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James Bond Location Compilation Video


James Bond Filming Locations

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Part of the phenomenal success of the James Bond movie franchbise can be attributed the use of exotic filming locations.  Some of the series' most memorable scenes have been filmed in far-flung locations ranging from Istanbul to the South of France to the Bahamas.  Not surprisingly, many of these locations have been filmed by members of the AirVuz community.  In this compilation, we've assembled highlights from some of the best videos of locations used to film 007 movie scenes.



Goldfinger: Furka Pass, Switzerland


Prepare to be blown away by this drone video of a famous mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, compliments of top contributor Dronescapes by Atellani and his DJI Inspire 2 drone.  Furka Pass, lying at 2.4k meters (almost 8k ft.) in south central Switzerland, connects several towns in the area.  It was the shooting location of a memorable scene in the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger, in which 007 (played by Sean Connery) tries to chase down the antagonist in his Aston Martin DB5.  It was the third installment in the series.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Schilthorn | Exploring Switzerland Ep. 11 | DJI Mavic 2 Pro

maik kelle...

Situated in the Bern Canton of central Switzerland, Schilthorn is one of the most famous mountains in the Alps.  In part that's because of the revolving restaurant known as Piz Gloria which sits atop it.  The silver landmark is forever associated with a certain British spy of cinematic fame; it was a filming location for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969), #7 in the James Bond series.  Check out this beautiful alpine area, including the "allergy institute" of 007 nemesis Blofeld in this drone video by maik kellerhals.  



Skyfall / Glencoe [Scottish Highlands]


Contributor Theperspectiveexperiment created this beautiful aerial view of a famous glen (or valley) in the Scottish Highlands.  Glen Coe is in the western Highlands, just north of Argyll.  Glen Coe's profile has increased considerably since it became the ancestral home of MI6 Agent 007 in Skyfall, the 2012 installment of the James Bond series, the 25th in the series.  The video even shows the exact spot where Bond (played by Dan Craig) and M (played by Judy Dench) stand and look out over the valley.

Man with the Golden Gun


James Bond Island

AeroFlix 4...

Get a rare first person view (FPV) drone look at a famous movie filming location in Thailand, compliments of AirVuz contributor CTT Channel.  The tiny island of Ko Ta Pu, a pillar of karst limestone which vaguely resembles a pineapple, is located just 130 ft. (around 40 m) from the somewhat larger island of Khao Phing Kan in Phang Nga Bay, northeast of the island of Phuket.   The pair of islands played a starring role as the hideout of villain Francisco Scaramanga in the 1974 James Bond classic, the Man with the Golden Gun.  

No Time to Die


James Bond - No Time to Die (Filming Location) in 4K


The success of the James Bond movie franchise has always partly hinged on the use of exotic filming locations, some of which become popular tourist destinations by appearing in the films.  That's why the Faroe Islands are expected to receive a major boost from the widely-anticipated 25th series installment, No Time to Die (2021), the Kallur Lighthouse on the island of Kalsoy was a known filming location.  Check out this soon-to-be-famous location from above in this excellent drone video by DroneDirector. 



2:20 / 6:04 Udaipur - Lake Pichola / Water Palace / City Palace (DJI Mavic Pro)

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The Lake Palace is one of the top attractions in the Indian city of Udaipur, known as the City of Lakes.  It's situated on an island in Lake Pichola, an artificial lake here in this important city in the northwestern state of Rajasthan.  The palace was built in the mid-1700's as a summer residence for the rulers of Mewar, one of India's former princely states.  The palace was one of the key filming locations in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy: it was here that 007 (played by Roger Moore) meets his ally-to-be.  The palace is now a luxury hotel. 

For Your Eyes Only


Meteora: Greece's Orthodox Monasteries


Top contributor and pilot GeorgeMarcu treats us to this epic aerial tour of the famous monasteries of Meteora in the Thessaly region of northern Greece.  The immense rock pillars of the region are home to six Greek Orthodox monasteries.  The most well known is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.  This masterpiece "played the role" of St. Cyril's in the 13th James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981), in which 007 (played by Roger Moore) scales a cliff and dispatches a henchman of Aristotle Kristatos.

