput 18 square mi. and is one of Turkey's larger lakes.

The Land of Legends


The Land of Legends Concert


Get a rare aerial look at one of the largest new tourist attractions in southern Turkey.  It's the Land of Legends, a children's-oriented theme park just outside the city of Antalya.  The park combines Turkish cultural elements with a water park, and features a wide variety of rides and other attractions in addition to concerts (which you'll see in the video).  It's one of the more significant investments in the region, which has seen tremendous growth in tourism (and tourism investment) in recent years and is now known as the Turkish Riviera.

Adana Province: Saimbeyli


Saimbeyli 4K - Cinematic - Djı Mavic Air

Sektör Yap...

Checkout this beautiful video of a small town in southern Turkey, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Sektör Yapım.  Saimbeyli is a small town situated in the province of Adana, which lies toward the eastern end of Turkey's Mediterranean Region.   Saimbeyli lies on the Göksu River in the northern end of the province, about 155 km (around 95 mi.) north of the eponymously named provincial capital.  The area is part of a chain of small mountains which run on a northeastern axis.  

Saluada: Uninhabited Island


Suluada island

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Contributor Secoko created this beautiful drone video of an island in southern Turkey.  It's called Suluada Island, and its's an uninhabited island on the western end of a body of water known as the Gulf of Antalya.  An inlet of the Mediterranean Sea, the gulf is created by the two large southern-facing "humps" of Turkey's southern coastline, with the provincial capital city of Antalya sitting at the head of the gulf.  The island, which translates to "Watery Island", is just over a kilometer (about .75 mi.) long.

Gözne: Mersin's Mountain Retreat


Drone Shots of Gözne / Mersin


Here's a drone video of the lovely mountain town of Gözne, Turkey, compliments of ssolunoglu.  The town sits about 30 km (just under 20 mi.) north of the great Mediterranean port city of Mersin, and a somewhat further distance west of Adana.  The town is situated in the foothills of the Tauric Mountains, which run most of the length of southern Turkey.  Beginning in the 19th century the town became a popular way for the nearby city-dwellers to escape the sometimes-oppressive summer heat.   

Kaleköy, Kas Peninsula


Simena - Kaleköy drone footage [TURKEY] in 4K - 2017


Check out this beautiful drone video of a spot on the southern Turkish coast, compliments of top contributor dronesantana007.  It's the area around Kaleköy, on the Kas Peninsula which is part of the province of Antalya.  This area is part of the stretch of coastline known as the Torquoise Coast, sometimes known as the Turkish Riviera.  It runs for over a thousand km (over 600 mi.) from the southern part of the Aegean coastline to about midway along the country's Mediterranean coastline,

Kızlar Sivrisi: Taurus Mountain in Antalya


Kızlar Sivrisi. Elmalı - Antalya. 3087 meter. TURKEY

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Check out these stunning drone views of a mountain in southern Turkey, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot TarikGOK.  Kızlar Sivrisi is located near the town of Elmali, in the province of Antalya.  It's part of the Taurus Mountains, which run parallel to the Mediteranean Sea coastline, forming a rough "smile".  Kızlar Sivrisi, which sits nearer the western end of the range, has a peak elevation of just under 3.1k meters above sea level or just over 10.1k ft.  It's about a 90 minute drive west of the province's namesake city.

Turkey's Ultra-Luxurious Mardan Palace


Titanic Mardan Palace


Check out this stunning drone video of a famous ultra-luxury resort in the southern part of Turkey.  The Mardan Palace resort in Turkey's Antalya province had a star-studded grand opening in 2009.   And well it should have: with a reported cost of $1.4 billion, the 560 room property is believed to be the most expensive in history on a per-room basis.  Unfortunately, the roughly $2.5 million cost per room made the initial investment uneconomic, and the hotel was sold in 2015 for a fraction of its original cost.  

Tekirova, Antalya Province




Check out this beautiful aerial video from the Mediteranean coast of southern Turkey, compliments of content creator and drone pilot fly.belarus.  The video was shot near the town of Tekirova, which lies in the Kemer District of Antalya, one of the main provinces which make up Turkey's official Mediterranean region.  The area lies on the eastern side of a large peninsula which juts southward into the Mediterranean from the mainland, just a bit west of the provincial capital Antalya (city).  

