Edinburgh by Autel Evo II Pro


Edinburgh, Scotland

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Check out this outstanding aerial tour of Edinburgh, Scotland, compliments of My Travels and his Autel Evo II Pro drone.  Just after the :15 mark, there's a great shot looking west from the Royal Mile toward Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop Castle Rock.  At the :42 mark, you'll see the National Monument of Scotland atop Calton Hill, a bit to the northeast of the castle, followed by a view of the famous Balmoral Hotel and its clock tower.  Other highlights include the Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park (:54), the harbor (1:14), and more.    

Edinburgh Drone Tour


Droneland 2018 - Edinburgh


The jewel in Scotland’s crown is most certainly its capital city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh was the largest city in the Kingdom of Scotland for centuries, although its population is now exceeded by that of the younger city Glasgow.  In this marvelous aerial video by Droneland, the medieval and neoclassical buildings of Edinburgh nestle cozily into its hilly landscape.  Let your eyes feast on the amazing aerial views of this treasured city on the Firth of Forth, without doubt the epicenter of Scottish culture.

Edinburgh from Above


Edinburgh | A Magical Medieval City


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist by.bradley brings us this short but excellent video of the city of Edinburgh, the cultural and political capital of the Scotland.  Created with both drone and ground camera footage, the video opens with a shot of Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop a hill overlooking the city and which dates to the 12th century.  At about the :35 mark, there's an approach shot of the Hub, a Gothic Renaissance masterpiece atop the Royal Mile.  The video ends with a flyout from the National Monument of Scotland.  

The Forth Bridges


Forth Bridge - DJI Mavic 2 pro & Nikon D810

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Contributor Ian Appleton created this beautiful aerial video of the Forth Bridge, the most famous span in Scotland.  Opened in 1890, the cantilevered rail bridge spans the Firth of Forth, the estuary of the River Forth on which the city of Edinburgh sits.  With a total length of almost 2.5k meters (just under 8.1k ft.), it was the longest cantilever bridge when it opened, and is still the second-longest today after Canada's Quebec Bridge.  The Forth Bridge has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

Arthur's Seat



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If you thought Scotland was all about castles, lochs, and moors, think again.  Here is an amazing drone video from Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano in the region's capital city of Edinburgh.  It's part of Holyrood Park, which lies just to the east of Edinburgh Castle.  The volcano is a popular hiking spot, rising to a peak elevation of about 250 meters (just over 820 ft.).  The video, which shows Arthurs Seat as well as some of the surrounding parts of the city, was created using a DJI Mavic Pro Zoom drone.  

Edinburgh Castle


The Walls of Edinburgh Castle Scotland Mini 3 PRO


Take an aerial tour of Scotland's Edinburgh Castle, compliments of contributor and pilot Jaybee2786.  The castle is situated atop a volcanic plug known as Castle Rock.  The site has been inhabited for centuries, and the castle dates to at least the 12th century AD and possibly earlier.  It served as a royal residence until 1633.  Edinburgh Castle was considered one of the most important national strongholds during the centuries was an independent kingdom, and was beseiged over 20 times before the Act of Union in 1707.  



Forth Bridges, Scotland.

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Forth Bridges Edinburgh

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Forth Bridge, Edinburgh 2019


The Forth Bridge, Scotland