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Oregon's Trillium Lake

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Trillium Lake


For a first upload to AirVuz, pfritz66 brings us this marvelous drone video of Trillium Lake in the USA's Pacific Northwest. It's a reservoir lake just a few km/mi southwest of Mt. Hood, Oregon's tallest mountain. Trillium Lake is known for its glass-like reflective surface which can create a near-perfect mirror image of the mountain, one of the USA's most prominent. At about the 1:50 mark in the video, you'll see a great example of this phenomenon. This video was a DVOW finalist in October, 2019.

Pacific Northwest by Mavic 2

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The Great Pacific Northwest by Mavic 2

  • Hofcut
    • 1.6k VŪZ
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  • a year ago

Geared up with his DJI Mavic 2 drone, contributor Hofcut explored the famously scenic views of North America's Pacific Northwest.  Complete with crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, temperate beaches intermixed with rocky shores, dense pine forests, and powder-topped mountain peaks, this drone video is truly an exemplary representation of this coastal region.  Enjoy all the beauty of this spectacular region in this remarkable adventure from above.

Pacific Northwest Tour

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Pacific Northwest


Check out this beautiful mini-tour of some of the top sights of the USA's Pacific Northwest, compliments of mbird1985.  The video features footage of the following locations (1) Mt Hood, Oregon's highest mountain at just over 3.4k meters or 11.25k ft. peak elevation; Cannon Beach, the stunningly beautiful Oregon beach visited by Lewis and Clark in 1805; Mt. Baker, an active volcano in the Northern Cascades of Washington; and Seattle, the de facto regional capital on Washington's Puget Sound.  

Aerial Tour of Oregon

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Beautiful Oregon


For a great aerial introduction to the state of Oregon in the USA's Pacific Norhwest, it would be tough to beat this video by TomDrone.  This production has something for everyone - yawning canyons, roaring waterfalls, vast forests, the iconic volcanic mountain Mt. Hood, bridges and viaduct that run forever, spectacular coastal boulders, even a logging camp.  This video makes a credible case for the Beaver State being the singlemost beautiful state in the entire United States. 

The Oregon Coast

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A Fleeting Dream

jay worsley

Award winning contribibutor Jay Worsley has made a big name for himself with his highly artistic drone videos of iconic sights of the Western United States.  His video "Perspective" was chosen as the AirVuz Drone Video Awards winner in the Landscape category.  In this video, he takes his DJI Inspire Pro drone out through the magnificent southern Oregon Coast from Eugene to Brookings. It affords bird's eye views of some of the most spectacular coastline in the United States.  

Drone Tour of Seattle

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Seattle from Above

Dave Yip

Seattle, Washington is the principal city of the USA's Pacific Northwest, and it is one of the 15 largest metro areas in the United States.  It is a highly cosmopolitan city of giant gleaming skyscrapers that is the center of the worldwide jet airplane industry, and yet the giant Mount Rainier visible in the distant background puts it all in perspective.  In this short but impressive video, contributor David Yip gives us an aerial tour of the Seattle waterfront on Puget Sound. 

Oregon by DJI Mavic Air

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Oregon by DJI Mavic Air

Javi Mora

This drone video of Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest won the Drone Video of the Week Contest in August, 2018.  On a road trip through the Beaver State, contributor Javier Mora Marin and a friend captured this amazing aerial footage from some of the state's most spectacular spots.  Highlights of the video include bird's eye views of Silver Falls, God’s Thumb, Painted Hills, Smith Rock, Mount Hood, and some of the state's many lush pine tree forests. 

Exploring Washington State

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Exploring Washington State


Washington State is situated in the the northwest corner of the United States, bordering the Canadian province of British Columbia.  The Evergreen State has some of the greatest landscape diversity of any state, with vast pine forests, towering volcanic mountain peaks, and a large desert in the eastern part of the state.  Contributor Explorewashingtonstate does just that with this great aerial tour of this amazing state in the northwestern corner of the continental USA.

Volcanoes of Oregon

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Secret Hike to Volcanic Ruins || OREGON


Some of the best hiking areas of the continental USA are in the country's Pacific Northwest.  Washington and Oregon both offer a huge tracts of forests, mountains, and river valleys which offer spectacular natural scenery to some of the world's most avid hikers.  In this video, contributor Shanestiles took a Nikon camera and a DJI Phantom 4 drone on an epic hike to some remote volcanic mountains in Oregon, resulting in some epic views of Oregon's amazing geology.

