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Bangladesh Drone Tour


Bangladesh Aerial Compilation

DroneTV: P...

Soar over the urban and natural landscapes of Bangladesh in this compilation video, which was created using highlights from the "Drone Videos of Bangladesh" collection.  You'll be treated to bird's eye views of the megalopolis of Dhaka and the smaller city of Chittagong, the country's vast rivers, and more.

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4K Bangladesh Tour


The Beauty of Bangladesh in 4K

  • hamzamuj
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  • over 4 years ago

Top contributor hamzamuj created this stunning tour of Bangladesh.  The video features a mix of aerial and ground camera footage of the following locations: (1) the capital city Dhaka, including footage of the annual Shakrain festival; (2) the city of Narayanganj in the central part of the country; (3) Comilla, a city near the eatern border; (4) Baluchor, an island on the Meghna River; (5) Chittagong, the country's #2 city; (6) Cox's Bazar, a beach area south of Chittagong; and (7) the hill district of Rangamati.

Bangladesh Pro Drone Reel


Horizon | Aerial Show reel of kishor neel

Kishor nee...

Talented AirVuz contributor Kishor neel put together this outstanding professional drone reel from his home country of Bangladesh.  The video opens with a shot looking out over the country's great plains, followed by an epic view of a giant flock of birds.  Other highlights include the country's shoreline on the Bay of Bengal, some real estate footage, a shipyard, the skyscrapers of Dhaka, the country's ubiquitous rivers, and even shots of Bangladeshi Navy ships.  This video was a  Drone Video of the Week Finalist in July of 2021.  

60 Seconds over Bangladesh


The Beautiful Bangladesh ♥


Take a mini aerial tour of Bangladesh in this short but fantastic drone video by brand-new contributor and pilot shahraanr.uddin.  The video alternates between shots of the great capital city of Dhaka and scenes from other spots around this massive Southern Asian country.  You'll see the skyscrapers of Dhaka, traffic along one of the country's many rivers, the coastline along the Bay of Bengal, the ultra-modern Shah Amanat Bridge across the Karnaphuli River near the port city of Chittagong, and more.  

Aerial Tour of Bangladesh


Aerial view of Bangladesh

kishor nee...

This drone video by contributor and pilot Kishor Neel will give you a good feel for the great Southern Asian country of Bangladesh.  Although not nearly as large in area as India or Pakistan, the country still covers an impressive 147k square km (about 57k square mi.).  The video features footage of some of the highlands areas in the north of the country, the many rivers which run through it, as well as a brief look at the capital city of Dhaka.  The last is now the center of a metropolitan population of over 20 million, one of the largest in the world.

Dhaka: Bangladeshi Capital


My City: Dhaka, Bangladesh


In this video, AirVuz contributor and drone pilot DroneBangladesh gives us a nice 60 second look at the great Bangladeshi capital city of Dhaka.  Situated near the exact center of this South Asian country, the city is one of the largest in the world.  It's estimated that nearly 20 million people live in the greater Dhaka metropolitan area in 2018.  When Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan following a civil war in the early 1970's, Dhaka was the natural choice to become the capital city for the new nation.

Bangladesh by Drone


The World In my Eyes


Srabon_07 created this magnificent aerial tour of his native Bangladesh, about half of which is devoted to the great capital city of Dhaka.  This one-time Mughal Empire capital city, which sits on one of the country's many rivers in the great Ganges Delta.  The video provides amazing bird's eye views of this giant metropolis, now one of the half-dozen largest cities in the world.  Highlights include amazing shots of the boat traffic on the Buriganga River, the graceful Pink Palace, and more.

Bangladesh from Above


Bangladesh - Aerial Glimpse

  • shumon
    • 68.4k VŪZ
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  • almost 8 years ago

Bangladesh is probably the least known of the world's ten largest countries by population.  It was part of the British Indian Empire and then Pakistan before breaking off from the latter in 1971.  In this drone video by content creator and pilot Shumon, you'll get a bird's eye view of this fascinating country in Southern Asia.  You'll see everything from its imposing jungles to its ubiquitous rivers to the massive urban concentration around the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, now one of the world's largest cities.

Bay of Bengal: Cox's Bazar


The World's Longest Beach: Cox's Bazar


Contributor and drone pilot Rashed.khan created this beautiful video from one of the southernmost points of Bangladesh.  Cox's Bazar is located on the eastern side of the Bay of Bangal, an hour or so drive south of the #2 Bangladesh city Chittagong.  It runs an incredible 120 kilometers (about 75 mi.), making it the longest natural beach in the world.  Named after an officer of the British East India Company, Cox's Bazaar is the center of a growing beach-tourism industry for this South Asian country.  