You Only Live Twice


Japan's Most Beautiful Castle: Himeji


Himeji Castle is one of the most famous in Japan.  Situated in southern Honshu, it was built in the 14th century.  One of the most-visited sites in the country, it owes its fame in part to the James Bond movie franchise: the palace made an appearance as the spot where 007 (played by Sean Connery) undergoes ninja training in the 1967 classic You Only Live Twice, the series' sixth installment.  Contributor Hittheroadlat used both drone and ground camera footage to create this video of the magnificent landmark.  

View to a Kill, Die Another Day


Jökulsárlón: Iceland's Glacial Lagoon


Contributor Luafilmmaker created an epic bird's eye view of Jökulsárlón, a glacial lake in eastern Iceland.  It sits at the head of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, itself part of the Vatnajökull icecap.  Jökulsárlón will be recognizable to James Bond fans; it has appeared in two movies in the series.  It appeared first in the 1985 installment View to a Kill (#16 in the series), starring Roger Moore as 007.  In 2002, it appeared again in Die Another Day, the 22nd in the series and the last to star Pierce Brosnan.  

Diamonds are Forever, Never Say Never Again


Sunrise on the French Riviera: Antibes


Antibes is a coastal resort town on the French Riviera, located roughly halfway between Cannes and Nice in theAlpes-Maritimes Department .  The quaint town has been used a filming location for two different James Bond movies.  In the 1971 film Diamonds are Forever (the seventh in the series), the opening scene is shot here.    Over a decade later, the town's Fort Carre was used as the hideout for the villain in Never Say Never Again, the 15th installment of the series and Sean Connery's last appearance as 007.

For Your Eyes Only


Corfu Old Town and New Fortress - Mavic Pro


Dronakis brings us this excellent bird's eye view of the town of Corfu, which lies on the Greek island of the same name.  The town is probably best known for its fortresses: the Old Fortress is built on a peninsula jutting eastwards, and the New Fortress which is located to its west.  The Old Fortress has a place in the history of film: it appears in the 1981 James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only, #13 in the series.  The scene where 007 (Roger Moore) pushes Locques and his car over the cliff was shot here.   

From Russia with Love


Istanbul From Above in 4K | Turkey

  • hamzamuj
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  • almost 6 years ago

Top content creator and drone pilot Hamza Mujtaba treats us to a drone's eye view of Istanbul, Turkey.  While the Turkish city has long been one of the world's most well known, in recent decades its recognition has been boosted by appearing in numerous James Bond movies.  Its first appearance was as a primary shooting location for the 1963 hit From Russia with Love; the opening scene of the film (the second in the series) takes place around Hagia Sophia mosque, captured in the opening of this video.

Never Say Never Again, GoldenEye


Monaco (Monte Carlo) Adventure Unfolds in 4K (Full Length Version)


Check out this stunning video of the fabled French Riviera port of Monte Carlo, compliments of top contributor DroneDirector.  Using a combination of drone and ground footage, his video beautifully captures the essence of this playground for the rich and famous, which is part of Monaco.  At the 2:55 mark, you'll get  great shot of Monte Carlo's famous casino.  Opened in 1863, it's been used to film numerous movies, including the James Bond movies Never Say Never Again (1983, #15 in the series) and GoldenEye (1995, #19).

Quantum of Solace


The Stunning Cliffs of Lago di Garda

Marco Cant...

Contributor Marco Cantieni created this epic drone video of one of the most well known spots on Italy's Lake Garda.  The town of Tremosine is on the western side of the lake in Italy's Lombardy region, near its northern end.  It's known in part for a road which winds up the cliffs overlooking the lake.  Notably, it was the filming location for the opening scene in the 2008 James Bond Film Quantum of Solace (#24 in the series), in which 007 (played by Daniel Craig) has the thief Mr. White locked in his trunk.



Sölden: Heaven for Winter Sports

Alin Const...

Contributor Alin Constantin created this amazing drone video of Sölden, one of the most well known ski resorts in Austria.  It's situated in the Ötztal Valley in the West Tyrol region, near the Italian and Swiss borders.  Sölden featured prominently in the 2015 Jame Bond film Spectre (#26 in the series): the Ice Q restaurant (the glass paneled building which you'll see in the video) was the shooting location for the Hoffler Klinik, and the slopes of the resort were used to shoot a chase scene. 