Dronie from the Columbia River Gorge

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Columbia River Gorge Dronie

  • dirka
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  • 4 years ago

Contributor Dirka was one of the first drone pilots to gain a large following on Instagram; he currently has well over 200k fans.  He is a professional photographer and his drone videos reflect that background.  In this video, he sets up a group drone selfie flying backwards over the Columbia River Gorge in America's Pacific Northwest.  The  pull-out provides an epic view of the mighty canyon carved by one of North America's largest rivers, which divides the states of Oregon and Washington.

Portland: Oregon's Bridge City

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Drone One Media

Since the turn of the 21st century if not a bit before, Portland, Oregon has been perenially at or near the top of the most authoritative lists of the hippest US cities.  Much of its charm derives from its relationship to the water, specifically the Williamette River.  This major Columbia River tributary courses through the heart of Portland, giving it the nickname "Bridge City".  You'll get some great aerial views of the city, its river, and its bridges in this fantastic video from Drone One Media. 

Flying above Oregon

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1000 Miles | Oregon | Pacific Northwest

Michael Roth

Flying high above the trees, this is one fantastic drone video of Oregon. The state located on the Pacific Coast of the United States is known for its diverse landscape of forests, mountains, farmland, and beaches. The video was shot by contributor and drone pilot Michael Roth, who logged his 1,000th mile of flight in the making of this video - a worthy goal for any pilot. See some of the beauty of the Beaver State in this magnificent 4K piece!

The Best of Oregon by Drone

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My Favorite Aerials of Oregon 2018!

Morrisey Video Production

Nobody knows the stunningly beautiful Oregon coastline quite like Morrisey Video Productions. Who better, then, to put together their favorite clips of the Beaver State? Enjoy this aerial perspective of their home with cinematic shots of stunning bridges, lush forests, rolling ocean tides, mountain peaks, quiet streams, changing leaves, city skylines, and more. Watch it and you will likely agree that Oregon is amongst the first rank of US states when it comes to natural beauty.  

Dronelapse from Washington

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Dead Calm

Victor Metron

Check out this magnificent dronelapse video from the USA's Pacific Northwest, compliments of Victor Metron.  The highlight of the video is around the :15 mark, with a sequence shot over what appears to be a crater lake somewhere in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.  The Cascades is a line of volcanic and non-volcanic mountains which extend from British Columbia in Canada down through Washington, Oregon, and the northern part of California.  

Oregon's Yaquina Head Lighthouse

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Yaquina Head Lighthouse Newport Oregon Coast


The rocky shores of the USA's Pacific Northwest are notoriously dangerous for shipping, and lighthouses continue to be critical for maintaining shipping safety.  Yaquina Head Light is in Lincoln County, Oregon, near the mouth of the Yaquina River.  First lit in 1873, it's one of the most well known lighthouses in the region, and at 28 meters (93 ft.) it's the tallest such structure in the state.  In this video, you can see this iconic lighthouse from a bird's eye perspective,  compliments of contributor Cward360.  

Oregon's Multnomah Falls

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Multnomah Falls, Portland


Contributor EdDrone created this beautiful drone video of one of the most well known waterfalls in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  Multnomah Falls is on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.  It's the highest waterfall in Oregon, with a total height of alomost 189 meters (620 ft.) in two drops.  It is fed by water runoff from Larch Mountain, an extinct volcano near Portland.  The falls and the footpaths around it are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

Oregon's Williamette Valley

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Oregon's Williamette Valley

Michael Roth

Contributor Michael Roth created this beautiful aerial video showing some of the natural beauty of Oregon, the southern of the two states which make up the USA's Pacific Northwest.  The video was shot along the Williamette Valley, which runs roughly 240 km (around 150 mi.) south from Portland, the state's largest city and is truly the heart of the Beaver State as the home of its largest cities.  The video includes footage of Opal Lake, Boca Cave, Triangulation Peak, and more. 

