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Shipwreck Beach Lanai

iDrone Hawaii

Lanai is the smallest of the publicly accessible Hawaiian Islands.  The location of the island creates strong winds and treacherous Pacific Ocean currents which have caused many shipwrecks over the years.  In this video, contributor iDrone Hawaii uses a DJI Phantom 4 drone to fly over a wreck off of Lanai's Shipwreck Beach, so called because of the number of wrecks which inhabit the sea bottom off the island's shores.


Three Stars Shipwreck Akrotiri Limassol Cyprus

Iain Jordan

With its location along key shipping routes in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has become the final resting place of many ships.  Wrecks of both older and more recent vintage dot the waters surrounding the island.  Contributor Iain Jordan used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this amazing aerial video of the Akrotiri Limassol (Three Stars) shipwreck which sank in the waters of the Mediterranean after catching fire in 1972.  


Sugar wreck Bahamas


The Bahamas, which sits in the Bermuda Triangle, has always presented a navigational challenge to the many ships operating in the area.  Contributor msmember flew his drone over a Bahamas shipwreck, this of a molasses carrier which sank in the early 1900's.  The crystal-blue waters allow the aerial observer to clearly see the outline of the ship, making for an outstanding bird's eye perspective.


FPV Ship Wreck

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While most drone videos of shipwrecks are from stabilized camera drones, certain (very brave) first person view (FPV) pilots have begun to discover these sunken vessels as well.  In this video, contributor and FPV pilot Jab1a took some time out from a race in Spain to fly his FPV quadcopter over a wreck off the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea.  Prepare to be amazed by this one.


Shipwreck off of San Andrés Island


San Andres is an island in the Caribbean.  It is a territory of Colombia, the mainland of which lies well to its south.  Because of its location relative to busy shipping lanes, San Andres is the site of many shipwrecks.  In this video, top contributor la.drones flies a drone over one of these wrecks near Rocky Cay, producing an amazing aerial perspective through the deep blue Caribbean waters. 


Malta Shipwreck

Chris Borg

By virtue of its position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea's busy sea lanes, Malta has always seen more than its share of shipwrecks.  While most of the wrecks surrounding Malta and its subsidiary islands are old, some are quite new.  In this video, contributor Chris Borg used his DJI Mavic Pro drone to film create a short clip of one of these recent wrecks, a ship that ran aground on February 10th, 2018.


Shipwreck - River Clyde - Scotland

The Hovering Scotsman

Contributor Hovering Scotsman flew his drone out into Scotland's Firth of Clyde to create this spectacular aerial view of a shipwreck.  His DJI Phantom 4 drone traveled a good distance over water to the wreck of the MV Captayannis, a Greek sugar-carrying vessel that sank there in 1974.  In the video, the drone circles the giant rusting hull of the ship, lying on its side in the shallow waters of western Scotland, near Glasgow. 


GHOST SHIP - Evangelia


Contributor Mariansteria created this epic drone video of one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Black Sea.  The Evangelia was a refrigerated cargo ship which was wrecked near the Romanian seaport city of Constanta (Costinești, home of the largest port on the Black Sea) in 1968.  The video contains some epic head-on and overhead shots of the extremely eerie looking 7k+ ton gross ton rusting ship, which stands nearly upright in shallow waters.  


The Shipwreck of M/V Kaptan Ismail Hakki

Drone Solutions Greece

Drone Solutions Greece shot this excellent aerial video of one of Greece's many shipwrecks.  In 1978, the Captan Ismail Hakki sank in shallow waters near Lakonia, at the southern tip of mainland Greece.  The rusting hulk lies in 12 meters (about 40 ft.) of water just 100 meters (about 330 ft.) offshore.  For unknown reasons, the small (30 meter, 100 ft) ship sank carrying a supply of iron ore.  



Cemetery of radioactive ships

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