See Top Bird's Eye Views of Central Anatolia

Ankara's Skyscrapers
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Skyscraper's of Ankara Capital Of Turkey 4K


Turkey's capital Ankara is a fascinating city.  Its population during the height of Roman power was about 200,000, roughly 3x what it was in the 19th century.  After World War I, it became the base of Turkish resistance to allied plans to completely dismember the Ottoman Empire, and became the capital when the Republic of Turkey was formed in 1923.   Its population is now over 5 million, and it's the country's second largest city.  Check out the city's  modern skyline in this drone video from Denizvisual.  

Cappadocia: Treasure of Turkey
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Cappadocia Turkey - Drone Video


The famous "fairytale chimney" rock formations of Cappadocia in central Turkey are not just natural phenomena.  Centuries ago, various monastic orders began building monasteries in and atop these giant stone formations, which were created by unusual erosion patterns in the region.  Some of the monasteries here date to the third century AD, in the infancy of Christianity.  Get a bird's eye view of this cultural treasure, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Nelstill.  

Winter in Turkey's Capital City
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Winter in Turkey's Capital City Ankara


Contributor IlkerCagatayAsik used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this marvelous aerial tour of a snow covered Ankara, Turkey.  While it is the country's second largest city, Ankara was a relative backwater until it became the capital of modern Turkey in 1920.  As a result, its cityscape is much more modern looking compared to Turkey's other big cities.  Video highlights include epic shots of the Atakule observation tower and the Radisson Ankara, the tallest structure in Central Anatolia for 15 years.  

Turkey's Volcanic Lake Meke
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Meke Volcanic Lake, Konya


Lake Meke is a crater lake that was formed in south central Turkey when a volcano erupted 4 million years ago.  The inner crater of the lake was formed from a much more recent eruption about 9,000 years ago.  Now a registered natural monument of Turkey, it is situated in the Konya province of the country's Central Anatolia region.  This drone video by Orhan Karaman provides a clear view of the famous copper volcanic cone island and the two surrounding lakes.

Fairy Tale Chimneys in Central Anatolia
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Cappadocia, Turkey: Fairy Chimneys Beyond Dreams

Turkey Home

Capadoccia is a major city and tourist destination in Turkey's Central Anatolia region.  It is known around the world for its "Fairy Tale" rock formations.  These are giant pillars of rock formed by unusual deposition and erosion patterns; they exist across five provinces in the region, southeast of the Turkish capital Ankar .  In this video, contributor Turkey Home treats us to an incredibe aerial tour of Cappadocia and its amazing geology, unlike any other in the world.  

Castle on a Fairytale Chimney
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Cappadocia's Ortahisar Castle

Alp Karagulle

Prepare to be amazed by Alp Karagulle's drone video of Ortahisar Castle in central Turkey.  The magnificent fairy tale chimney rock formations for which the Capadoccia area is famous aren't a strictly natural phenomenon.  In this case, a castle was built right into the chimney, a seemingly impossible task many centuries ago when it was built.  The castle was opened to the public in 2013 after extensive renovations and is now one of the top tourist destinations in Central Anatolia.  

Tuz: Turkey's Great Salt Lake
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Airselfie at Lake Tuz, Turkey

Alp Karagulle

Among the more amazing natural sights in Turkey's Central Anatolia region is Lake Tuz.  It's the second largest lake in Turkey (after Lake Van) and one of the largest salt lakes in the world.  Located roughly between the cities of Konya and Ankara, the lake covers about 1.6k square km (a bit over 600 square mi).  It is home to one of the world's largest bird sanctuaries.  Alp Karaguelle created this epic drone selfie flying over this amazing salt lake on the great Central Anatolian Plain.

Konya: Central Anatolia's Second City
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Konya Aerial Movie


Contributor Okangulderen created this drone video of Konya, the second largest city in Turkey's Central Anatolia region after the national capital of Ankara.  The city is in the southwestern part of the great plateau which dominates Central Anatolia.  The area has been inhabited by humans since at least 3000 BC, and St. Paul's travels there earned it mention in the Bible.  Today, Konya is the seventh most populous city in Turkey, with a metropolitan population of over 2 million.