Killer Whales in Puget Sound

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An Orca's Breath


Contributor cward360 created this awesome video of some orca's feeding in the waters of Puget Sound in Washington State.  They were filmed in Henderson Bay, an inlet of the sound near Gig Harbor. If you look at a map of the area it's a wonder that these creatures can navigate the convoluted waterways in the area; just making it to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge near the southern end of the sound looks complicated enough and the waterways narrow even further from there!

Klamath County, OR: Lake of the Woods

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Misty Morning Light: Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon


Check out this stunning drone video of a forest-encircled lake in Oregon, compliments of contributor shanestiles.  Lake of the Woods is located in Klamath County in the southern part of the Beaver State.  It's situated in the Fremont–Winema National Forest, in the heart of the Cascades Mountains range.  Though not particularly large, the lake is known for its fishing waters, and it's one of the most popular destinations in southern Oregon.  The video beautifully captures the lake on a misty morning.

Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound

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Washington's Olympic Peninsula


Contributor Alaska42 captured this drone footage near the base of the Olympic Peninsula in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  The video was shot around town Poulsbo, Washington, which lies on an inlet of a body of water called Liberty Bay and is popular with tourists.  The bay sits on the western (Olympic Peninsula) side of Puget Sound, across which lies Seattle.  The video captures the town's quaint harbor as well as the natural scenes which abound in the countless inlets and islands which populate the Sound.  

Fall in the North Cascades

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iRev - The Last Days of Fall - 2018


The North Cascades of Washington, United States, is a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers and lakes. They are located northwest of Seattle, near the Canadian border.  AirVuz contributor Chris Neibauer takes us on one epic ride around the mountains on dirt bikes in this edit. Shot with both GoPros and drone footage, you get both the intense impact on the ground cameras attached to the bikers mixed with the awe-inspiring beauty that is the mountain range in fall from above. 

Spokane, Washington

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Downtown Spokane, WA [DJI Mavic Pro]


Bradladua used a DJI Mavic Pro combined with a ground camera to create this video of Spokane, Washington.  It's the second largest city in the state, and on the opposite (eastern) end from Seattle.  Bordering the state of Idaho, Spokane is culturally more of the Rocky Mountain region than the Pacific Northwest in many ways.  Like many western cities, it owed its early growth to the railways that were making their way across the country, and it continues to be an important transport hub.

The Oregon Coast

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jay worsley

In this video, award winning contributor Jay Worsley created a masterpiece by brilliantly mixing astoundingly beautiful aerial footage from across the Western USA.  The two spots which get top billing are the Pacific coastline of Oregon, and southern Utah.  Brilliantly narrated, the video will take you over the enormous rocks that line the Oregon coastline as well as the spectacular formations of Moab.  It's a Finalist in the Landscapes category for the second annual Annual Drone Video Awards.

Mavic Pro 2 over the North Cascades

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DJI Mavic Pro 2 - Mountain Flying the North Cascades


Check out this stunning drone video of the North Cascades Mountains in the USA's Pacific Northwest, compliments of contributor chrisneibaur.  Part of the greater Cascades system, the North Cascades cover a portion of northern Washington state, with a portion extending north into Canada's British Columbia.  The best known peak of the North Cascades in Mt. Baker, which as a peak altitude of just under 3.3k meters (about 10.8k ft.).  

Oregon's Cannon Beach

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Sunrise and Sunset on the Oregon Coast


Top contributor jonaharding created this stunning aerial video of one of the most famous beaches in the Pacific Northwest: Oregon's Cannon Beach.  It's located in the far northwestern corner of the Beaver State, near the border with Washington.  The area was "discovered" by Lewis & Clark in their historic journey west in the early 19th century.  With its gigantic seastacks (offshore rocks), the beach regularly appears on lists of the world's top beaches.  

Oregon's Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

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Terrible Tilly


Take in this aerial video of what was once one of the most well-known lighthouses in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  It's the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, and it sits on a tiny island about 2 km (around 1.2 mi.) off the coast of Oregon in Tillamook County.  When completed in 1881, it was the most expensive lighthouse on the West Coast.  It soon garnered the nickname "Terrible Tilly" due to the dangers involved in reaching the island in inclement weather.  Now inactive, it's listed in the National Historic Register.  

