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Dominican Republic / DJI Mavic Pro

Liemur Lissa

Contributor Liemur Lissa used her DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an unforgettable record of her trip to the island nation of the Dominican Republic.  Using a mix of aerial and ground footage, she provides a spectacular bird's eye view of the sights and sounds of this magical Caribbean island which shares the island of Hispaniola with its neighbor Haiti which is situated immediately to its west.  It's part of the Greater Antilles chain of larger islands which form most of the northern boundary of the Caribbean.   

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Dominican Republic beauty

Genesis Reyes

Contributor Genesis Reyes created this amazing video of Monte Cristi, a city in the northwest corner of the Dominican Republic on the country's northern (Atlantic) coast.  The video includes aerial footage of sailboats, unusual coastal cliffs, and stunning tabletop mountains.   Prepare to be amazed by the stunning bird's eye views of this less well-traveled part of the Dominican Republic.  

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Las Terrenas - Dominican Republic


Thedroneexperience used a DJI Inspire drone to create this spectacular video of Las Terrenas, on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The video was shot over a four day trip to the island.  Located on the northeast coast of the Samaná peninsula, Las Terrenas offers kilometers of protected coasts and beautiful virgin white sand beaches, surrounded by tall palm trees and multicolored fishing boats. 

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Another World (ft. Sam Kolder and ChelseaKauai


What happens when the one of best FPV pilots in the world teams up with the best content creator Sam Kolder? In the Caribbean island paradise of the Dominican Republic? Creative gold! Watch as JohnnyFPV puts his skills to the test flying around Sam Kolder while he performs insane cliff jumps.  This is cinematic FPV at its best and in a stunning tropical location on the southern coast of this amazing island.

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Samana Dominican Republic

Genesis Reyes

Samana is a province on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  It lies on the line connecting Miami with San Juan, Puerto Rico, which marks the southern leg of the Bermuda Triangle.  Samana Bay is a prime spot for whale watching when thousands of humpbacks converge during mating season.  Contributor Genesis Reyes used a drone to create an amazing aerial video of this idyllic spot in the DR.  

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Fortaleza Ozama


The Dominican Republic's Fortaleza Ozama was one of the first fortresses built by the Spanish conquistadoras.  It was constructed in 1502 to protect the city of Santo Domingo on the south shore of the island, which was the first permanently settled colonial outpost in the New World.  Contributor Moises_Arias used a drone to create this spectacular bird's eye view of the fortress overlooking the Caribbean, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

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Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

  • inigui
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Contributor Inigui attended a bachelor party at the Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.  The resort was built out of a large sugar cane farm in the southeastern part of the country in the 1970's.  Inigui's drone video will give you a bird's eye look at this famous resort on the Caribbean, which was built by the Gulf & Western conglomerate and was designed by the famous designer Oscar de La Renta.  Its golf course is usually ranked amongst the top 50-100 in the world.

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Amazing Drone Footage of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Mavic Pro) in 4K!


One of the newer options for the ever expanding beach destination options in the Dominican Republic is the area around Punta Cana.  Dozens of very large high-end resorts now populate the beaches of this point on the Caribbean coastline, on the far eastern end of the country.   This drone video will give you a bird's eye view of this tropical paradise, now one of the fastest growing beach districts in the Caribbean.  

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Hard Enduro Cabarete Dominican Republic

Genesis Reyes

As you'll see in this drone video by Genesis Reyes, the Dominican Republic's beaches aren't just for suntanning.  He used a drone to film a major Enduro event at Cabarete Beach on the DR's northern coast.  The riders included well known Enduro stars Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Alfredo Gómez, and Mario Román.  Watch it to get a great bird's eye view of some epic Enduro racing on a beautiful Atlantic beach.  


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A foggy morning.

Oscar Flores
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Oscar Flores
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Caribbean Fun

Genesis Reyes
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Surf Swell

Genesis Reyes