The Cold Edge of the World

  • Gab707
    • 16.9k VŪZ
    • 83
    • 30
  • over 5 years ago

Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Gav707 can make a credible claim to have invented the genre of cinematic FPV mountain surfing, in which long range FPV gear is used to capture some of the world's most spectacular alpine scenery.  This incredible video is a prime examples of his pioneering work in this area is this piece, which included some very skillful post-production stabilization editing.  This video was picked as the Winner in the Freestyle Flow category at the second annual Drone Video Awards.  



AirVūz Off...

Congratulations to our 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards FPV Freestyle Flow Nominees!

This year's nominees are Gab707, SUSTOSFPV, Vasiliz, PikaFPV, and Blue Owl FPV. 

Click the links below to see the full videos of each of our nominees and to find out more about the Drone Video Awards.


Spring Blossom feat. Castle 🇯🇵


Set against an unbeatable backdrop of the rising pink sun and dozens of cherry trees blossoming in springtime Japan, this piece by AirVuz contributor SUSTOSFPV's is a masterpiece in the emerging genre of cinematic first person view (FPV) video content.  That's why it was picked as a Finalist at the second annual Drone Video Awards in the FPV Freestyle Flow category. Flying a custom quad, he power loops and rips through the blossoms and around the large pagoda in, where else, but beautiful Tokyo, Japan. 


Further // Winter Wonderland

  • vasiliz
    • 2.0k VŪZ
    • 45
    • 19
  • about 5 years ago

Top contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot vasiliz lights up the Pyrenees Mountains region with this highly cinematic FPV piece.  He uses his tremendously smooth flying skills to his advantage in this piece as he takes us over the snow-capped trees, diving down the mountains and through an empty chair lift.  Demonstrating the power of cinematic FPV to give us a new perspective of our world, this video was picked as a Finalist at the second Annual Drone Video Awards for FPV Freestyle Flow. 


PIKA FPV - Switzerland Dreaming

  • PikaFPV
    • 2.4k VŪZ
    • 49
    • 25
  • over 5 years ago

Using the GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 7, and GoPro Session on his custom quad, top AirVuz contributor and first-person view (FPV) pilot PikaFPV takes long-range to a new level in this (second annual) Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Flow nominated piece. As you will see, Switzerland is the perfect backdrop for his tight maneuvering through jagged ravines and around the frozen tundra. Watching this flight will leave you feeling inspired to get out, rip a couple of packs and enjoy winter!


Icy thumbs | Winter FPV

Blue Owl F...

Blue Owl FPV is representing female pilots well in this video, which was nominated in the Freestyle Flow category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. She says she decided to rip around a bit while waiting for skiing season to start in the French Alps. What she got was an inspiring flight barrel-rolling over the frozen ground, diving through the trees, power-looping around the side of the mountain, and smooth flying.   This was a DVOW Finalist and also a pick for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in December, 2018.