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Drone One ...

It would be hard to overstate the importance of the Williamette River to the city of Portland, Oregon.  The second-largest city of the Pacific Northwest derives its nickname from the many bridges which span the waterway, a major tributary to the Columbia River. In this video by  Drone One Media, you'll get bird's eye view of some of the spans of Bridge City, including the Fremont Bridge (the world's second-longest tiered-arch bridge), the Steel Bridge (a lift bridge), the Broadway Bridge, and more.   

Portland under Covid-19 Quarantine


4K Portland Oregon Aerial Footage During COVID 19 2020 Pandemic


Check out this drone video of Portland, Oregon during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020, compliments of skyroamer.  While the USA's "patient zero" case was confirmed in nearby Seattle, Washington in late January, Oregon didn't see its first confirmed infection until February 28th.  Governor Kate Brown created a coronavirus response team on the same day, and instituted a statewide shelter-in-place order on March 23.  As of mid-April, Oregon had one of the lowest per-capita infection and death rates.    

Portland's Bridges by Drone


Snow in Portland!

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Check out these beautiful wintertime drone views of Portland, Oregon by AirVuz contributor nmweaver.  Watch it and you will see why Portland is sometimes called "Bridge City": the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest is home to a dozen bridges over the Williamette River and another four over the Columbia River.  The video features footage of all the most well-known Williamette bridges, including the Hawthorn Bridge (the oldest and closest to downtown), the Fremont Bridge (the longest), the Steel and Broadway Bridges, and more.  

Portland in Fall


Fall Colors 2020! 4K Portland Oregon Aerial Footage


Portland, Oregon is one of the USA's most beautiful cities, perhaps never more so than in the Fall season.  AirVuz contributor skyroamer emphatically makes this point with an awesome drone video of the great Pacific Northwest city, shot during the height of the Autumn colors.  At the :08 mark, you'll be treated to a dronelapse shot flying down the Williamette river over the Marquam and Hawthorne Bridges.  Other highlights include another great shot flying upstream over the Hawthorne Bridge (:33), the Fremont Bridge (1:30), and more.  

Downtown Portland by Mavic Pro 2


Portland Oregon Sunrise From the Air - Mavic 2 Pro


Check out these magnificent drone views of Portland, Oregon, compliments of brand-new AirVuz contributor and pilot skyroamer.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video opens with a shot looking west over the Williamette River, with the Hawthorne Bridge in the foreground and the downtown in the background.  From there, you'll head over to the Marquam Bridge, just upstream.  Starting at about the 1:20 mark, there's a great shot looking north, with downtown in the foreground and the Fremont Bridge in the background.  

Portland: Bridge City


Day and Night in Portland


Take in these aerial views of Portland, Oregon, compliments of AirVuz' own tylerjmason.  The video opens with a shot of the "White Stag" sign facing the Burnside Bridge, just north of downtown.  Then you'll see the Hawthorne Bridge, with the downtown skyline in the background.  The video wraps up with a shot of the White Stag sign, looking north.  In the distance you'll see the distinct arch-shaped Fremont Bridge; opened in 1973, this is the longest of the city's bridges and the second-longest tiered arch bridge in the world.  

DJI Inspire over Portland


A Beautiful January Day In Portland Oregon!! 4K!!


Checkout this amazing drone view of downtown Portland, Oregon, compliments of contributor MRemmers74, who took his DJI Inspire drone out over the second largest city in the USA's Pacific Northwest on a brilliant January day.  The video captures the vibrancy of its downtown area, located along the Williamette River just a few mi/km upstream from where it joins the Columbia River.  You'll also see some of the seven bridges which cross the Williamette here and have given the city its nickname: Bridge City.  

Land of Portlandia


Portlandia Spoof

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Portland, Oregon has become something of a hipster-magnet in no small part due to the hit TV show Portlandia.   Created by and starred by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the show ran for eight seasons on the IFC cable network beginning in 2011.  The show was a favorite among GenX'ers, and its use of quirky characters to show off a quirky city helped the already-hip city go from strength to strength.  For those who already miss the show, this short piece by mcQ shot from Portland will bring back fond memories.  

Portland's Bridges


Willamette River Bridges | Portland, OR


Portland, Oregon is sometimes called "Bridge City", and when you see this drone video by AirVuz contributor onewheeldrone you'll see why.  His video opens with a shot looking downstream on the Williamette River, showing (in order) the Ross Island, Tilikum Crossing, and Marquam Bridges; downtown Portland, on the western bank of the river, is on the left.  Continuing downstream, you'll see the Hawthorne, SE Morrison, Burnside, and Steel Bridges.  Further downstream and not shown are two more spans: the NW Broadway and Fremont Bridges.  

Portland's Waterfront and Bridges


Portland, Oregon, City of Natural Beauty


Contributor Randy combined drone and ground camera footage to create this aerial tour of Portland, Oregon and its surroundings.  The focus of the video is the city's waterfront along the Williamette River that flows through the city, enroute to its confluence with the Columbia River just north of the city.  The video features the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Waterfront Park Trail, Union Station, some of the city's many bridges (such as the Hawthorne , Fremont), and other sites just outside the city such as Bonneville Dam.  

Hillsboro's Airplane in the Woods


Airplane in the woods


One of the most unusual sights of the USA's Pacific Northwest is in the woods of Hillsboro, a western suburb of Portland, Oregon.  It's a retired Boeing 727 airliner which was purchased about two decades ago by a man named Bruce Campbell and turned into his residence, one of a handful of retired jetliners around the world which have been similarly repurposed.  It's a practice that is actually being encouraged by the airframe manufacturers as an environmentally sustainable means of plane disposal.

Droning America Segment on Portland


Droning America: Portland, OR

Droning Am...

In this segment, Droning America heads to Portland, Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest, the quirky city which lies a three hour drive south of the larger city of Seattle.  Hostess Angie Avestruz met up with AirVuz contributors Seth and Brit Morrisey of Morrisey Productions to see the best of Portland and the surrounding area from their DJI Inspire and Phantom 4 Pro drones.  Fans of the Portlandia TV series will particularly appreciate the aerial views of this beautiful Pacific Northwest city.  



Portland Oregon

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St Johns Bridge