Refugee Camp


Bangladesh - Mapping the Rohingya refugee crisis


Contributor GlobalAirMedia is at the forefront of using drones to tell important news stories.  This video was filmed in the Southern Asian nation of Bangladesh, at a refugee camp for the Rohingya people fleeing political oppression in neighboring Myanmar.  As a Muslim-majority country with a border on the Rakkine state of Myanmar which is home to the Rohingya, Bangladesh has become the home of the world's largest refugee camp, the extent of which you will see aerially in this remarkable video.  

Chittagong State: Sajek Valley


Sajek, Bangladesh in one minuet


Contributor Afzalnazim created this beautiful drone video of an emerging tourist area in Bangladesh.  The Sajek Valley lies in the Kalalong Mountains, which run through the southeastern state of Chittagong.  Located well in the interior of this country in Southern Asia, the Sajek Valley was relatively unknown until not long ago.  Recently, its beautiful dense forests and grasslands have attracted a growing tourist traffic.  The valley is created by the Sajek River, across which lies India.

Buddhist Monastery in Bangladesh


Somapura Mahavihara Monastery, Bangladesh

A kid with...

Contributor A Kid with a Gun used a drone to create this stunning aerial view of Somapura Mahavihara, the great Buddhist monastery in the South Asian nation of Bangladesh.  Located in the northwestern part of the country, near the Indian border, it played an important role in the eastward spread of Buddhism from India.  The 1,200 year old structure is considered on of the most important cultural sites on the Indian Subcontinent, and is one of just three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bangladesh as of 2018.

Sunset in Dhaka


Dhaka City Sunset


Rashed.khan created this beautiful sunset video of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  Situated in the heart of the Ganges River Delta, it's one of the largest and most important cities in Southern Asia.  The heart of a metropolitan area of close to 20 million people, Dhaka was the capital of Bengal Subah, a region within the great Mughal Empire which rules much of India for centuries.  It's been capital of Bangladesh since it emerged as an independent country from Pakistan in the early 1970's.  

Chittagong: Bangladesh's Second City



Archi SkyH...

Chittagong is Bangladesh's second largest city, after Dhaka.  The city lies in the southeastern part of the country, on the banks of the Karnaphuli River near its mouth on the Bay of Bengal.  In some respects the country's business and commercial co-capital, it's home to the largest port in Bangladesh.  One of the oldest cities of Southeast Asia, it was considered the most important city in the Kingdom of Bengal well into Colonial times.  Take an aerial tour of Chittagong in this excellent drone video by Archi Skyhigh.

Saint Martin Island, Bay of Bengal


The Beautiful Saint Martin Island


Saint Martin's Island is a territory of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal.  It lies just a few km/miles off the southeastern corner of the country, near its border with Myanmar.  With about 4,000 permanent residents, it is starting to participate in the growth of Bangladeshi tourism (both foreigners and domestic travelers).  The island is known for its coral reefs as well as for its population of a rare species of sea turtle.   You can check out this beautiful island form above in this drone video by Srabon_07.

Bangladesh Drone Views


Amazing Bangladesh


With a population nearing 170 million, Bangladesh is almost assuredly the least well known of the world's ten most populous countries. That's partly because it's only been independent for less than 50 years (as of 2019); from 1947-1971 it was part of Pakistan and for many years before that it was part of the British Empire.  In this amazing drone video by contributor Azimronnie, you'll get an aerial tour of this incredible country, including its capital Dhaka and some of its most important rivers. 

Dhaka's Narayanganj District


Summer 2019 In Bangladesh


Check out this excellent drone video from Bangladesh, compliments of contributor and pilot menaceslinger.  Shot with a Mavic Pro 2 drone, much of the video footage is from the Rupganj sub-district of Narayanganj, just east of the Bangladeshi capital city Dhaka.  You will see some great footage of the Shitalakshya River, one of the numerous rivers which flow through and around the Dhaka to merge into the Meghna River and then into the giant delta on the Bay of Bengal, a large inlet of the Indian Ocean.  

Dhaka, Quarantined


Dhaka under lockdown! | Bangladesh | CoronaVirus

haa_sib ...
  • haa_sib
    • 2.3k VŪZ
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  • almost 4 years ago

Check out this powerful video of the giant city of Dhaka, Bangladesh under virtual lockdown during the worldwide Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, compliments of new contributor haa_sib.  The world's eighth-most populous country didn't report its first infection until the comparatively late date of March 8, and even by the end of the month it had only several dozen confirmed cases.  Nevertheless, to avoid a potentially disastrous spread, the central government instituted a nationwide lockdown on March 22.

60 Seconds over Bangladesh


Bangladesh in 1 minute

A kid with...

