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Brendon Dixon 2015

Brendon Dixon
Brendon Dixon
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2 years ago

New Zealand-based contributor Brendon Dixon has an amazing body of aerial work from across his homeland and beyond.  His aerial reel from 2015 perfectly exhibits his broad range of work: time-lapsed clouds casting shadows over grand mountains, nose diving into a school of silvery fish, and mountain bikers coursing down narrow forest paths are just some of the highlights from this reel.

2015 Aerial Reel

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3 years ago

This aerial reel perfectly sums up the diverse scenery of US state, California.  Contributor ericpeniata traveled the West Coast state and captured many of its distinct features with a drone. A red convertible cruising a palm-tree lined road, yachts resting in a harbor, a cowboy running through the desert, and narrow winding streets of San Francisco are some of the aerial views seen in this drone video that truly define California.

This is Tilt - 2015 Showreel

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2 years ago

Norwegian drone supergroup, thisistilt, says they deliver high-end drone shots and that's no lie. This 2016 NYC Drone Film Festival nominated showreel has some of their finest work compiled in under 2 minutes of epic footage. They're experts in capturing nearly everything from its best angle with a drone.  From cyclists, skateboarders, waterfalls, trains, cruise ships, and dog sled teams you can see it all in this drone video.


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Showreel 2015

Sky Marshal
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SkyShots Demo Reel

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Raven Air Showreel 2015

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Best of 2015

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Hello Moscow 2015!