Haystack Rock

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Raw Drone Footage - Goonies Haystack - EVO


Even if you’ve never heard of it, you’re sure to have seen Haystack Rock in Clatsop County, Oregon, USA. The 235-foot (72-meter) sea stack is adjacent to Cannon Beach and is accessible by foot at low tide. It's a popular tourist destination whose rock tide pools are home to starfish, sea anemone, sea slugs, and crabs. Drone pilot johstacy took this 4K, 60 frames per second non-filtered footage of the infamous monolith rock with the Autel EVO drone. 

Washington's Vance Creek Bridge

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Washington's Vance Creek Bridge

60 Seconds

Top contributor 60 Seconds used a drone to create this amazing aerial tour of an abandoned bridge in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  The Vance Creek Bridge was built in the 1920's to serve the logging industry in Washington.  As the fortunes of the state's forestry sector waned, the bridge was de-commissioned in the 1970's.  Now it's a major attraction for hikers who seek out this amazing span, which stands 106 meters (347 ft.) tall.  It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Deschutes National Forest: Tumalo Falls

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The Pacific Northwest's Tumalo Falls | Oregon

Michael Roth

Top contributor Michael Roth created a stunning aerial view of a well-known waterfall in the Pacific Northwestern state of Oregon called Tumalo Falls.  The plunge-type falls on Tumalo Creek, which has a drop of just under 30 meters (97 ft.), is located about 23 km (14 mi.) west of the town of Bend in Deschutes County.  The falls lies within the Deschutes National Forest, which covers nearly 2 million acres in Deschute and three neighboring counties in the west-central part of the state.  

Ports of Seattle-Tacoma

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Container Ship Getting Towed To Port Tacoma Washington


Here is an amazing aerial view of a large ship being towed into one of the USA's busiest ports.  The vessel is a containership operated by Evergreen Marine, a large Taiwanese shipping company which operates about 150 of these behemoths.  The ship is being towed into the Port of Tacoma, which lies south of Seattle on Washington's Puget Sound.  The ports of Tacoma and Seattle merged their operations in 2015 to form the Northwest Seaport Alliance, which is now the USA's #4 container port.

Oregon's Santiam River Valley

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All Around Us is Beauty | Oregon | Pacific Northwest | North Fork Media

Michael Roth

Top contributor Michael Roth used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this captivating aerial tour of a couple of gorgeous spots in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  The area is the valley of the Santiam River, a major tributary of the Williamette River which runs through northwestern Oregon.  The video was shot in two spots: Little North Fork River (a tributary of the Santiam) and Detroit Lake, a reservoir created by an impoundment of the Santiam.  

Mt. Jefferson and Williamette National Forest

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Always at Peace Here | Pacific Northwest | Oregon | North Fork Media

Michael Roth

Top contributor Michael Roth, recently profiled in the Drone Dish, put together this beautiful drone video of some hard-to-find spots in his home state of Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest region.  Featured locations include (1) Tumble Lake in the Williamette National Forest; (2) Mt. Jefferson, an active volcano which is the second tallest mountain in the cascade range and known as being one of the hardest to reach; and (3) Marion Falls, also in the Williamette National Forest.  

Puget Sound: Seattle and Mt. Rainier

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Puget Sound


Check out this brilliant drone video of Puget Sound, the large body of water in western Washington in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  The video opens with an epic shot of downtown Seattle, which lies on the eastern shore of the sound. You'll also see some shots of some of the Sound's hundreds of small inlets.  At about the :30 mark, there is a fantastic shot of the Sound with Mt. Rainier looming in the background; the volcanic mountain is the highest in the Cascades range.  

Mt. Hood, Trillium Lake, and More

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Oregon Flash Back

  • bbloss
    • 7.2k VŪZ
    • 68
    • 46
  • 2 years ago

Top contributor Bbloss created this stunning one minute drone video record of a trip to Oregon.  The video features footage from across the state, considered by many to be the most beautiful in the USA.  Locations featured include some of the most well known sites from the interior of the state, notably Mt. Hood and Trillium Lake, which lies just beneath the mountain.  You'll also see some bird's eye views of some of the state's famous coastline as well as a bit of Portland, its largest city.  

