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Minnesota State Fair 2017

Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is held annually in late August through Labor Day weekend in an area of St. Paul, Minnesota.  The Fair is known as the Great Minnesota Get Together and is one of the largest such gatherings in the country.  In 2017, AirVuz collaborated with the Fair to provide drone coverage for the first time.  Using fully licensed operators, AirVuz created a series of videos showing the Fair and different events occuring there, from an aerial perspective.  



rg drones

While the Carnival celebration is closely associated with Rio de Janeiro, it is exuberantly celebrated throughout Brazil.  In this drone video, contributor RG Drones was able to capture the Carnival celebrations in the city of Belo Horizonte, the third largest city of the officially recognized region of Southeastern Brazil.  Belo Horizonte is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, which is actually the second most populous state in the country after Sao Paulo.


Deep dive in to Ukraine

Valerii Iavtushenko

Ivana Kupala is an ancient Eastern European festival held in mid-summer.  It is observed in many areas of Eastern Europe, namely in parts of the Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Russia.  Tied to the summer solstice, it occurs the night of July 6/7 which correspondes to June 23/24 on the Gregorian calendar. Contributor Valerii Iavtushenko flew a drone over an Ivana Kupula celebration in the Ukraine to make this amazing aerial video.  


Uptown Food Truck Festival Minnesota 2017

Uptown Food Truck Fesitval

In Minnesota, in the northern USA, the short summer months are packed with outdoor festivals.  One of them is the Uptown Food Truck Festival in Minneapolis.  Based in the city's trendy Uptown neighborhood, the festival features hundreds of food trucks, live music, food, and plenty of beer.  Using FAA licensed drone operators, AirVuz collaborated with the organizer to create this aerial highlight reel of the event.  


Official Holi Hai 2017, Busan South Korea

Aerial Aspects

Holi Festivals are a Hindu tradition in which participants cover themselves in bright colots.  The festivals began in India but have become popular with non-Hindus throughout the world.  One of the largest  is the Holi Hai Festival of Colors in Busan, South Korea.  Contributor Aerial Aspects worked with the event's organizers to film the 2017 festival with a drone, providing us with an amazing aerial view of this sea of colors.


Baltimore City Light Festival 2017

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Cargo ships no longer ply the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland.  Nowadays this storied port is  all about entertainment, dining and festivals.  The biggest thing to hit the Inner Harbor is the Light City Festival, which is a smorgasbord of music, visual arts, and lights.  Contributor Jeff Walrich worked with the promoters to create this amazing aerial and ground look at a major gathering in this Mid-Atlantic USA city.  



St. Paul Food Truck Festival 2016

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Night Wish - Lantern Festival


Holi Festival of Colors

Arthur Eby

Ventura Fair