Kayseri's Great Park
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Sultan Reedy National Park, Central Anatolia

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Contributor Pascha created this amazing drone video of Sultan Reedy National Park in the middle of Turkey.  It's located in the Kayseri province, which is situated on the great Central Anatolian Plain which covers much of central Turkey.  Unusually, the marshes of the park are a combination of saltwater and freshwater varieties.  Home to many varieties of flora and fauna (notably including a large bird population), the area was turned into a national park by the Turkish government in 2006.  

Modern Castle in Eskişehir
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Fairytale Castle: Eskişehir, Turkey


Contributor and drone pilot Iskenderfilms created this marvelous drone video of a newly built "fairy tale castle" in one of the largest cities in central Turkey.  The castle was built in 2014 and is a major attraction for children and families.  Eskişehir is the capital of the province of the same name in Turkey's Central Anatolia region, which covers much of the middle of the country.  The city is located roughly in the middle of a triangle formed by Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara - Turkey's three largest cities.   

Famous Ruins of Phrygia
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Phrygia: Home of King Midas


Phrygia is an ancient ruins site in southwestern Turkey.  Several of its kings were amongst the most well known names from the Antiquity.  They include Gordias (he of the Gordian Knot), Midas (the legendary king whose touch turned ordinary objects into gold), and Mygdon, who lived a generation before the Trojan War.  In this video by yasinilcebay, you'll get an amazing bird's eye view of the ancient city, which is located in the western part of the modern day region of Central Anatolia.  

Turkey's Wetland Bird Sanctuaries
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Dance of the Flamingos: Turkey's Wetlands

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While Turkey may be best known for its great cities, mountains, and beaches, it's also home to some of the world's most important wetlands.  The country has over 300 designated wetland areas, more than any country in Europe or western Asia.  These marshy areas perform critical environmental functions, not least as sancturaries for the country's massive bird population.  In this drone video by Secoko, you'll get an aerial view of a flock of flamingoes frolicking in the wetlands of Central Anatolia.  

Neighborhood of Turkey's Capital City
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Ankara's Mamak District


Here is an aerial view of the Mamak district of Turkey's capital city Ankara, compliments of Drone Turkiye.  Situated in the Central Anatolia region of the country, Ankara has been the capital of Turkey since the establishment of the Turkish Republic in the early 1920's.  With a metropolitan population of nearly 5 million, Ankara is Turkey's second largest city.  While humans have inhabited the area since the Bronze Age, Ankara was a small city before becoming the Turkish capital.  

Cappadocia Timelapse
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Cappadocia, Turkey is the believed to be the top worldwide destination for hot air ballooning.  The reason for this is primarily the other phenomenon for which this area is famous - its fairy tale chimneys, giant rock formations which are best appreciated from the air.  In this drone video, contributor AprilWed uses some epic editing techniques to make this fantastic drone time-lapse of the ballooning scene in this area of Central Anatolia, the region which cover much of the middle of the country. 

Balloons of Cappadocia
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Cappadocia: Turkey's Undiscovered Beauty


Few scenes are as magical as seeing an array of hot air balloons drifting upwards through the iconic looking "fairy tale" rock formations of Cappadocia, Turkey.  These amazing stone pillars have turned this area of Central Anatolia (the region which covers most of the non-coastal sections of Turkey) into the world's ballooning capital.  Drone pilot and contributor @VanSleepers explored the fascinating landscape of this Central Anatolia destination from above and truly captured its historic feel. 

Sculpture Park in Central Turkey
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Time and Space: Signs for Aliens

OGB - Omer Gokcen

This video by top AirVūz contributor Omer Gokcen gives us spectacular aerial views of the "Time and Space" sculpture park by artist Andrew Rogers. The one and a half mile-long project took the Australian artist four years to complete. The twelve sculptures he created for the park are a part of his "Rhythms of Life" project of fourteen other stone sculpture, or geoglyphs, sites around the world. This one, located on the plain of Central Anatolia, Turkey, is something to behold.