The World Is Not Enough


Skiing the Argentiere Glacier Near Chamonix, France

  • Jturner
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  • almost 6 years ago

Contributor Jturner produced this spectacular video skiing down the Argentiere glacier, which is part of the Mt. Blanc Masif in the French Alps.  The glacier which runs perpendicular to the Chamonix Valley, made a disguised but widely noted appearance in the 21st installment of the James Bond series, The World is Not Enough.  In the 1999 film, 007 (played by Pierce Brosnan) there's an epic mountain ski chase scene which is set in the Caucasus but which, in fact, was shot on this very glacier.

Dr. No, For Your Eyes Only


Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Contributor Ishellvaughan gives us a bird's eye view of Ocho Rios, one of the most well known beaches of Jamaica.  James Bond fans may recognize the area shown in the video; it "played the role" of the fictitious "Crab Key" in the innaugural movie Dr. No (1962).  Here, in one of the series' most iconic scenes, the original "Bond Girl" Honey Rider (Ursula Andress) emerged from the water holding a conch shell to meet 007 (Sean Connery).  Ocho Rios later appeared in Live and Let Die (1973, #9 in the series).  

The Spy Who Loved Me


Sardegna IV: DJI Phantom 4 Footage of the Famed Island of Sardinia


In this stunning drone video of Sardinia, top contributor Dronescapes by Atellani uses his DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to showcase the beauty of this Italian Mediterranean island. The footage is shot around the northeastern corner of the island, and includes the gorgeous Cugnana mountains and the town of Poltu Quatu.  The highlight is aerial footage of Porto Cervo, a town on the famed Costa Smerelda.  The Hotel Cala di Volpe here was a shooting location for the 11th James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).  

The World Is Not Enough




Check out this drone video by AirVuz contributor ucarakkesfet of Istanbul's Maiden's Tower, one of the most well-known landmarks in the great Turkish city.  Built in the early 12th century, it was designed to protect the southern approach to the city through the Straits of Bosphorus.  James Bond fans may recognize the tower as the filming location for the climactic scene of the 1999 series installment (#21) the World is Not Enough, where 007 (Pierce Brosnan) tracks down the arch-villain Renard (Robert Carlyle) in his hideout.

Thunderball, Casino Royale


Paradise Island, Bahamas


Contributor TraveLocation Films used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this spectacular aerial video of Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  The island sits just off the shore of Nassau, the country's capital city on New Providence.  Once owned by entertainer Merv Griffin, it's now known as the home of the Atlantis resort.  Paradise Island has a long history of appearing in TV shows and movies.  Most famously, the island appeared in two James Bond films: Thunderball (1965, #4 in the series) and Casino Royale (2006, #23).  

The Living Daylights


Riesenrad Wien, Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel


Contributor W. Obereder created this epic bird's eye view of the Wiener Riesenrad, a giant ferris wheel in the Austrian capital Vienna.  Located in the Prater amusement park, the wheel stands almost 65 meters (212 ft.) tall.  It was built in 1897 and for decades was the world's tallest ferris wheel.  One of the most recognized sights in the Austrian capital, the ferris wheel has made numerous movie appearances, most famously in the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights, the series' 17th installment.  



Aerial Bliss in Nassau, Bahamas - DJI Phantom 4

Visual Eup...

Despite being spread over hundred of islands, the Bahamas is one of the most urbanized countries in the world.  About 70% of the population of roughly 400,000 lives in the capital city of Nassau, which is on the island of New Providence.  Contributor Visual Euphoria Studios used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this aerial mini-tour of Nassau, which was made famous in part from multiple appearances in the James Bond series, beginning with its fourth installment, Thunderball (1965), starring Sean Connery as 007.

Quantum of Solace


The Hidden Masterpiece - Carrara, Italy


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Panoramix brings us this stunning drone video from a famous marble quarry in western Italy.  The quarry is in the commune of Carrara in Massa and Carrara, the northernmost of the provinces which make up Italy's Tuscany region.  For centuries, this area has been known for its distinctive blue-grey marble.  The Carrara quarries were used to film part of the chase scene which opened the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace, the 24th of the series.

Licence to Kill, GoldenEye


Explore the Florida Keys by Air


Florida's Keys are a group of islands which extend in an arc beginning just south of Miami and extending to the southwest.   This video will give you an aerial tour of Florida's Keys, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Nonexistent Jay.  It includes footage from Seven Mile Bridge and Key West, both of which were filming scenes for the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill (1989), #18 in the series.  The Keys were also used as a filming location for the next Bond film, GoldenEye (1995).

