AV News: Drone Tech Update

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Drone technology is evolving, meaning more ways for consumers, companies, research institutes, and non-profits to use UAVs. Some recent developments in the industry include a search and rescue fleet created by MIT, a 66-ft wingspan solar-powered drone out of China, and an underwater drone that just captured what could be the largest shark nursery ever found off the Irish coast. Watch the full video for more!


AV NEWS: Life-saving Autonomous Helicopter

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The U.S. military’s latest autonomous aircraft technology is all about keeping troops safe. It could also radically change how they resupply units in combat zones.  The helicopter is a Vietnam War-era UH-1 Huey, and it’s able to fly its own missions without a pilot at the controls.  The helicopter is meant to resupply forces in combat zones with ammunition, water, batteries, and even blood. It could eliminate the need for troops to take supplies through dangerous conditions.


AV NEWS: Tethered Drones

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Companies like CyPhy, BFD Systems and others were just a few companies at the 2018 AUVSI Xponential conference to showcase their tethered drone systems.   One of the biggest advantages to a tethered system is longer flight times. In some cases, they can stay in the air for days on end. While it’s true that the flight capabilities of a tethered drone are limited, the tethered systems still make a lot of sense for many uses.


AV News: Fighting Fire with Drones

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Now more than ever, drones are being used in all kinds of emergency situations by brave men and women around the world. Natural disaster response, accident investigation, crowd control as well as search and rescue for missing persons. Drones are also making their mark as an invaluable tool for firefighters. We talked to New Haven, Connecticut Fire Department Chief Robert Schwartz to hear how drones are helping his team and their cause.


AV News: ConservationDrones.org

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The Conservation Drones Organization uses drones to collect data on wildlife and forests in Southeast Asia to inform them on challenges with conservation.  Gathering this kind of data in the tropics isn't easy due to the environmental obstacles, however drones have made this an easier task. The data they collect is shared with local universities, zoos, and research foundations to help guide them in their own studies of conservation. 


AV News: Drones vs. Poachers

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The Lindbergh Foundation non-profit has teamed up with UAV and Drone Solutions in South Africa to form the Air Shepherd Initiative. Their goal is to battle the poaching crisis in the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas. For more information on how you can help their valiant and effective effort to save Rhinos, Elephants, and other animals, go to www.airshepherd.org.



AV News: Droneadazzle Part 1

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AV News: The Drobotron

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AV News: Best Drone Apps

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AV News: Water Landing Drone

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