The Great Anatolian Plateau
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Steppe - Ankara Capital City Of Turkey and Seaside


Prepare to be blown away by this whirwind aerial tour of the great nation of Turkey.  The first 1:40 of the video is shot in the center of the country; you'll see the balloons, fairytale rock chimneys, and broad steppes of Cappadocia; the steppes of the Anatolian Plain; and some truly epic bird's eye views of Ankara, the great capital city.  Then the video transitions to the country's coastlines, and you'll see some of it most amazing stretches on the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.    

Chimneys of Cappadocia in Winter
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Cappadocia, Turkey in Winter - 4K

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Seeing Cappadocia, Turkey from an aerial view is one thing, but seeing it from above in the winter is a whole other thing.  Contributor GHT took bird's eye view shots of the mountainous landscape, with its unusual rock formations covered in a light dusting of snow.  Some of the abstract angles make the natural features look like cake or donuts covered in powdered sugar.  These famous "fairy tale chimneys" were formed by a highly unusual pattern of erosion which is almost unique.  

Jet Boats on the Kızılırmak River
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Cappadocia Jet Boat

OGB - Omer Gokcen

While Cappadocia, Turkey is best known for its fairy tale rock towers and hot air balloon rides, it is also becoming a popular spot for another adventure sport - jet boats.  A company there offers rides on high power jet boats in the nearby Kızılırmak River.  Contributor Omer Gokcen worked with the operator to film a run by one of these over-powered watercraft - no easy task given how quickly they move.  While not for the faint of heart, they make for the ride of a lifetime! 

Fairytale Chimney Monastery
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Turkey Home - Selime Monastery from Above!

Turkey Home

The famous "fairy tale chimneys" of Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey are not only natural wonders but also have great cultural value: the unique rock formations were used to build monasteries.  Some of these structures date to the third century AD, near the very dawn of Christianity.  In this drone video by contributor Turkey Home, you'll get a bird's eye view of Selime Monastery.  Located at the end of the Ilhara Valley, Selime dates to about the 8th century AD.

Ankara's Atakule Tower
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Just Let It Go / Turkey, Ankara - Atakule


One of the most recognizable landmarks of Ankara, Turkey is the Atakule Communications Tower.  Designed by a well known Turkish architect, the 125 meter (410 ft.) tower was completed in 1989.  Atop the tower is a revolving restaurant and two other dining establishments, all of which offer commanding views of Turkey's capital and second largest city.  In this beautiful video by contributor and drone pilot IlkerCagatayAsik, you can see this well known landmark from a bird's eye perspective. 

Turkey's City of Roses
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Short Introduction to Isparta, Turkey


Isparta is a mid-sized city in the southwestern part of Turkey's Central Anatolia region.  Known as the "City of Roses", it's the capital of the province of the same name.  It is thought that the city is the modern day version of the ancient city of Baris.  One of the issues with the city's history is that the area is prone to earthquakes and it's likely that multiple cities were built on the site.  In this drone video by contributor Impalos, you can check out this ancient city from a bird's eye view.  

Kayseri Province: Mt. Erciyes
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Beautiful View Of The Mountain Erciyes


Contributor Denizvisual created this beautiful drone video of Mount Erciyes, a volcano in Turkey.  It's situated in the Kayseri Province of Central Anatolia, in the south-central part of the country.  With a peak of 3.9k meters (around 12.85k ft.), it's one of the country's taller mountains.  It last erupted around 7,000 BC and is considered dormant, although it has the potential to do enormous damage if it were to erupt again.  The mountain is now home to one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey.  

Ankara Province: Nallihan Bird Sanctuary
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Contributor and drone pilot Pascha created this beautiful drone video from Turkey's Nallihan Bird Sanctuary.  It is situated near the town of Nallihan in the province of Ankara, in the Central Anatolia region.   It's a sanctuary for some 200 bird species, some of which are quite rare.  The wetlands of Central Anatolia, as well as of Turkey's Aegean and Marmara regions, represent some of the most important ecological assets of western Asia.  


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Sunset @ Isparta

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cappadocia perfect winter

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