A View to a Kill, Die Another Day


Midnight at Jökulsárlón


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor brendanbeale brings us this amazing drone video of Iceland's Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, one of the natural treasures of this North Atlantic island nation.  The lagoon is located in the southeastern part of the country, on the edge of the Vatnajökull National Park.  Jökulsárlón has been the filming locations for many feature movies, including the James Bond films A View to a Kill (1985) and Die Another Day (2002), Batman Returns (2005), and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001).  



Verzasca Dam (Ticino, Switzerland)

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Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Kpax brings us this excellent drone video of Switzerland's Verzasca Dam.  Also known as the Contra Dam, it's Switzerland's fourth-tallest but probably its most well-known. The reason is that it was the "co-star" of one of the most famous stunt scenes in cinematic history: the bungee-jumping sequence which opened the 19th James Bond movie, GoldenEye (1995).  It's located in the southern (and Italian-speaking) canton of Ticino on the Verzasca river, just upstream from Lake Maggiore.   



Flight Through the Islands of Venice in 4k

Nathan Jer...

Contributor Nathan Jermy created this beautiful aerial mini-tour of Venice, the most well known city in northeastern Italy.  Shot across the islands that make up the city, much of the footage is of the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square); sitting at one end of the square, the tower of the Church of St. Mark is the city's most recognizable sight.  James Bond fans will instantly recognize the Piazza: in the 1977 classic Moonraker (#12 in the series), 007 (played by Roger Moore) arrives in the Piazza on a gondola.  

Casino Royale


Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary

  • Raf_Neo
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  • over 5 years ago

Raf_Neo created this stunning video from Karlovy Vary, a n old and beautiful spa town in the western Czech Republic.  Founded in the 14th century by the Holy Roman Emperor of the time, its hundreds of hot springs made it a favorite destination for European royalty for centuries.  Before World War II, it was part of the Sudetenland, control of which went to Germany under the Munich Agreement of 1938.  More recently, KV served as a filming location for the 23rd James Bond movie, Casino Royale (2006). 

Never Say Never again


Côte d'Azur


Contributor and drone pilot stefan.beumer created this epic drone collage of France's Côte d'Azur, shot over the summer of 2018. It features bird's eye views of the village of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Eze Village, the Gorges du Verdon, and Lac de Ste. Croix.  It finishes in the town of Antibes with an amazing aerial of the star-shaped Fort Carré.  Fort Carré is best known for its appearance in the  1983 James Bond film Never Say Never Again, #15 in the series and the last in which Sean Connery played 007.



Varda Bridge (From the James Bond Skyfall)


The Varda Viaduct (sometimes known as the Giaour Dere Viaduct) is a famous train bridge in southern Turkey.  Completed in the early 20th century, the viaduct was designed by German engineers as part of the Bagdad Railway project which helped to solidify Turkey's ties with Germany prior to World War I.  The viaduct was the filming location for an epic chase scene which opened the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall, the 25th installment in the series.   Check out the Varda Viaduct from above in this excellent drone video by contributor jesus_tr.  

No Time to Die



  • Galax
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  • about 1 year ago

Prepare to be amazed by this aerial video from the ancient Italian town of Matera by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Galax.  One of the oldest continuously settled cities in the world, Matera is located on the banks of the Gravina River in the Basilicata region near the "ankle" of Peninsular Italy.  The well-preserved town has appeared as a filming location for numerous feature movies, "playing the role" of Jerusalem in the 2004 epic the Passion of the Christ and later starring in the 2021 James Bond movie No Time to Die.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Guincho Beach


Guincho Beach (Praia do Guincho) is on Portugals's Estoril Coast, an area of Atlantic Ocean coastline near Lisbon which is sometimes known as the Portuguese Riviera.   The area is one of the beach destinations that benefitted immeasurably from being used in a James Bond film:  Guincho Beach was the filming location for the opening scene of On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), the seventh installment in the series.  Contributor Mig_Moura brings us this beautiful bird's eye view of the famous beach.



Prague: It's Magic!

Dave Yip...
  • Dave Yip
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  • almost 6 years ago

A Day In Schilthorn

iDrone Aer...

Schloss Schönbrunn Vienna


Italy's Lake Como by Drone