For a 60 second tour of the world's eighth largest country (as of 2018) you can't beat this aerial video of Bangladesh from contributor and drone pilot A kid with gun.  The video opens with an epic bird's eye view of the great Buddhist monastery Somapura Mahavihara, in the District of Nagoan.  Then it's on to rice fields, mangrove forests, a few the country's countless rivers, gorgeous white sand beaches, with some awesome shots of the country's capital city Dhaka, now one of the world's 5-6 largest cities.

The Plain of Bengal


Evergreen Bangladesh

  • SHohag
    • 1.2k VŪZ
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  • over 6 years ago

Most of Bangladesh is an alluvial plain, part of the Plain of Bengal which also covers portions of India.  The Banglashi portion of the plain is crossed with numerous rivers, most of which eventually feed into the Brahmaputra River, essentially the national river of Bangladesh and comparable in importance to the Ganges on the Indian sections of the plain.  In this drone video by SHohad, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Bangladeshi plain, whose agricultural output sustains the lives of many millions.  

Bandarban District, Chittagong Hill Tracts



Archi SkyH...

Bandarban is a southeastern district of Bangladesh.  Just inland (east of) the Bay of Bengal, it's mostly covered by the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the hilly part of this otherwise very flat Southeast Asian country.  With a population of less than 300k, it's the most geographically remote part of Bangladesh and also generally considered the most beautiful.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor Archi SkyHigh, you'll get a drone's-eye view of this hilly district, which lies along the country's eastern border with Myanmar.

Kaptai Lake, Chittagong


Beautiful Kaptai Lake


Contributor and pilot Aerial71 created this amazing drone video of the largest artificial lake in Bangladesh.  Kaptai Lake is situated in the Rangamati Hill District of the division (state) of Chittagong in the southeastern part of this Southern Asian country.  The lake was created by the damming of the Karnaphuli River, the most important waterway in Chittagong.  The Kaptai Dam, which was completed in the early 1960's, is one of the largest hydropower projects on the Indian Subcontinent. 

Buddha Statue Near Cox's Bazaar


100 Feet Buddha (Cox's Bazar) | Hello Chittagong

Hello Chit...

Check out this drone video of a famous Buddha statue in Bangladesh, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Hello Chittagong.  Located in Ramu just a few km/mi from  the beach city of Cox's Bazaar, it's the country's largest reclining Buddha.  The 30 meter long (100 ft.) statue depicts Gautama Buddha, considered the founder of the world's fourth-largest religion.  Part of the Vimukti Bibeshan Bhabna Kendra temple complex, the statue is considered to be one of the country's top cultural sights.  

Bagakain Lake, Bandarban District


Siam : The legend of Bogakain

A kid with...

Contributor and pilot 'A kid with gun' created this awesome video about an important lake in Bangladesh.  The video uses a "storytelling" format to showcase the beauty of Bagakain Lake.  Bagakain is a small but storied lake in the Bandarban District, which covers the southeastern corner of the country.  The lake's origins are the subject of local legend, which has it that the lake appeared after an earthquake which was a form of retribution for the killing of a deity by the people of a nearby village.  

Chittagong's Shah Amanat Bridge


Kornofuli Bridge Bird's Eye View, Chittagong I Drone Media Bangladesh

Drone Medi...

The Shah Amanat Bridge is an important piece of infrastucture in the city of Chittagong, Bangladesh, the country's second-largest urban area and the largest in the eastern part of Bangladesh.  Seen in this drone video by Drone Media Bangladesh, the bridge crosses the Karnaphuli River on the southeastern side of the city.  Opened in 2010, it's the county's first extradosed bridge, which combines elements of the cable-stayed and box girder bridge design.  The span has a total length of just over 3k ft. or around 950 m.   

Chittagong's Bandarban Hill District


Bandarban Wild Cinematic Film I Drone Media Bangladesh

Drone Medi...

While much of the land area of Bangladesh consists of river-crossed plains, the southeastern part of the country is home to the Chittagong Hill Tracts, an area of hilly terrain located in the Chittagong Division, which covers the southeastern part of the country.  In this drone video by Drone Media Bangladesh, you'll see the hills of the Bandarban District, which covers the southern part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.  Close to the borders with India and Myanmar, this is the most remote and least populous part of the country.   

Aerial Collage of Bangladesh


Horizon | At a glance aerial shots by kishor neel | Bangladesh

Kishor nee...

AirVuz contributor Kishor Neel brings us this fantastic aerial collage of the great South Asian nation of Bangladesh.  Featuring a cinematic mix of landscape, urban, and action shots, the video conveys the diversity of this giant country, the world's eighth-most populous in 2018.  Take in the shots of the country's coastline on the Bay of Bengal, its teeming cities, and giant rivers; you'll also be treated to some great footage of the people of this largely Muslim country as well as its burgeoning infrastructure.   



Beautiful Patuakhali


Quarantine Days




The Story of IFAD Tower

Tashfeen A...

The Birdseye view


The Eagle