Kızkalesi Fortress, Mersin Province


Kizkalesi (Maiden's Fortress)


AirVuz contributor and pilot PanoramicWEB brings us this highly cinematic drone video of a well-known island fortress in southern Turkey. Kızkalesi (Maiden's Castle) is built on a small islet in the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Mersin, about 45 minutes southwest from the province's namesake capital city.  It's believed that the castle was built under the Byzantine Empire in the early 12th century, following the First Crusade; it was later rebuilt when the area came under the control of the Armenian Kingdom.

Kaputas Beach, Kas Peninsula


Kaputas Beach TURKEY

Serdar SEN...

Covering Turkey's southern Aegean Sea coastline and its western Mediterranean coastline, Turkey's fabled Torquoise Coast is home to some of the world's most spectacular beaches.  Some of the best beaches to be found here lie in a region called Kas, which is a rather wide, shallow peninsula just to the west of the city of Antalya in the province of the same name.  In this drone video by Serdar SEN, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these beaches - Kaputas Beach, which lies near the broad southern end of the landform.  

Coastal Caves near Mersin


Yanıslı Cave / Mersin


The Turkish Mediterranean coast around the city of Mersin is known for its sea caves, some of which are completely hidden from view.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot ssolunoglu, you'll get to see some of these magnificent formations, whose existence owes itself to a combination of soil/rock composition and the erosional patterns which prevail in this large bay area.   The caves here have been referenced in Greek mythology, and a large closed-off cave was discovered in this area as recently as 1999.  

Kekova Island


Lagune in Turkey

Serdar SEN...

Turkey's long Mediterranean (southern) coastline is almost totally devoid of islands.  The few islands which do exist are off the Kas region, a modest size peninsula just west of the city of Antalya.  In this drone video by Serdar SEN, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these islands: Kekova.  The tiny island, which covers just a few square km/mi, faces the village of Kaleköy near the flattish "tip" of the peninsula.  While the island is uninhabited now, numerous ruins sites testify that it hasn't always been so.

Heraclea at Latmus, Muğla Province


KAPIKIRI - Herakleia Ancient City


Top AirVuz contributor jesus_tr brings us this excellent drone video of an ancient ruins site in southwestern Turkey.  It's called Heraclea at Latmus, and it's located on the shore of Lake Bafa in the province of Muğla.  The city reached its height during the Hellenistic Period, the time between the death of Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC and the rise of the Roman Empire roughly three centuries later.  The video includes footage of the Temple of Athena, the most well-known of the remaining ancient structures here. 

Kemer: On the Gulf of Antalya


Aerial shots of Kemer city 🧡


Take in these stunning aerial views from the Turkish Riviera, compliments of AirVuz contributor Microscope.  The video was filmed in the seaside town of Kemer, which lies on the eastern side of the Kaş Peninsula in the southern province of Antalya.  It lies on the Gulf of Antalya, as the body of water created by the Kaş Peninsula to the west and the larger peninsula to the east is known.  During the Antiquity, Kemer was known as Idyros, when it was part of the Lycian League, an alliance of Greek cities in what was then known as Anatolia.  

The Varda Viaduct, Adana Province


Varda Bridge (From the James Bond Skyfall)

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The Varda Viaduct (sometimes known as the Giaour Dere Viaduct) is a famous train bridge in southern Turkey.  Completed in the early 20th century, the viaduct was designed by German engineers as part of the Bagdad Railway project which helped to solidify Turkey's ties with Germany prior to World War I.  The viaduct was the filming location for an epic chase scene which opened the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall, the 25th installment in the series.   Check out the Varda Viaduct from above in this excellent drone video by contributor jesus_tr.  