Highlights of the Williamette Valley

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Remembrance | Pacific Northwest | Oregon | Michael Roth | North Fork Media

Michael Roth

The beauty of Oregon's Williamette Valley is on full display in this fantastic drone video by top contributor Michael Roth.  The 240 km (around 150 mi.) long valley follows the Wiliamette River as it runs roughly northwards toward Portland (Oregon's largest city and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest) and from there to its confluence with the mighty Columbia River.  Locations featured in the video include Mt. Jefferson, Opal Lake, Davey Lake, Salt Creek Falls, Detroit Lake, and Clear Lake.  

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

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Pacific City Drone Aerial

Morrisey Video Production

Check out this drone video of a beautiful spot on the coast of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, compliments of Morrisey Video Productions.  It's called Pacific, and it's an unincorpated town in Tillamook County, west of Portland.  It's best known as the home of the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area.  The area is actually home to two other capes (Capes Meares and Lookout).  It's also home to a seastack called Haystack, although it's a different rock than the better-known Haystack on Cannon Beach.

Oregon in Easter Splendor

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Always On The Hunt | Happy Easter | Oregon | Pacific Northwest

Michael Roth

The stunning beauty of the USA's Pacific Northwest is on full display in this magnificent drone video by contributor Michael Roth.  He used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to capture some the scenery for which the Beaver State is best known: moving water and dense green forests.  Opening with an epic shot of one of Oregon's many waterfalls, the video will take you over numerous streams, falls, and remote mountain valleys as well as some of the most gorgeous piney woods in North America.  

Waterfalls in the Santiam Valley

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Hidden Waterfalls of the Santiam Valley | Oregon

Michael Roth

Much of the USA's Pacific Northwestern state of Oregon is covered by a series of valleys that run in a generally east-to-west direction.  These valleys house rivers which flow into the Williamette River, which flows northwards and is a major tributary of the Columbia River.  In this video, you'll get an aerial look at the Santiam River Valley.  This short river drains a large area of the Cascades Mountains range which runs east of the Williamette.   

Salt Creek Falls and More

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Live Dream Enjoy Life | Pacific Northwest | Memaloose Falls | Lower Diamond Creek Falls | Salt Creek Falls

Michael Roth

Top contributor Michael Roth takes us around to three gorgeous waterfalls in Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest.   The first stop is Memaloose Falls, which is situated near the town of Estacada in Clackamas County.  Then you'll see Lower Diamond Creek Falls in Lane County.  The final stop is Salt Creek Falls (and the nearby Too Much Bear Lake), also in Lane County, which is the state's third-highest plunge-type waterfall.  All of these spots are considered part of the Williamette River Valley.

A Weekend in Oregon

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Oregon Road Trip!


Top contributor Braybraywoowoo ventured from his native British Columbia over the border and down a state to Oregon.  Using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, he created this memorable video of his road trip.  In addition to some beautiful shots of the state's rock coastline, dense forests, and beautiful mountains, he was able to aerially film one of the most amazing spots in the state: a retired 727 jetliner that now serves as a home in the Oregon woods! 

Oregon's Opal Lake, Pacific City, and More

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It Has Been Awhile | Pacific Northwest | Oregon | North Fork Media

Michael Roth

In this video, Michael Roth does a phenomenal job of bringing out the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon.  Locations featured include Opal Lake in the Williamettte Forest; Pacific City on the Oregon coast; Phantom "Bridge", a natural arch also in the Williamette Forest; Elk Lake in the Cascade Mountains; Battle Axe Mountain, a shield volcano in the Western Cascades; and Sullivan Creek Falls, in a remote area of Marion County, more or less due east of Salem. 

Mt. Hood National Forest

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Mt Hood National Forest


Mt. Hood National Forest is one of the natural treasures of the USA's Pacific Northwest.  It covers about 4.4k square km. (around 1.5k square mi.) of territory east of Portland, Oregon.  The forest includes Mt. Hood, a potentially active volcano which has a peak elevation of about 2.35k meters or around 7.7k ft.  About a third of the trees in the forest are considered "old growth".  The forest was used as a filming location for the 1952 movie Bend of the River, now considered one of the great Westerns.   

