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My Year 2017 | New Zealand


“As important as that is to look where you’re going, also take the time to stop and look back at where you’ve been.” In this vivid aerial showcase, filmmaker Michael Roberts reflects on an epic year of travel around New Zealand with his drone and his imagination.  The video features epic aerials of iconic New Zealand scenes such as boating Milford Sound and fishing the cliffs of Canterbury. A year in the making, this is a drone video which is not to be missed! 

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KopterCam: Showreel 2017


KopterCam knows how to pull together their best footage into a carefully selected, highly-charged demo reel.  In this compilation video, they've showcased the premium moments of their 2017 productions, culminating with the recognition of a category 'win' at the 2017 NYC Drone Film Festival.  Their technique and raw talent is evident in the selection of drone footage. Bravo, KopterCam on this great recap of your impressive projects!

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FNDKYPM 2017 Show Reel

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Sweeping shots, an intense sound track, and enough action to keep us glued from clip to clip...FNDKYPM includes all of the integral features of a highly stylized promo reel, and the video collage is remarkable.  Drones themselves are, of course, essential to the drama by offering both aerial views and zooming close-ups.  This edgy, captivating showcase of FNDKYPM's best work in 2017 is a true testament to their talent.

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Infinity Visuals - Showreel 2017

Infinity Visuals

Infinity Visuals is one of the top professional drone piloting companies in Venezuela.  They have a nationwide reputation for doing some of the most technically demanding work, such as filming major concerts and sporting events, and in high-risk zones.  Their demo reel includes some amazing highlights of this work, at the same time providing epic bird's eye views of some of the most beautiful spots in this major South American country.

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Bahia Drones - Reel 2017

Bahia Drones

Bahia Drones is one of the top drone piloting companies in Brazil. Operating out of Bahia (Brazil's fourth largest state by population), their work spans the width of Brazil.  This is their 2017 highlight reel, which gives an idea of the scope of their commercial drone work.  Created using several drone models, the video includes beaches, cities, people - all the sights and sounds of Brazil, particularly in the state of Bahia, the largest state in the country's Northeast region.  

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Ben Freely

Drone videographer Ben Freely had plenty of vivid footage from which to pull curated clips for his 2017 Showreel: his popular series "From the Sky" provided aerial content from stunning destinations like Vietnam, Singapore, and Ireland. Just as we're pretty excited he always packs his drone on his travels, we're also already looking forward to the montage of his 2018 adventures.


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60 Seconds
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Retrospective of 2017

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