Abdülhamid Han Mosque, Kahramanmaraş


Abdulhamit Han Historical Mosque FogTurkey


Check out this drone video of one of Turkey's largest mosques, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot  Atamer.medya.  The Abdulhamid Han Mosque is situated in the city of Kahramanmaraş, in the interior of Turkey's southern Mediterranean Region.  Completed in 2011 after a nearly two decade construction period, it's believed to be one of the country's 3-4 largest mosques, and the largest outside of the cities of Istanbul and Ankara.  The mosque has the capacity to hold up to 20,000 worshipers.  

Eğirdir: Lake Town in Isparta


Isparta, Eğirdir Gölü / Turkey - Drone Footage


Content creator and pilot IlkerCagatayAsik put together this drone video of beautiful town on one of Turkey's largest lakes.  The town of  Eğirdir is located on the southern shore of the lake of the same name, in the Isparta Province in the country's Mediterranean region.  Founded during the Antiquity, the town was heavily Christianized (and Greek) until the population exchanges that took place following World War I.  The video includes footage of the peninsula which extends north from the town into the lake.  

Simena, Antalya Province



Viajes Los...

Check out this beautiful drone video from Turkey's Turquoise Coast, compliments of AirVuz contributor Viajes Lost Planet.  The town of Simena is located near the tip of a landform known as the Kas Peninsula in the Antalya Province, southwest of the provincial capital city.  It's located between the somewhat better-known towns of Kaş and Demre, in the province's Demre District.  The video captures the town as well as the Simena Castle, which lies on a small peninsula which points into the Mediterranean.  

Adrasan Drone Views


Feel and Discover Adrasan (Antalya) - Turkey

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Check out this drone video from the heart of the Turkish Riviera, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Yekalay.  The video was shot around the Mediterranean beach town of Adrasan (also known as Çavuşköy), which lies on the eastern side of the Kas Peninsula in the (southern) province of Antalya.  A fishing village now driven primarily by tourism, it's particularly well known for its snorkeling and swimming beaches on Adrasan Bay (an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea).  

Taurus Mountain Drone Views


Оpen Turkey


The Taurus Mountains are one of the main geographical features of southern Turkey.  Their western end near the Turkish Lake District, the mountains form a "smile" shape which extends past the area north of Adana, fading into the Armenian Highlands.  They separate Turkey's Mediterranean coastal region from the Central Anatolian Plateau, although they sit mostly in the country's official Mediterrean Region.  The spectacular landscapes of the Taurus Mountains can be seen from a drone perspective in this excellent piece by prodronemovie.  

Lake Salda Drone Views


Turkey's Maldives Crater Salda Lake, P4p ( Amazing Blue )


Check out this stunning drone video from a well known lake in southern Turkey, compliments of contributor and pilot  Tieychen-Taha AKIN.  Salda is a crater lake in the Burdur Province, which is part of the Mediterranean Region.  It's the westernmost of a series of lakes in the region which is sometimes referred to as Turkey's Lakes District.  In this video from contributor Tieychen-Taha AKIN, you'll get a bird's eye view of this stunningly beautiful lake.  The video was created using a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone.  

Köprülü Canyon Drone Views


Safari in Antalya


The geology of southern Turkey lends itself to the creation of canyons, one of the most famous of which is Köprülü Canyon.  Seen here in this drone video, the canyon along the Köprüçay River runs for just under 15 km (a bit under 9 mi.) through the Antalya province of Turkey's Mediterranean region.  The canyon has a maximum depth of 400 meters or around 1.3k ft., making it one of Turkey's deepest.  Most of the great gorge is part of one of Turkey's national parks.  

Mersin Waterfront Drone Views


Mersin Sahil Shots


Get a 60 second aerial tour of the largest city in southern Turkey, compliments of contributor ssolunoglu.  Mersin is a port city on Turkey's Mediterranean Sea coastline, towards its eastern end.  It's one of the main cities in the Adana-Mersin metropolitan area, which is the largest urban agglomeration in Turkey's Mediterranean Region and the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area overall after Istanbul, Ankara, and Ismir.  An ancient city, Mersin is home to the country's largest seaport.  



Adrasan Drone Footage: 2016


Flying Above Sea in Mersin


Kovada Lake


Lake Salda - 4K