Abandoned Oregon Paper Mill

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Oregon's Blue Heron Paper Mill

60 Seconds

The USA's Pacific Northwest was once home to a huge forest products industry, with hundreds of saw and paper mills around the region.   With the rise of much tighter environmental restrictions, high labor costs, and tough competition from foreign producers, the industry in Washington and Oregon has been decimated.  In this video, contributor 60 Seconds gives us a bird's eye view of a paper mill in Blue Heron, OR which succumbed to the poor conditions and was abandoned several years ago.

Boeing 727 in the Oregon Forest

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Airplane in the woods


One of the most unusual sights of the USA's Pacific Northwest is in the woods of Hillsboro, a western suburb of Portland, Oregon.  It's a retired Boeing 727 airliner which was purchased about two decades ago by a man named Bruce Campbell and turned into his residence, one of a handful of retired jetliners around the world which have been similarly repurposed.  It's a practice that is actually being encouraged by the airframe manufacturers as an environmentally sustainable means of plane disposal.

Dronie from Cannon Beach

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Baby's first dronie


AirVuz' own tylerjmason created this beautiful dronie with his family on vacation at one of the most iconic spots in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  They were standing on Cannon Beach, which is part of a state park of the same name in the northwestern corner of the state and was visited by Lewis & Clark in their historic trip in 1805.  In a great "reveal" you'll see the emergence of Haystack Rock, a giant (72 meter, 235 ft.) sea stack which sits just a few yards offshore from the beach.

North Cascades Dronie

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How near, how far


Although his typical video captures extreme athletes traversing the mountainside, this dronie by drone pilot chrisneibauer is just as impressive. The single-shot flight lasts ninety-seconds where our pilot navigates away from he and a friend to reveal the spectacular mountainside location they are flying from. The dronie, a drone’s take on the popular selfie, has begged pilots to stretch their creative limits. In this case, it begged the pilot to challenge his physical limits.

Cloudsurfing in the PNW

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Tonight We Run


See the undeniable beauty of the mountains in this tranquil, cinematic, 4K drone video by talented pilot chrisneibauer. The film and edit takes a turn for Chris, who usually features extreme sports athletes propelling down snow-covered peaks. In this drone flight, he takes us above the clouds, over the lush, green trees, and beyond to see the places he has grown to appreciate and love. You’ll be left feeling inspired and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us all.

Mighty Columbia Gorge

0:58 click to play video

Columbia River Gorge

Oregon Skywalker

Oregon Skywalker created this beautiful drone video shot on the Columbia River, unquestionably the most important in western North America.  It drains a huge section of the mountains of the USA's Pacific Northwest and Canada's British Columbia province, running 2k km (1.24k mi.) before discharging into the Pacific Ocean in Oregon.  The third largest purely USA river by discharge volume, it supplies the region with some of its top tourist spots as well as most of its electricity.  

Aerial Views of Seattle

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Seattle, Pacific Northwest [4K]


Check out the stunning beauty of the USA's Pacific Northwest in this highly stylized video by top contributor th3venture.  The video was shot in and around the city of Seattle, Washington, the largest city in the region.  The video, which combines drone and ground camera footage, will help make you appreciate why Seattle continues to be the fastest-growing city in the northern USA.  Come along for some fantastic views of the city and its beautiful natural surroundings.

Droning America: Portland, Oregon

7:18 click to play video

Droning America: Portland, OR

Droning America

In this segment, Droning America heads to Portland, Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest, the quirky city which lies a three hour drive south of the larger city of Seattle.  Hostess Angie Avestruz met up with Seth and Brit Morrisey of Morrisey Productions to see the best of Portland and the surrounding area from their DJI Inspire and Phantom 4 Pro drones. From Mount Hood to the rocky coastline, Oregon's diverse landscapes has never looked better thanks to drones.

Profile of Michael Roth

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The Drone Dish: Michael Roth

The Drone Dish

In this segment of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason catches up with drone pilot and top AirVuz content creator Michael Roth.  Based in Oregon, Michael and his company North Fork Media have filmed numerous stunning spots throughout the USA's Pacific Northwest region.  He started working with a DJI Mavic Pro, and now uses the Mavic Pro 2.  His work, which centers on landscapes and waterfalls, is extensively featured in the AirVuz Pacific Northwest collection and elsewhere on the site.  


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The Spheres

0:22 click to play video

Just Listen

2:32 click to play video

Snow Day: Shot on EVO

Autel Robotics
3:24 click to play video

Ocean of fog