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Dublin Aerial Compilation

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Check out this Dublin, Ireland compilation video featuring some of the best footage from the "Drone Videos of Dublin" collection.  You'll fly over the great city's central districts as well as the outlying suburbs that line the coast of Dublin Bay in the northeastern part of the country.

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Dublin on COVID-19 Lockdown


Dublin City Lockdown COVID-19 , cinematic drone


Ireland was fairly quick to take decisive action as the Covid-19 epidemic took hold in the winter of 2020: from its first confirmed case on February 29, it was less than two weeks before the Prime Minister ordered all of the country's schools closed.  On March 27, a much more restrictive order went into place which amounted to "shelter in place" for most of Ireland's population.  In this rather eerie drone video from muno.drone explore, you'll see the great capital city of Dublin on virtual lockdown.

Dublin by DJI Mini 2


Dublin City Ireland 4K Drone Footage | Dji Mini 2 |


Explore the great city of Dublin, Ireland from above in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor UmairK.Official. Filmed with a DJI Mini 2 drone, the video opens with a shot of the River Liffey, which runs through the heart of the city.  At the :22 mark, you'll see the stainless steel Spire of Dublin, followed by the domed Custom House.  At about the 1:23 mark, you'll see St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Other highlights include the Christ Church Cathedral (Cathedral of the Holy Trinity), which you'l; see at around the 1:47 mark.  

Around County Dublin


County Dublin | Volume One | Ireland

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Take a tour of Ireland's County Dublin in this excellent captioned drone video by ireland_from_air.   One of the republic's 32 counties, County Dublin encompasses the national capital as well as its surrounding areas.  The video features footage of the following locations: Bull Island, on Dublin Bay; Killiney Hill; Killiney Beach; Portmarnock, just north of Dublin Bay; Skerries, a coastal town a bit further north; Dublin's East Point neighborhood; St. Anne's Park; Hellfire Club; Bohernabreena; and more.  

Phoenix Park


Phoenix Park Dublin | 4K Drone Shots Ireland | DJI Mavic Pro 2


Dublin's Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed recreational space in any European capital city.  Covering just over 700 hectares (1.75k acres), it's located just a few km/mi west of the central city and just north of the River Liffey.  Once a royal hunting ground, the space was remade into a city park in the 19th century.  In this drone video by HenkrikW, you'll get an aerial tour of the great green space.  The video features extensive footage of one of the park's great landmarks: the 62 meter (200 ft.) Wellington Monument.  

The Dublin Docklands


Docklands | Dublin | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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AirVuz contributor ireland_from_air brings us this excellent drone video of the Docklands area of Dublin, Ireland.  Located on both side of the River Liffey east of the Talbot Memorial Bridge, the area has undergone a massive redevelopment which began in earnest in the 1990's.  With the port rebuilt downstream in deeper waters, the Docklands represents one of the most significant urban repurposing projects ever undertaken by the Republic of Ireland.  It is sometimes compared to the dockland redevelopment of Melbourne, Australia.  

Clontarf: Northern Dublin Suburb


East Point | Clontarf | Dublin | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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Clontarf is an important suburb of Dublin, Ireland.  Seen here in this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot ireland_from_air, Contarf is located just north of the Irish capital city, on Dublin Bay.  Once an independent community, in the 19th century the town became a holiday resort getaway for the denizens of Dublin.  It is bounded to the west and south by Fairview Park and the suburb of Marino, to the north by the suburbs of Killester, Artane and Coolock, and to the northeast by Saint Anne's Park and the suburb of Raheny.

Saint Anne's Park


Saint Anne's Park | Dublin | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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Saint Anne's Park is one of the great green spaces of Dublin, Ireland.  Seen here in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot ireland_from_air, the park lies on the northern side of Dublin Bay.  The second-largest park in the Irish capital city, its lands were originally owned by members of the Guinness brewing family until being purchased by the city in the 1930's.  The video features footage of the park's gardens, as well as some of its "follies" - structures built for decoration.  

Bull Island


Bull Island | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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Check out this drone video of Ireland's Bull Island, compliments of contributor ireland_from_air.  Situated a bit to the north of the center city, the oblong island is roughly three miles (five km) long and about a half-mile (around .8 km) wide.   Connected to the "mainland" by causeway, the outer edge of the island (the portion facing out to the body of Dublin Bay) is lined by Dollymount Strand, while much of the interior of the island is protected by various Irish conservation laws due to largely to its extensive bird life.  

The Port of Dublin


Dublin Port | 4K Drone Shots Ireland | DJI Mavic Pro 2

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AirVuz contributor and pilot HendrikW used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this excellent drone video of the port of Dublin, Ireland.  Split between the city's Northside and a smaller southern section on either side of the River Laffey, it's by far Ireland's busiest port: about two-third of Ireland's international shipping touches the Dublin Port.  Historically largely a cargo port, Dublin is increasingly popular as a cruise ship port of call.  The video features excellent footage of the port itself as well as a large cruise ship.  

Portrane: Dublin Seaside Getaway


Portrane | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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Contributor ireland_from_air brings us this excellent drone video from the Irish seaside town of Portrane.  Portrane is situated about 15 mi. (around 25 km.) north of Dublin.   The video features some excellent footage of the roughly .7 mi. (1.2 km) of Portrane's beach area, the north end of which is a National Heritage Area which is known for its migratory bird populations.  You'll also see some of the towers which were built as defensive fortifications in the early 19th century to protect Ireland from a Napoleonic invasion threat . 

Malahide: Northern Dublin Suburb


Malahide | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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Malahide is one of the seaside communities which extend north of Dublin, Ireland and which are now considered part of the Greater Dublin Metropolitan Area.  Seen in this drone video by AirVuz contributor ireland_from_air, the town lies about a dozen miles (around 18 km) north of Central Dublin.  It's situated on the southern side of an estuary of the Broadmeadow River.  Settled since Viking times, as recently as 1960 Malahide had a population of only about 1,500; it's since grown by over 10x.  

Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin Bay


Dun laoghaire, Ireland, Mavic 2 Pro 4k

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Here's an aerial view of a beautiful spot on the eastern coast of Ireland, compliments of Mark's Mavic 2.  It's a port town called Dun Laoghaire, and it sits on the south shore of Dublin Bay.  Once considered an independent town, it's now regarded as part of Greater Dublin (the Irish capital city lies at the head of the Bay on the Irish Sea).  The city dates to the 1820's and was constructed as a harbor when the loss of two troopships earlier in the century pointed out the need for a good harbor on Dublin Bay.  

Dalkey Island


Dalkey Island, Dublin, Ireland. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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AirVuz contributor Mark's Mavic 2 brings us this excellent aerial tour of Ireland's Dalkey Island.  The tiny island lies near the southern mouth of Dublin Bay, just south of Dublin suburb Dún Laoghaire.  Inhabited for thousands of years, the island currently has fewer than ten permanent residents.  The island has been an important pilgrimage site for centuries, and the semi-ruined church near its northern end dates to the 7th century AD.  The video will also show you the 19th-century fortress near the southern end of the island. 

Killiney and Dalkey Hills


Killiney Hill & Dalkey | Co. Dublin | Ireland

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The southern end of Ireland's Dublin Bay is formed by two natural landmarks: Killiney and Dalkey Hills.  Killiney Hill, the southernmost of the two, is crowned by an obelisk at its summit, which sits at an elevation of about 500 ft. (just over 150 meters) above the Irish Sea.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot ireland_from_air, you'll get an aerial tour of this area, including some nice shots of the obelisk.  Note the fantastic views from these elevations of Dublin Bay as well as the mountains which lie in the interior.  




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Bray | Co. Wicklow | Ireland

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Burrow Beach.